Below is a map and list of manors our knights and ladies may belong too.

Currently: If there are no names, or only one listed to a House, it may be CLOSED for the moment. Please check with staff before apping into the House in chargen. Thank you!


NOTE: Detailed Map!


Manor Name Religion(s) Active PCs:
Baverstock British Christian Bryce, Lysanor, Martyn, Catriona, Griffin
Berwick St James Pagan Dywana
Bishopstone British Christian Dillion, Nerys
Bodenham Roman Christian CLOSED
Broughton British Christian CLOSED
Burcombe Pagan CLOSED
Chalke British Christian CLOSED
Cholderton Pagan Myfanwy, Braelynn, Yorrick, Enfys
Dinton British Christian CLOSED
Durnford Pagan Cynrain, Catryn
Falt Roman Christian Custennin, Leodwen
Horton British Christian CLOSED
Idmiston Pagan Bradwyn, Talfryn, Iolo, Eilla, Nalia, Bryn
Laverstock Pagan CLOSED
Newton Roman Christian Joachim, Eibhlin, Bryn, Lydia
Newton Tony Pagan Glaw, Angharad, Gwynaelle
Pitton British Christian Aluksander, Deryn
Sarum All Welcome, Roman Christian in the Castle itself. Maerwynn, Ottis
Shrewton Mix Pagan/British Christian
Stapleford Roman Christian CLOSED
Steeple Langford British Christian Kenrick, Rose, Wilhelm
Tisbury Pagan Cerys, Creirwy, Maelgwn, Talaith, Erylys, Wyaar
Willcott Roman Christian CLOSED
Wilton Varied - Christian chapel available inside city walls
Winterbourne Gunnet Pagan CLOSED
Winterbourne Stoke British Christian CLOSED
Woodborough Pagan Mari, Darchelle, Iago
Woodford Roman Christian Gilchrist
Wylye British Christian Rowan, Steffan

Heads of Houses
A request was made for a list of the heads of houses. Please contact them if you're wanting to make a character in any of the houses. Also, to arrange a marriage with someone in that house, please make the Heir aware they are arranging such a match.

If there are no one active in a House, even if not listed, contact Staff.

Baverstock - Bryce
Berwick St. James - Dywana
Bishopstone - Seriol or Nerys
Bodenham - Staff
Broughton - Caerdin
Burcombe - Staff
Chalke - Staff
Cholderton - Loghaire (Temporarily Arta.)
Dinton - Staff
Durnford - Staff
Falt - Custennin
Horton - (Staff for now)
Idmiston - Gwynaelle (ooc), Talfryn (ooc/ic)
Laverstock - Staff
Newton - Joachim
Newton Tony - Glaw
Pitton - Aluksander or Deryn
Sarum - Earl Robert (Staff)
Shrewton - (Staff for now)
Stapleford - Claire
Steeple Langford - Staff
Tisbury - Cerys
Willcott - Staff
Wilton - Earc (Staff)
Winterbourne Gunnet - Staff
Winterbourne Stoke - Harken (Staff)
Woodborough - Staff
Woodford - Staff
Wylye - Rowan

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