Cadan de Whitsbury
Played By
Played By as Cadan de Whitsbury
PURPOSE: Feisty Dorset Knight
Availbility: Yes (Morlois)
Full Name: Cadan de Whitsbury
Age: Young
Culture: Cymric
Event(s): Summer Tourney 514 Joust
Manor: Whitsbury
Class: Knight
Spouse: Betrothed to a lady of Dorset Height: 5'8"
Father: Dead Weight: Taut
Mother: Sadly widowed Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Two lovely sisters Eye Color: Dark
Children: None yet


Easily riled and quick with a jibe, Sir Cadan de Whitsbury is a rising star among the young knights of Dorset. He holds his honor dear, even if he is quite willing to insult other knights (after they have insulted him, at least).


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Most Recent Status:
Defeated Morlois le Rouge in the joust at the Sarum Summer Tourney, 514.

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(514-09-14) The Bigger They Are
Summary: Morlois makes a bit of a spectacle of his joust with a Dorsetshire knight. Date:...


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