County: Salisbury
Religion: Mix Pagan/British Christian
Motto: "Emitte lucem et veritatem"
Colors: Vert and gold
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: 226

Hate (Franks): 11
Hate (Saxons): X

Head of House: Balgruuf de Shrewton
Predecessor: ?
Heir: TBD

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Shrewton has been a farming-driven house for as long its inception, but it's been more than that. It's a house made for agreements. Odd things to say certainly, but it's true. The only house in Salisbury that is not welcoming of all faiths, but encourages inter-faith marriages. The former goes back to the house's first lord, a farmer-turned hedge knight, eventually turned-noble, and given the very land he had farmed all his life. The work ethic stayed with the families that came after him, known more for keeping their nose to the grindstone than getting caught up in more courtly manner.

This doesn't mean that Shrewton's are isolationists. On the contrary, they rather enjoy making trade connections with other houses, because making sure all are fed was always a high priority for the Shrewtons. Also, whenever tensions would run high between allied houses, it would be Shrewton that would attempt to negotiate between them. In the Shrewton's mind, argument distracts from the work that needs to be done, and if all are not working in unison, than that discord will start rippling through nearby communities.

Which is why the noble family is something of an odd duck, the only family welcoming of the two major faiths. Tolerance was the word inspired one of the predecessors, who had taking a Gaulish bride, who also happened to not be Christian, while the lord was. But he cared not for what deity she happened to pray to, and it was a line of thought that was passed down generation to generation. Both faiths are encouraged, both work together instead of opposed. Certainly there is outliers, but most times, everyone just tries to get along.


Shrewton lands lie northwest of Sarum, close to the great religious center Amesbury, in the heart of Salisbury's grassland belt. Rolling hills give way to gentle fields of nodding green grass hemmed in by low stone walls. Invaluable chalk grasslands shelter an abundant variety of birds, insects, and mammals, including badger, foxes, and fallow and roe deer. The downs host a greater variety of wildflowers than elsewhere in Salisbury, including rare orchids, dropwort, and scabious.


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Noble Family Members


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  • 439: GGF Glorious Death at Battle of Carlion
  • 460-461: GF Knighted
  • 464: GF Married
  • 465: Father Born
  • 466-467: Siege of Carlion
  • 478-479: Battle of Frisia
  • 480: Battle of Salisbury
  • 484: Battle of Eburacum

GF Dies - Battle of Mt. Damen

  • 485: Father Knighted

Battle of Mearcred

  • 488: Invasion of Frankland, passion hate (franks): 11
  • 490: Battle of Lindsey
  • 500: Internecine War
  • 501: War in Gales
  • 503: Siege of London
  • 505: Battle of Levcomagus
  • 507: Somerset Liberation
  • 510: First Tournament

Battle of Carohaise

  • 513: Morning Battle, Terrabil
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