County: County (Salisbury)
Religion: Roman Christian
Motto: Always Ready - Semper Paravit
Colors: Crimson in Sable field
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: 226

Hate (Picts): 8
Hate (Saxons): X

Head of House: Acting: Cadfan de Woodford
Predecessor: Llewellyn ap Dafydd de Woodford
Heir: Erion de Woodford

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Prior to the gradual dissolution of Roman presence in the area, Woodford was once home to a small garrison of legionnaires. Villagers, seeking protection from the raiders to the north, flocked to the settlement and over time it grew beyond the garrison. Later, as the Romans withdrew from Britain, a family came to rule over the settlement, having acquired the lands neighboring it by wit, might and coin, having come to adopt some Roman customs for themselves, such as the Roman religion. Hotly contested by some of the more distant branches of the bloodline, the family nevertheless carried on with their newfound beliefs.

The privileged location of Woodford - neighboring the river - allowed it to flourish as an agricultural settlement and by 440, a modest motte and bailey was erected in order to provide shelter from raiders. Over time, the ruling family adopted the settlement's name as their own. Their hatred for the Pictish is well known — in 440, a sudden raid killed the then-ruler, Neirin ap Arwel of Woodford, who, although he died, managed to save the settlement from a brutal fate after successfully rallying his soldiers to an effective, but desperate, counter-offensive.

His son, Dafydd, was then raised by his mother, a Lady belonging to the Broughton family, to avenge his father's death. And he, along with those of his siblings of a martial persuasion, took up arms and pledged service to Salisbury. He fought in many different engagements, worthy of his spurs and title of vassal knight, before dying at Mt. Damen. He, too, had many children.

Llewellyn ap Dafydd, the predecessor to the current vassal knight earned his spurs and fought during the invasion of Frankland, though he died tragically several years later at the Battle of Tintagel Castle, for Uther, survived by his son and the children that his wife, Lady Dilys, was pregnant with. When they were born, the mainline of the Woodford family consisted solely of three; the eldest and heir, and the twins.

Acwel took over as Head of House when he came of age, and during the autumn of 514, took up a mission for the Earl that sent he, his bethrothed, sister and brother, to Helvetia. His uncle, Cadfan de Woodford, was assigned by the Earl as Acting Head of House in the intern.

The Woodford family has brought to the Court of Salisbury dutiful, skilled knights, willing to put their lives down in the name of the Earl.


Located west of Sarum, the Woodford manor has been built on the ruins of a Roman outpost; aging stone structures are reinforced with wood, keeping this ancient building from collapsing. Recently, with Sir Acwel's request of a stone tower from King Arthur, construction has begun of a stone tower overlooking the manor and the river within their borders, possibly one of many structures to be raised on the land.

The plains that Woodford stakes claim to are fertile and often used for agricultural reasons; they possess a respectable amount of livestock and their fields are often sown with crops year-long, marking this as the manor's primary economic activity. Conversely, the current lord of the house has been involved with expanding a small smithy within the village to better attend the local needs for weapons in the event of raiders.

Political Relationships

Woodford has blood ties to Stapleford and Newton and is explicitly allied with both. Pagan manors are viewed with distrust if not hostility and the Woodfords are recently in the process of becoming closely aligned with British Christian manors such as the Dintons, the Pittons and their distant relations, the Broughtons.


Noble Family Members

Cadfan de Woodford
cadfan Knight. Brother to Llewellyn ap Dafydd, uncle to Acwel. Acting Head of House. (See Staff)
Deryn de Pitton née Woodford
deryn Cousin, knight. Married to Aluksander de Pitton.


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440: Neirin of Woodford Dies - Pictish Raiders, passion hate (picts) 8
460-461: Dafydd ap Neirin of Woodford Knighted
464: Dafydd Married
465: Llewellyn ap Dafydd Born
466-467: Siege of Carlion
468: Battle of Snowdon
469-472: Numerous raids on Saxons
473: Battle of Windsor
478-479: Battle of Frisia
480: Battle of Salisbury
484: Battle of Eburacum
484: Dafydd of Woodford Died, Battle of Mt. Damen
485: Llewellyn Knighted
488: Invasion of Frankland
490: Acwel born - Battle of Lindsey
491: Llewellyn dies at Tintagel Castle
492: The Woodford twins born
511: Acwel Knighted
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