County: Salisbury
Religion: Pagan
Motto: "Together. Always and Forever."
Colors: Green, brown, black.
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: Starting Glory:357

Loyality (Robert - 15)
Love (Family - 15)
Hate (Saxons - 15)

Head of House: Kenrick de Tisbury (50 years old)
Predecessor: Cedrick de Tisbury
Heir: Luthais de Tisbury

Manor Overview

IMPORTANT: Please contact Cerys if you are interested in apping into Tisbury!

The feeling of nature greets the senses of those entering these parts. The scent of timber and pine is prevalent in the air. A soft layer of mist seems to trail along certain parts of the ground, occasionally caressing the feet of the would be traveler or steed. There's always a cool crispy sensation when one wanders here. The trees and grass hold luscious greens and gentle browns that compliment the powerful sensation of otherworldly connections. Flickering lights may occasionally appear in peripheral sight like pixies who watch and hide. The songs of wolves howling come from variable directions, always out of sight but always the feeling of proximity.


The Manor is simplistic in its architectural design. The building itself seems constructed from timber and the triangular shaped roof appears made from mixtures of various hay, grass, and other materials. There is a simple agricultural setup on the west side of the building while the east side appears to have a small pond, large enough for five or six people to slip into. The pond itself is occasionally illuminated by the sun's rays, almost as if it were intended to be there. At night, the moon's light casts a pale glow upon the waters, making the surface sparkle with the reflection of the glittering orbs in the sky. Behind the manor, one will find a ceremonial area, complete with stone altar for various sacrifices to Pagan Gods as well as other more comfortable patches of grass and earth where some could sit and watch the sky or woodlands.



House Tisbury was a loyal subject to the Earls of Salisbury for a very long time. Loyalty is a very important trait to those, who were born with Tisbury blood in their veins. Of course, there are always some exceptions, but mostly people from this small manor stay together at the end.

One of the most famous members of this family was Cedrick de Tisbury. He married the beautiful Lady Rhian de Shrewton making an alliance between the families, and some small trades' agreements. However, a simple deal between two families soon grew into a wonderful love between Cedrick and Rhian. They lived a long and happy life as a kind, generous couple. The pair followed the Old Ways strictly and nurtured many children. Of course, some political skirmishes and battles weakened the head of the house and he died in 443 of natural causes. It is believed that the man fell to melancholy after the death of his beautiful wife Rhian in 440. Some rumors claim that he was like a walking corpse for three years and death was a true salvation for the man, who made his father proud, when he was younger, who proved loyalty and Tisbury's value to Salisbury.

Uncle Davyn de Tisbury was taking care of the family's business until Griffen de Tisbury came of age. Uncle Davyn was not the best person to be trusted with the family's matters and, especially the treasury. Though, he was the eldest member of House Tisbury left. Even if they were pagans and followed traditions based on the social structure of wolf packs in most of their daily activities, especially loyalty. They view males and females as equals. However, call it a curse, call it a luck, but the first born of the Tisbury's family has always been male.

So, the Uncle Davyn had drinking and gambling problems. When Griffen de Tisbury took over the running of the family from his uncle, the head of the house had many holes to cobble, especially in the Treasury. He was successful at doing that. He was very good at politics and stewardship. He was a great knight too. However, Griffen was a very bad person. It is said, that he was knighted around 460-461, and soon after that, an alliance was made between Tisbury and Newton Tony. Poor Lady Meredid de Newton Tony had to learn, that the rumors about Griffen's behaviour had some truth in there.

He never saw Meredid as a member of his family. She was just a deal. Family was understood as a group of people sharing the same blood to Griffen. Since Meredid did not have Tisbury blood, she meant nothing to him. Such a mistreatment of a lady brought rivalry between two houses instead of the expected alliance. Though, Lady Meredid never left the man, she gave him more than enough children, and she loved them greatly. She nurtured them into wonderful lords and ladies. Griffen de Tisbury was busy in his own way. He participated in the Siege of Carlion, and various skirmishes from 469 till 472. It is rumored that the man had more than a few bastards, but he did not live long enough to actually face them. The man died a heroic death in the Battle of Windsor in 473.

Kenrick de Tisbury was just 8 years old, when his father died. So, that's where the Sir/Lady Ysbail de Tisbury came in. She was a skilled knight and had enough knowledge to keep the house in place. Of course, her younger brothers were displeased, or more jealous, that she was the one to take up such a respected position. One of the brothers, Sir Casswallawn de Tisbury tried to cripple each decision made by his sister. He wanted to see her fail, as he wanted to take over the position. Though, the man was caught and the treason against a family member is never forgiven by these, who have motto that family must stay together, always and forever. He was sentenced to death and everyone could relax at least a little bit.

Soon Kenrick de Tisbury came of age. He was the one, who brought a lot of glory to the family. Well, some say that he was just a man who happened to be in the right place on the right time. However, he was knighted in 485 just in time to take part in the Battle of Colchester as a knight. Then he was a part of the defense party against Naval Raids. He helped to capture Octa's Banner in the Battle of Lindsey. He was the witness not just of the events in the Tintagel Castle, but also he saw the sword pulled from Stone in 510. Before that, he participated in the battles of Dorset, and Angles, the siege of London, battle of Royston, Liberation of Somerset, battle of Netley Marsh. Finally, he fought in the battle of Carlion, Bassus River, Terrabil. Morning Battle - Terrabil was his last battle.

The man suffered small and serious injuries, but he always stood up again and again. It was at this time he withdrew into his manor and gave his own sons the chance to prove their worth. Kenrick de Tisbury became the first head of the house for a long time, to see his first born child come of age. One can say it made Kenrick a lucky parent.

Coat of Arms

The social structure of a wolf pack is one of the most fascinating that has ever been observed by the people of Tisbury. They have a very strict level of hierarchy that has to be adhered to by all of the members of the pack. This may sound harsh initially but it is a method that allows these packs of wolves to be able to survive, according to people of Tisbury.

It is believed, that a strict social structure helps to promote unity and social order. It also helps to reduce conflicts and to lower the chances of aggressive behaviors occurring among the members of the pack. Living close to the forest and being still Pagan, Tisbury family had to face packs of wolves and they had a chance to observe them from a close distance. So, it is not a surprise, that ancestors of Tisbury family were charmed by the life of the wolves. They basically instilled the rules of these packs into their family's social structure: unity of the family and respect to the leader, elder, older, and each other.

So, two wolves symbolize the coveted bond between Tisbury family members, while the tree symbolizes the closeness to the forest, nature itself, fertility of their lands.


Celtic Paganism still has strong roots among the people of Britain even if more and more of the nobility are turning to Christianity. Some Manors still hold true to the Old Ways, and still honor the Great Gods as well as their own house pantheons.

Tisbury is no exception. They remain very strict pagans, who follow the traditions of their ancestors. People of Tisbury believe in the same pantheon of Gods as most of the pagans in Salisbury. Though, they do have a strong bound to Abnoba - Goddess of the forest and hunt, who is viewed as a patron for House Tisbury.


Abnoba is the name used just by the people of Tisbury, most of the others know her as Danu, Arianrhod or the Mother.

There is even a tiny shrine not far away from the manor in the forest. Here priests/priestesses perform local rituals to pay respect to Abnoba and the people may pray to her, expressing their thankfulness and asking for protection from the shadows (wild animals and etc.) of the forest.

Here you can find a picture of the shrine. It's a heavy stone with a natural circle on one face. The Priest(ess) usually stands behind it, where the sacrifice is made and the blood must form the circle of life within the natural circle of the shrine, before falling to the ground to soak in.


  • Tisbury is established by the woods, wolves are always coming out! People were scared of wolves at first and used to throw massacres to lower their numbers to minimum. However, it was not very helpful. They always kept coming and killing not just horses, dogs, chickens, pigs, but also they murdered more than a few villigers. People of Tisbury understood, that they are doing something wrong. So, the massacres were stopped. People started to show respect out of fear to the wild animals, believing that they might be send by one of the Gods for their sins. So, the respect grew up into such tradition that people of Tisbury won't kill wolf unless necessary. It's alright to defend ourselves. However, the bodies of killed wolves must be treated with respect and be burned as sacrifices to the Gods.
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  • Some people in Tisbury believe that killing a wolf-cub is a bad sign, followed by many hardships upon the killer.
  • To be filled with more info….



During the spring of 515, four wolves were released within the Tisbury woods. They had been saved as pups from being killed in Steeple Langford where a pack had been killing the livestock of the villagers. They were tended by Master Huntsman Erylys over the autumn and winter months before a suggestion was made that they would be safe within the woods of Tisbury. It is hoped they will find their place and be happy here, and return to their wild ways, though those in the village of Tisbury has been told of the four and that they are partially tame.

  • Luna (white) - The leader of this small pack and the most wariest of the four. She will not approach anyone who she doesn't know or trust, which are very few beyond Erylys who raised them.
  • Nox (black) - He is almost as wary as Luna of those he does not know.
  • Grim - She is the smaller of the grey-brown wolves, and the most playful and friendliest.
  • Somber - He is the larger of the grey-brown and tends to follow his sister around.

Trades and crafts

Having a huge, even if dangerous, forest has it's advantages. First of all, it does provide Tisbury with enough wood not just to make a life comfortable in their manor, but also have lumber as one of the main trading goods. This is also a reason why more than a few talented and well known carpenters grew up in Tisbury. Homes, wagons, tables, furniture, tools, and utensils are all creations of these gifted workers. Of course, many other villages have talented carpenters and none can argue that. However, people of Tisbury love to say proudly: "You can get a table anywhere, but just Tisbury can provide you with the most beautiful and of the highest quality furniture". So, that is not a surprise, that these carpenters who do not leave Tisbury, provide village with the comfort goods to put them on trade with others. Of course, there are hunters. They not just keep the village safe from the attacks of wild animals, but they provide village with more delicious bites of meat. Furs of the animals allow craftsmen of Tisbury to make clothes for cold winters or create various luxury goods out of furs, like decorations and carpets. And again, the forest has many various herbs, which may hardly be found on the flat ground. So, some of the healers prefer to settle down in Tisbury just to explore the nearby forest and expend their knowledge not just about herbs, but create various herbal mixtures to heal wounds. It is important to mention that there are hills on the other side of Tisbury. Those hills may still hide various other possible resources. Finally, but not least, animal husbandry, gathering and farming is not foreign to people of Tisbury. Though, it is done just to survive, mostly.


Tisbury is found close to the forest, which looks like this.


Political Relationships



Noble Family Members

Cerys de Tisbury
cerys Daughter of lord Kenrick de Tisbury. She is known being so bold, that her bravery is often compared with the bravery of any knight. Though, it is believed that her curiosity might be the end of her marvelous laugh.
Caewn de Tisbury
caewn Note to player: Caewn, you need to make an introduction here!!!
Creirwy de Tisbury
creirwy Creirwy's grandfather left a horrible legacy, but both her father and she has tried to right the wrong that was done. She's dedicated to her family, tends to be overly so sometimes. Family is everything, even if she sometimes feels like that stigma is still attached. She's deeply spiritual, finding solace in the worship of the old gods, and spends time quietly working towards aiding the family in any way that she can.
Maelgwn de Tisbury
maelgwn Maelgwn de Tisbury is a knight known for his sense of Justice and right. He's a huge man, powerful and strong. His face is heavily scarred due to a bear attack during his childhood. He is serious, and quiet. Creriwy and Talaith are his younger sisters.
Talaith de Tisbury
talaith The youngest child of Gareth and Tesni and little sister to Creirwy and Maelgwn. Talaith is a knight and a very free spirited young woman. As long as her actions won't obviously cause harm to the family she pretty much does what she feels like living life to its fullest. However despite her laid back attitude Talaith is extremely loyal to family and they always come first in her mind.
Erylys de Tisbury nee Berwick St. James
erylys Wife of Maelgwn. Earl's Master Huntsman. Very protective of family, and animals. Raised four wolf pups and released upon Tisbury lands.


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Family Tree



  • 443 : Cedrick de Tisbury (GGF) Dies, natural causes;
  • 460-461 : Griffen de Tisbury (GF) Knighted;
  • 464 : Griffen de Tisbury (GF) married Meredid de Newton Tony (GM);
  • 465 : Kenrick de Tisbury (F) born;
  • 466-467 : Seige of Carlion;
  • 469-472 : Various skirmishes;
  • 473 : Griffen de Tisbury (GF) Died in Battle of Windsor;
  • 485 : Kenrick de Tisbury (F) Knighted, Kenrick de Tisbury (F) participates in Battle of Colchester;
  • 487 : Naval Raids;
  • 490 : Battle of Lindsey, Kenrick de Tisbury (F) helps capture Octa's Banner;
  • 491 : Tintagel Castle;
  • 500 : War in Dorset;
  • 501 : War in Angles/Conquered;
  • 503 : Siege of London;
  • 505 : Battle of Royston;
  • 507 : Liberation of Somerset;
  • 508 : Battle of Netley Marsh;
  • 510 : First Tourney, Kenrick de Tisbury (F) saw sword pulled from Stone, Battle of Carlion;
  • 512 : Battle of Bassus River;
  • 513 : Morning Battle - Terrabil;
  • 514 : Eldest Son Hadyn de Tisbury Knighted.
  • 514 : Eldest Son Hadyn de Tisbury is murdered. Second son of Kenrick, Uwain de Tisbury, is announced as an heir.
  • 514 : Something happens to Uwain de Tisbury.
  • 515 : Luthais de Tisbury, the youngest child of Kenrick de Tisbury, is announced as an heir.
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