Winterbourne Stoke
County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: Fidelis ad urnam
Colors: blue, gold, red and green
Liege: Earl Robert de Salisbury
Starting Glory: 347

Passion (Hate Saxons- 16)

Head of House: Tomos de Winterbourne Stoke
Predecessor: Gwaun de Winterbourne Stoke
Heir: Harken de Winterbourne Stoke

Manor Overview


Winterbourne Stoke




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Political Relationships

Steeple Langford
steeple An ally that will be strengthened with the marriage of Sir Perin de Steeple Langford and Sir Aeryn de Winterbourne Stoke.


Noble Family Members

Harken de Winterbourne Stoke
harken Heir, knight, eldest son, age 25
Second Son de Winterbourne Stoke
Open for App Second son available for app. Age: 24
Name? de Winterbourne Stoke
open for app 3rd son, knight, age 23
Evae de Steeple Langford nee Winterbourne Stoke
evae Youngest daughter, age 21,married to Perin


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

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Family Timeline
439 Cynon - Battle of Carlion
446 Battle of Lincoln
447-449 Complains against Vortigern favoring foreigners
450 Attends wedding of Vortigern and Rowena
451 Sent to Battle of Chalons (helping Aetius in Gaul against Huns)
457 Fights under Vortigern, Battle of Kent
460-461 Gwaun Knighted
462 Cynon - Battle of Cambridge, against Vortigern
463 Night of Long Knives - Cynon murdered by treacherous Saxons at council/Stonehenge
464 Gwaun Marries
465 Tomos Born
466-467 Siege of Carlion
468 Battle of Snowdon
473 Gwaun dies, natural causes
485 Tomos Knighted/Battle of Colchester
488 Invasion of Frankland
490 Battle of Lindsey
491 Battle of Terrabil
495 Battle of St. Albans/Near Infamous Feast
500 War in Gales
503 Siege of London
509 Knighting of Sir Robert
510 First Tournament, Sword/Stone, Coronation/Battle of Carohaise
512 Battle of Bassus River
514 Aeryn and Ewin Knighted
Starting Glory for Winterbourne Stoke:347
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