(514-05-04) Walk With Me
Summary: A poem written down by Deryn, kept with a few other bits of parchment in a leather 'binder' in her things.
Date: May 4, 514
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Scribbled in a neat handwriting upon a blank piece of parchment….

Critical Success
You check your compose at 1, you rolled 1.

Walk with me in the sunshine,
let the golden rays soak in
while laughing together
over everything,
over nothing
share the joy with me.

Walk with me in the rain,
let it soak clear through our clothes.
Share my tears,
and let them mingle with the rain
in blessed camouflage;
let's lift up our faces to the sky,
and let them be washed
by the sweet caress of love.

Walk with me in winter,
letting the crunching snow bear witness
of our walk together.
In the beauty of this frozen,
seemingly lifeless stillness,
keep me warm by your presence.

Walk with me in the springtime,
and share my heart's delight
over new life, new growth,
and new beginnings;
With every day becoming a new adventure,
fragrant with possibilities.

Walk with me;
in summer or winter,
in sunshine or rain,
in joy or sorrow,
in peace or pain.

The journey is too long,
the joy too high
the tears too bitter,
and the pain too deep
to do this alone -
walk with me.

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