(514-06-01) Handfasting Blessing
Summary: Something written down, saved by Gwynaelle along with a sketch made by her.
Date: June 1, 514
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Sketched above is the shape of two hands, one male and one female,
clasped together bound by chords of green, yellow and black.

As days do turn from light to dark,
So too does life wax and wane joy and sorrow.
Let not your heartaches veil the true light of
Love that glows with in each of you for the other.

Goddess Bless you with Her Wisdom and Peace,
Silvery as dewdrops kissed by Moonlight.
God Bless you with His Strength and Laughter,
Golden as the raindrops touched by Sunlight.
Mother Earth Bless you with Her Love and Bounty,
Vast as the World that brought forth your Life.
As you Will, so shall it Be.

Blessed be.

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