Earl Robert
Rupert Young
Rupert Young as Earl Robert
PURPOSE: Leadership
Availbility: Staff Only
Full Name: Earl Robert
Age: 27
Culture: Cyrmic - Roman Christian
Event(s): -
Manor: Sarum
Class: Knight - Earl
Spouse: Eyste de Salsibury Height: Height
Father: Father Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: Rhenault de Salisbury


  • As of August 22nd, a warm summer day, the Earl now has an heir. Assuming all continues well, Rhenault de Salisbury is now heir to the realm. A healthy baby boy born to Eyste de Salsibury. While some may come pay respects, should the baby remain healthy, they may take the child to visit ther Lord Knights later in summer or earlier in Autumn.


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(515-04-14) April 515 Court
Summary: Robert calls court to discuss the past winter, how certain Houses faired, grant positions...

(515-04-07) A Messy Ledger
Summary: Earl Robert calls in a prospective ledgerkeeper to take a look at the books. Lady Lisbeth...

(514-06-30) Gaining Earl's Permission
Summary: Idmiston and Newentone Heads along with their children, visit the Earl and get his...

(514-06-24) Unnamed Feeling IV: Nemesis
Summary: Sir Sior is tried by Earl Robert for his crimes. Date: June 24, 514 Related: Unnamed...

(514-06-11) Filling Positions
Summary: Robert holds open court for the filling of positions. Date: 514-06-11 Related: Likely...

(514-06-08) Visiting the Castle
Summary: Various Knights come by and meet with Earl Robert Date: 514-06-08 Related: NA ...

(514-05-15) Gift Giving, Part 3
Summary: The last log of the scene where there are gift requests Date: 514-05-15 Related:...

(514-05-15) Gift Giving, Part 2
Summary: The continuation of Gift Giving by Arthur Date: 514-05-15 Related: Gift Giving, Part 1....

(514-05-15) Gift Giving, Part 1
Summary: The first day of gift giving from King Arthur. Date: 05-15-514 Related: Any with the...

(514-04-15) A Day at Court
Summary: A day at court of Earl Robert (Part 1) Date: April 15th, 514 Related: Recent mission...


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