Steeple Langford
County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: Semper Propinquis
Colors: Azure/Black
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: 119

Hate (Saxons): 15

Head of House: Perin
Predecessor: Galwain de Steeple Langford
Heir: Kenrick de Stepple Langford

Manor Overview

A house with a lack of history. A father that died when his children were young, a great grandfather that died similarly, short lived knights. Loyal to Earl Robert, strong in their faith.



A series of unfortunate events seem to follow de Steeple Langford. Each eldest male seems to die quickly, far from glory. Sir Perin is now knighted a vassal of Earl Robert. Dumont, his father, died the year he was born, soon after leaving Prywine with child for the second time. His uncle, Galwain, cared for the manor. 15 years after Prywine was widowed, her late husband's brother wed her.

The main line is founded under Manius and Ferox, Roman brothers from Carlion that made cause to push the Irish out of Escavalon with the realms of the Britons. Merc knights that rode under the Salisbury banners and pinions, Manius' valor landed him a vassalage shortly before his death during the battle of Carlion itself. Ferox remains loyal to the Count/Countess of Salisbury and holds the manor in trust for his brother's young son. Pateus.

Ferox does support Vortigern in the time of troubles though doesn't escape the night of knives. Yet some families that rose quickly to rebellion have not forgotten this allegiance to Vortigern. It has left some hostilities abound, including a well known one with Idmiston.

Pateus come of age, raised by his uncle Ferox. While Aurelius makes for peace in the realms, Pateus is one of those joining under Uther to raid the saxons. Mixed feelings on these numerous raids, this causes strife between Steeple Langford and the other manors of Salisbury as well. Though Uther makes a name for himself when he rises to be king. Pateus is with Aurelius when the saxons invade the Thames Valley and survives the defeat at Windsor. The one rising to make a name for the manner, when he sail to Frisia to fight the Saxons and invaders in their homeland, he dies and is buried on foreign soil. Ten years prior to Dumont being knighted.

Dumont marries Cymric only, the family transitions fully to Cymric roots and roman ways are given up for British Christianity. By 494, Dumont is raiding Saxons as his father and dies in Kent. Galwain, his brother comes in to rear the heir, Perin. After some years, Galwain marries Prywine, uniting the cousins in one family. They are still working at getting along.

Prywine was a Cymric pagan, and though converted when she marred Dumont, she kept her roots. It is said she has taught her daughter, Signe, the ways of her religion, Galwain turning an eye in favor of Perin and his own children.



Political Relationships



Noble Family Members

Kenrick de Steeple Langford
kenrick Second son. Heir. ROSTERED
Daughter of Galwain
rose Along with some brothers, she moved into the home and later, when her father married Pyrwine, the cousins became step-siblings.
Husband of Rose
wilhelm With the departure of the Household Knights on a mission, Rose married Wilhelm to bring a protective presence back to her home to provide service to the Earl and secure her place as steward.


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

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Timeline - this should be a simple timeline of major Manor events. A suggested template has been provided:

  • 439 : Manius de Steeple - Battle of Carlion
  • 446 : Manius dies in the Battle of Lincoln
  • 465 : Pateus, son of Manius, knighted
  • 466-467 : Pateus takes part in Siege of Carlion
  • 468 : Pateus marries Narys
  • 469-472 : While Aurelius seeks peace, Pateus joins Uther in number raids
  • 469 : Dumont is born to Pateus and Narys
  • 470 : Galwain is born to Pateus and Narys
  • 473 : Pateus is in Battle of Windsor, Dumont
  • 478-479 : Pateus sales to Frisia, dies on foreign soil
  • 489 : Dumont is Knighted
  • 490 : Dumont is Married to Prywine
  • 491 : Perin is born in January
  • 491 : Kenrick is born in December
  • 493 : Signe is born in January
  • 494 : Dumont dies in raid into Saxon lands
  • 508 : Galwain weds Prywine
  • 513 : Perin is Knighted
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