(514-09-19) All Yours
Summary: A poem enclosed in a letter to a special someone.
Date: September 19, 514
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Written on a piece of parchment by her cousin, this letter was sealed and given to Yorrick
upon their family's agreement to their betrothal.

All Yours

I am all yours —-
a finite passion
a surge
a swelling
a returning flow.

I am all yours —-
a soft sweetness
a comfort
a song
an awakening dream.

I am all yours —-
a sunrise sky
a sun
a star
a rainbow stream.

I am all yours —-
a spring bloom
a soul
a heart
flower in crystal.

I am all yours —-
a summer beauty
a laughter
a tear
falling in love.

I am all yours —-
the holiest gift
an absolute
an unchanging
love without end.

I am all love —-
an ineffable peace
a consoling
a strength

and if you would have me …

I am all yours.

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