Liaze de Allington
Unknown Lady
Unknown Lady as Liaze de Allington
PURPOSE: Court Chirurgeon
Availbility: No - Contact Staff.
Full Name: Liaze de Allington
Age: 57
Culture: Cyrmic
Event(s): Chirurgeon
Manor: Allington
Class: Noble
Spouse: Cadman de Allington Height: 4'10"
Father: Father Weight: 100lbs
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Greying Brunette
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Fading Green
Children: Many dead and alive


Lady Liaze begin learning the skill of Chirurgery at a young age, first from her home manor's healer, then later from skilled Chirurgeons within Sarum. She continued learning and practicing her skill even after marriage.

Her husband died after ten years of marriage, and eight kids, three who are still alive today. With Allington being handed over to her eldest son, she traveled to Sarum where she sought out the Earl, and became his court Chirurgeon where she sees both his personal family, and those knights under his banner.


She's an elder woman with greying brunette hair. Slight of form and stature, with a hint of a hump in her back, but with a presence that makes even the biggest knight listen to her when she's working.

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(515-04-14) April 515 Court
Summary: Robert calls court to discuss the past winter, how certain Houses faired, grant positions...


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