County: Salisbury
Religion: Roman Christian
Motto: Nihil est extra arcam geritur
Colors: Black, Gold, and Purple
Liege: Lord Knight Hywn de Up Avon (Banneret of Earl Robert)
Starting Glory: 380
Passions: Hate (Saxons) 10-16
Head of House: Sir Trindham de Willcott (NPC)
Predecessor: Sir Blainnan de Willcott
Heir: Infant Son

Manor Overview

Note: For anyone apping into Willcott, Morlois aside, the rest of the family are average or shorter in height and are fair in both coloring and features.

Despite their grasping motto, the Willcotts are generally seen as content, happy to rule over their comfortable little manor and support the Lord Knights of Up Avon and the Earls of Salisbury. The current Knight's grandfather was something of an adventurer, and his father was forced out of the comfortable life by the events of the Anarchy Period, but Sir Trindham has settled quite happily back into the ways of his forefathers.

They are Roman Christian, but more concerned with how their religion affects themselves than how it can be forced upon those around them.

The Knight, Sir Trindham, has thus far been unable to produce an heir, leaving his brother, a distinct throwback to the earliest days of the Willcotts, as heir.


The first Willcott was a mercenary knight, raised up to vassal and awarded the manor for bravery and loyalty to his liege. He aimed to be an Earl some day, but sadly fell well short. His son was not the same sort of man that he was, and so the Willcotts became known more for their stolid loyalty than for the grasping nature described in their motto.

Now the Willcotts are (generally) well-liked, well-connected, well-trusted, and well-settled into their position as Knights of a minor manor outside Up Avon. They often serve in the garrison of Up Avon because the Lord Knights can trust to their lack of ambition and to their dedication.

The current Knight's grandfather (Caedurr) and father (Blainnen) bucked this trend somewhat, spending a great deal of time on campaign, but that was more a measure of need in Blainnen's case, as he would have been perfectly content to hone his craft, family, and well-being at home if he wasn't needed abroad.

Coat of Arms

Gold griffons on black quartered with black fists on purple.


Nihil est extra arcam geritur. Nothing is beyond our grasp.


On the north bank of the River Avon, just upstream of its first tributary, Willcott is part of a low, lightly-rolling chalk plain. The soil is thin, but easily arable, and little clusters of trees and bushes fill the untamed lands to the north of the village. It is a comfortable sort of land, without anything in particular to set it apart from any other neat little manor along a chalk stream in Salisbury.


The manor hall itself was once a Saxon hall, but it has been repaired and updated so many times since then that it is nearly unrecognizable except for the distinctly un-Roman layout.

Political Relationships

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Allies and rivals alike wanted.


Noble Family Members

Sir Trindham de Willcott, Knight of Willcott
trindham The new-made Knight of Willcott, with a bold and bright future ahead of him. His marriage is yet without issue, but he has come to love his wife very much despite it being an arranged marriage. He is known for his bravery and his honor.
Eldest sister
{$bitname} Lady at 25 available, should not be a Lady Knight, probably already married (or widowed), but not necessarily so.
Garannon de Willcott
garannon Priestly 3rd Son
Middle Sister
{$bitname} Knight and middle sister. (More to come)


Willcott Commoners
{$bitname} Applications open

Family Tree

Family Tree (image recommended; ask Arian if you would like a Family Tree image created)


  • 439-442 : Haemagus serves in garrison
  • 443 : Haemagus dies protecting Constans
  • 460 : Caedurr knighted
  • 462-463 : Caedurr serves in garrison
  • 464 : Caedurr marries
  • 466-67 : Caedurr at Siege of Carlion
  • 468 : Caedurr at Battle of Snowdon
  • 469-72 : Caedurr fighting Saxons
  • 473 : Caedurr at Battle of Windsor
  • 474-76 : Caedurr serves in garrison
  • 478-479 : Caedurr defends against Saxon raids
  • 480 : Caedurr at Battle of Salisbury
  • 481-483 : Caedurr serves in garrison
  • 484 : Caedurr at Battle of Mt. Damen
  • 485 : Blainnen knighted at Battle of Mearced Creed
  • 485 : Blainnen marries
  • 486 : Trindham born
  • 486-489 : Blainnen serves in garrison
  • 489 : Morlois born
  • 490 : Blainnen at Battle of Lindsey
  • 491 : Blainnen at Battle of Terrabil
  • 491 : Garannon born
  • 492-494 : Blainnen serves in garrison
  • 493 : Eirlys born
  • 495: Blainnen at Battle of St. Albans
  • 495: Caedurr dies
  • 496-500 : Blainnen serves in garrison
  • 501 : Blainnen participates in War in Gales
  • 502-503 : Blainnen serves in garrison
  • 505 : Blainnen at Battle of Levcomagus
  • 507 : Blainnen at Liberation of London
  • 508 : Trindham knighted and marries
  • 508-510 : Blainnen serves in garrison
  • 512 : Blainnen at Battle of Bassus River
  • 513 : Blainnen dies at the Morning Battle
  • 513 : Morlois knighted and marries
  • 513 : Garannon becomes priest of the Roman Christian faith.
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