County: Salisbury
Religion: Pagan
Motto: honor et virtus - Honor and Virtue
Colors: Black and Silver
Liege: Lord Knight Hywn de Up Avon (Vassal of Earl Robert)
Starting Glory: 283

Hate (Franks): 8
Hate (Irish): 12
Hate (Saxons): 8 - 16

Head of House: Sir Hydd de Woodborough (NPC)
Predecessor: Sir Cadoc de Woodborough d.
Heir: Ivor de Woodborough (NPC/Hydd's son)

Manor Overview

Pagan religion has not hindered the Woodborough any, they are equals to any of the other manors and honorably serve both Hywn and Earl Robert. Avid enthusiasts in the religious celebrations, they are known to attend and sometimes host events themselves.

Farms, fruit and livestock are the main sources of food and income for manor and the people of Woodborough and merchants take goods to Upavon and Devizes, sometimes as far as Sarum to sell them.


Woodborough is a legacy that can be traced back pretty far, but more records are kept since the era of Sir Gryg de Woodborough who was killed by raiders in 443. Sir Edar de Woodborough died in Saxons raids on Salisbury in 479. His heir and son Sir Cadoc de Woodborough passed away from an illness in 496 leaving Beca de Woodborough nee Roundway with several young children. Her first born son, Hydd, is now a knight in his own right and married, an heir produced, young Ivor de Woodborough.

Cadoc's brother, Sir Tad de Woodborough and Cadoc's second born son, Sir Joseff de Woodborough were killed in 511 by traitors in the ranks of a patrol party that both were on. The traitor was able to kill four and injure two of the squires before his own life was taken by Sir Derec de Roundway, a notable knight.

Beca has kept the family going since, running the house, raising the children, until her son was married and she has since given up the running of the manor to Hydd's wife, Lady Sara de Woodborough nee Compton.



Located along the river Avon, between the northern hills and the southern forests, Woodborough is easily accessible by land or by river. Lush flatlands prime for farming and livestock yet near the hills and the forests make the manor a desirable location. With the flatter lands, visibility is further making it more difficult for surprise raids.


Political Relationships

Allies and Rivalries

Roundway - (NPC House) Allies, the lady of the manor is from Roundway, her family close with the Woodborough people.

Compton - (NPC House) Allies, forged with the marriage of the heir, Hydd to a daughter of Compton.

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Noble Family Members

Sir Hydd de Woodborough
hydd NPC Head of House Woodborough, eldest son, married to Lady Sara de Woodborough nee Compton. Son, Ivor de Woodborough.
Sir Mari de Woodborough
mari Knight, daughter. Twin to Darchelle.
Lady Darchelle de Woodborough
darchelle Lady, daughter. Twin to Mari.


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Family Tree

Family Tree (image recommended; ask Arian if you would like a Family Tree image created)


Family Timeline
439 Gryg - Battle of Carlioin - Hate Irish: 12
440 Garrison - Pict Raids
441-442 Garrison - Raids
443 Gryg killed - Raiders
460 Edar Knighted
462 Garrison
463 Garrison
464 Edar Married
466-467 Siege of Carlion
468 Battle of Snowdon
469-472 Fighting Saxons
478-479 Edar died in Saxon raids on Salisbury
485 Cadoc knighted, Battle of Mearced
486 Garrison
487 Naval Raids
488 Invasion of Frankland - Hate Franks: 8
489 Garrison
490 Battle of Lindsey
491 Battle of Terrabil
492-494 Garrison
495 Battle of St. Albans
496 Cadoc died, illness
511 Tad and Joseff killed by traitor
514 Mari knighted
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