Sir Dywel of the West Country
Joel Edgerton
Joel Edgerton as Sir Dywel of the West Country
PURPOSE: Famous lordly knight
Availbility: Yes (Eirian)
Full Name: Sir Dywel of the West Country
Age: 30
Culture: Cymric
Event(s): Joust, Falconry, Sword
Manor: Dumnonia (West Country)
Class: Knight
Spouse: Liselot (d. 513) Height: 5'7"
Father: Erebain Weight: 170 lbs.
Mother: Anest Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Green
Children: N/A


Sir Dywel is a highborn man of the West Country's ruling family, although nearly every son is counted as a lord of something. Raised to courtly standards by his well-born mother and then a lordly knight when he squired, he nonetheless knows how to act among his betters and speaks with the obvious proof of his education. He reads well but loves martial matters better.

Yet after ten years of constant battle in his own name, his legend has been made in his native West Country and Cornwall. He serves the great hosts of the young king, no doubt due to his extraordinary sword arm and fine manner among the ladies. The cares for making a good name for himself are clearly important, and he strives to distinguish himself by tournament appearances. His wife Liselot died of a wasting disease after six years of marriage which produced no children.

Sir Dywel has a peculiar sensitivity to strong floral smells and avoids them whenever he can. They give him raging headaches.


Dywel is every bit the image of a handsome knight at his prime. Gold hair worn fashionably long, but not unreasonably so, is his best known feature. He is large (SIZ 16) and carries himself in his fine chainmail with the ease of someone who probably sleeps and lives in it.

Arms: His coat of arms is that of Dumnonia. He carries a shield with a white cross on a field of black on one side, green ermine on the left. In the middle rears a red dragon holding a mace.

Famous Just: As a knight of Arthurian values of chivalry, Dywel is famously just. He believes in the power of law and his will is to enforce the laws of the land.

Timeline of IC Appearances

Most Recent Status: Soundly defeated by Elrick de Laverstock.

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