Ceiriogwen de Brunton
Played By
Played By as Ceiriogwen de Brunton
PURPOSE: Seasoned noble jouster
Availbility: Yes (Eirian)
Full Name: Ceiriogwen de Brunton
Age: 28
Culture: Cymric
Event(s): Joust
Manor: Brunton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Madral de Brunton Height: 5'1"
Father: Father Weight: 150 lbs.
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Grey
Children: Vanth de Brunton


Ceiriogwen de Brunton is the eldest daughter of the Brunton manor, near Upavon, and was squired out to a PC house. Need connections, talk to Eirian about this. She took over appearances in tournaments, particularly jousting, after her father and uncle both became increasingly infirm. Both she and her husband are knights, and the arrangement of their marriage was unusual for bringing in Madral to the noble house. Madral is the child of a rather wealthy knight-errant, and they paid for the privilege.

She fought at the Battle of Terrabil and distinguished herself capably enough that she might be remembered among Sir Hwyl's levy. She does not suffer fools gladly and has the charisma of a brick to the face.

Ceiriogwen is unusual for a very strong command of battlefield tending and a personal intention never to leave a wounded opponent on the lists. She is notably willing to patch someone up, though her bedside manner is brusque at best.


A little more than five feet of solid vim and steel circles around a sleek brown horse dressed in red-on-yellow caparison that looks to be a size or hand too small for the spirited horse.

Timeline of IC Appearances

Most Recent Status: Undefeated at the Sarum summer tournament

  • Defeated Acwel de Woodford
  • Defeated Trystan de Laverstock

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Recent Logs

(514-09-14) Sir Trystan de Laverstock vs Sir Ceiriogwen de Brunton
Summary: Trystan takes up jousting for Laverstock pride. Date: 514-09-14 Related: N/A ...

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