County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: "By virtue and valor we shine."
Colors: Blue and Gold
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: 246

Hate (Saxons - 15)
Hate (Irish - 9)
Hate (Franks - 9)

Head of House: Sir Rowan de Wylye
Predecessor: Sir Darren de Wylye
Heir: Sir Steffan de Wylye

Manor Overview


The manor is no majestic affair and is a one-story long house comprised entirely of timber. Since a good portion of it was burnt down in 512, it has seen considerable reconstruction and the previously thatched roof was replaced with wooden shingles (hand-made from split logs) and a chimney was put in place as a preventive measure in case of such accidents happening again. It is three times as long as it was wide.

It is used for receiving guests and it is the place where the household dines together. At night some members of the household might sleep on the floor of the great hall, should they have no residence of their own.


The de Wylye family is a comparatively new vassal line. The first lord of Wylye was Sir Owain, an unusually gifted farmer-warrior turned knight, who was born and raised in a hamlet along the Wylye. He was bestowed the manor for valor on the battlefield in spite of his humble origins and laconic manner of speech. He and his wife would bring three sons and two daughters into the world before he died as he lived in 418: covered in Saxon blood and likely inebriated.

Owain's legacy instilled an emphasis on honest, hard work in his descendants. They are a squarely Christian family, but they approach religion in a more practical manner than some houses do: they are unconcerned about converting or preaching to those belonging to other faiths and respect individuals for their own merits, particularly if they prove to be skilled warriors and share the same passions they do.

Honest, Just, and Proud are the typical and most common Wylye 'traits'. Vengeful and Reckless are not unheard of, particularly if the Wylye is fond of fighting!



The manor and it's accompanying village is located alongside the Wylye River, and consequently named after it. Unsurprisingly, much of the village's income is derived from boating, fishing, and hunting. Cattle, pigs, sheep and goats are kept for food and crops are plentiful, particularly dates, grapes and melons, and field crops such as wheat and peas.

Political Relationships

baverstock House Wylye and House Baverstock have recently made a betrothal between them to strengthen their alliance.
bodenham The houses share a mutual hate for the Franks and the Irish which has made them allies in spite of their religious differences. Lady Gloriana, Sir Darren's widow, initially hailed from their house.
dinton House Wylye and House Dinton have fostered friendly relations for some time. Sir Cyndeyrn was Sir Darren's squire up until his death on the battlefield.
tisbury House Wylye raised some eyebrows when it married one of it's ladies to a lord of House Tisbury, cementing an alliance between a Christian family and a staunch Pagan family. Their reasons can only be speculated at by those not within the house, but they have enjoyed friendly trade relations and have supported each other at court for the past generation.
cholderton The result of a love match between Sir Velcan de Wylye and Lady Fiona de Cholderton, these two houses are loosely tied through marriage but the distance between them is so great that they still rarely correspond!


Noble Family Members

Rowan de Wylye
rowan Sir Darren's eldest son. The current head of House Wylye.
Amalthea de Wylye
amalthea Rowan's wife, formerly of House Dinton, and lady of Wylye manor.


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Commoner NPCs

Family Tree

Family Tree



Family Timeline
439 Sir Terrowin - Battle of Carlion, passion hate (Irish) 9
440 Sadon born
441-445 Sir Terrowin - Defended against and participated in many raids on Saxons and Picts
450 Sir Terrowin - Attended Wedding of Vortigern and Rowena (dislike/complained of Vortigern's policy/favoring Saxons)
451 Sir Terrowin - With other complainers, sent to aid Aetius in the Battle of Chalons (Gaul - against the Huns)
457 Sir Terrowin dies in an accident help fortify walls of manor
461 Sir Sadon knighted
464 Sir Sadon married
465 Darren born
473 Sir Sadon dies at Battle of Windsor
485 Sir Darren knighted. Battle of Mearcred.
487 Sir Darren married
488 Sir Darren - Invasion of Frankland, passion hate (franks) 9
490 Sir Darren - Battle of Lindsey
492 Rowan born
493 Steffan born
495 Third son born
495 Sir Darren - Battle of St. Albans. Was near Infamous Feast.
500 Sir Darren - War in Dorset
501 Sir Darren - Angles Conquered
505 Sir Darren - Battle of Levcomagus
505 Sir Darren - Battle of Royston
507 Sir Darren - Liberation of Somerset
508 Sir Darren - Battle of Netley Marsh
510 Sir Darren - First tourney
510 Sir Darren dies at Battle of Carlion
513 Sir Rowan knighted
514 Sir Steffan knighted
514 Sir Rowan married
Starting Glory for Wylye: 246
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