(514-11-02) Silent Eclipse
Summary: The day of the eclipse from Enfys' point of view.
Date: November 2, 514
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November 2, 514 — Huntman's Cottage and Farmer's Market - Sarum

The day started out as any other for me - waking up to the warmth of my husband beneath the covers of our bed, breaking our fast together once we got up, and discussing what our day might hold for each of us. Once dressed, a kiss to my cheek, and Yorrick was off to attend the Earl's wishes, leaving me within our home, waiting Morfyd's arrival.

A knock on the door signaled Morfyd standing on the other side, and I hurried towards it so we might head to the market. We quickly fell into conversation of what new rumors she'd heard about the castle, and juicy tidbits she'd picked up, knowing that I would not tell a soul what she divulged to me. We discussed as well the fact that I was with child, and what it might mean - not to mention, all the things I would need to eventually get for the baby. We made our way slowly towards the market through the crowds that gathered there.

The market was alive with the usual sounds and smells - so much to take in that it sometimes threatens to overwhelm my senses. It almost did the first few times we went there during the summer tourney. From the farmers hawking their goods, to children screaming, friends calling out to one another, men yelling at animals to the various scents of animals, waste, food, and more. It's a bouquet that is unique to the market, and one I would know now as well as I do those scents and sounds that make up home back in Horton.

Lost am I in a world that barely shows shadows and light, that I didn't notice the way that darkness started to steal the daylight in the middle of the afternoon. No, what I noticed was the slowly fading sounds around me until the market itself was eerily silent. Not even a bray of a donkey, or a cluck of a chicken seemed to break the silence for many a minute. And then came the scared whispers, a cry of a child quickly muffled. Confusion and fear gripped all those in the market.

"What is going on, Morfyd?" I remember asking of my cousin who clutched at my arm, pulling me to the side.

"The sun has gone dark!" Was her whispered, frightened reply.

How could the sun go dark? What did she mean by that? I would have thought she was playing some trick with me, if not for the way the fear hung in the air around us as people hurried off into homes and buildings, shutting themselves away from what the meaning could be. They would not be the only ones to hurry home, for Morfyd soon had me back home as well, the both of us huddled within our tiny cottage with the door locked until Yorrick found his way home.

The city beyond our door remained quiet, oddly so, even after the sun returned. We were not the only ones that decided to remain inside, to perhaps see what tomorrow would bring instead. I hear the local taverns did a lot of business from those who choose to drown the afternoon in ale and wine to forget the way the sun disappeared.

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