Bryok de Lostwithiel
Poncy Knight
Poncy Knight as Bryok de Lostwithiel
PURPOSE: Ladies' knight
Availbility: Yes
Full Name: Bryok de Lostwithiel
Age: 21
Culture: Cornish
Event(s): Joust
Manor: Cornwall
Class: Knight
Spouse: All the single ladies! Height: 5'6"
Father: Treeve de Lostwithiel Weight: 160 lbs.
Mother: Amhilda of Nantes Hair Color: Blond curls
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Deliciously blue
Children: Children


Bryok de Lostwithiel is the sort of knight most other knights want to punch in the face. He has it all: grace and form, looks and courtesy, a bit of wealth and a lot of confidence. His father rules Lostwithiel in the kingdom of Cornwall, giving him a life of ease as the second son. His elder brother is stuck being married and steward to the lands, while Bryok runs around spending his mother's considerable Frankish dowry on being nothing short of chivalric.

Of course, he would never be caught on a battlefield in a million years. He moves around Logres on the tourney circuit and the envious squires say behind his back that his father bought his knightly commission. Never say this to his face, or else Bryok will be happy to pound your face in.

He has a very strong following among the ladies.

He speaks French, Cymric, and Cornish. He pretends to understand Latin but he's only memorized some lines to impress the girls with.


Let's face it, Bryok de Lostwithiel is a good looking boy, even for a Cornish man. Especially for a Cornish man. A crop of lazy wheat curls falls dreamily around his face and he has the physique of a knight, honed to a razor edge. He tends to be extremely vain about his appearance and would never dream of looking anything less than exceptional.

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Most Recent Status: Soundly and roundly defeated by Elrick de Laverstock at the summer tourney 514.

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