Winterbourne Gunnet
County: Salisbury
Religion: Pagan
Motto: Motto
Ne oublie (Do not forget)
Colors: Colors: Murrey on Argent with sable
Liege: Liege: Robert de Salisbury
Starting Glory: 244

Hate (Franks - 10)
Passion (Specific - #)

Head of House: Corraidhin ap Rhys de Winterbourne Gunnet
Predecessor: Rhys ap Caradoc
Heir: Heir None

Manor Overview


Winterbourne Gunnet, is an older manor, and is considered to be the first of the Winterbourne manors, or so the vassal knights of Winterbourne Gunnet would maintain. A fortified manor house allows for fine protection, as well as the small village attached does boast of a wall. There is some talk of getting a motte around the settlement, though any real progress has yet to be seen. It cozies right up to the Bourne river, which provides fishing, as well as what agricultural success the manor sees.


Winterbourne Gunnet, maintaines that is is the eldest and first settlement of the Winterbourne family (Dauntsey and Stoke considered to be cousin branches, though there is nothing to substantiate this). A staunch pagan family, they have served the Pendragon faithfully, in the various attacks and sieges on Carlion (In which members have died gloriously in battle). They took part in the invasion of Frankland and there earned a mutual hatred of the Frankish knights, as well as have been known to partake in Naval Raids.

The are most famously known for their part in the battle of Lindsey, in which the former head of house, Rhys ap Caradoc helped capture Octa to much glory, In recent history, the House has shown suspicions to the Wylyes, due to Rhys' disappearance and supposed murder on route to cement a betrothal between his eldest, Corraidhin, and a member of the British Christian house. Winterbourne Gunnet's people are often considered rough and rustic-preferring to hunt and hawk than participate in the intrigues of court.


Nortwest of Sarum, Winterbourne Gunnet sits on the Bourne river, just south of their closest neighbors at Idminston.

Political Relationships

Newton Tony
newton tony House Newton Tony neighbors Winterbourne Gunnet to the North. The two have shared marriage connections, and of course are bound by religion. Given their close proximity the two remain friendly, and are keen to help out with one another.


Noble Family Members


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

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  • 439: Gwynn ap Morgan dies gloriously at the Battle of Carlion.
  • 460-461: Caradoc ap Gwynn is knighted.
  • 464: Caradoc ap Gwynn marries Cailys de Broughton.
  • 465: Rhys ap Caradoc is born.
  • 466-467: Caradoc ap Gwynn dies gloriously in the Siege of Carlion.
  • 485: Rhys ap Caradoc is knighted.
  • 487: Naval raids.
  • 488: Invasion of Frankland; Passion - Hate (Franks): 10
  • 490: Battle of Lindsey; helped to capture Octa.
  • 491: Battle of Terrabil.
  • 494: Rhys ap Caradoc disappears; presumed dead.
  • 514: (Corraidhin ap Rhys) is knighted, and confirmed as Lord.
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