County: Salisbury
Religion: All Welcome, Roman Christian in the Castle itself.
Motto: Rivalus Novae Sarum
Colors: Azure/Gold
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: NA
Passions: NA
Head of House: Earl Robert
Predecessor: Earl Roderick
Heir: Rhenault de Salisbury

Manor Overview

Sarum is the central seat of Salisbury, a walled city with a keep inside its borders. It is the home of Earl Robert, a vassal of King Arthur Pendragon



City of Sarum
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Places of Interest


A bakery in Salisbury, the bryndon is a sweet roll/pastry and this place makes them in abundance, along with many other fine breads and confections.

Black Abbey

An order of monks live hear dedicated to the works of Pachomius of Egypt and his monastic lifestyle. The grounds are generally closed to the public. The chapel remains open however, and there is some space for others to come and pray in the manner of these monks. They also celebrate spring rites festivities, making merry in the Farmer's Quarter around their abbey.

Boar's Head

Rumored to be centuries old, like the city itself, the Boar's Head is the best, and perhaps only, tavern in town. Other locals serve drinks and food, such as the Inns, but this is the only location truly dedicated to the art.

Cathedral of the Blessed Mary

The center of worship in Sarum as well as Salisbury, the home of the Bishop of this county. It is one of the few stone buildings in the city itself outside of Castle Sarum itself.

Sarum Castle and Cathedral
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Sarum Castle

A medium sized stone, walled castle at the heart of Sarum. It is raised on hillock in the center of town.

The Cony

An inn in the Merchant's quarter, known for its cony soup. This is, perhaps, the only inn in town that has private rooms. Other accommodations in town more in the open hall/great hall style of sleeping.

Wainright's Inn

In the Farmer's Quarter, this is simply a building connecting to the Wainright's home, not quite a barn, it does have a large open space that serves food during the day and becomes sleeping room at night.

White Abbey

The White Abbey on the north side of town is home to some British monks known for their vintner skills. They're central court is open, and with numerous doors in their chapel, the space becomes one with their religious theology.

Political Relationships

Officers and Positions

Commander of the Earl's forces during war, and over the protection of the household.

Sir Jaradan, Seneschal of Sarum Castle
Sir Jaradan An aging knight still capable, the best swordsman at court.

Second most powerful man in earldom, holder of the Earl's seal that must mark all documents.

Sir Yestin de Devizes
yestin Sir Yestin has known the Earl since he was a child, first serving as knight under his father. He is a loyal man, and was recently appointed the Earl's Chancellor in the year 512 after saving Robert's life.

An officer who takes care of the castle itself, both maintenance and defense.

Sir Aneira de Vagon
aneira Sir Aneira is following in her father's footsteps, taking over as Castellan after his death in 513. She trained with the Earl's knights, but also learned the duties of a Castellan as well.

Responsible for the lord's food, including the procurement and storage of it within the castle. He is in charge of all that might have to do with this.

Lord Clais de Coombe Bisset
clais Lord Clais was appointed the position of Butler in 513 after serving many years as the Wine Procurer. When the last Butler got sick during the winter, he stepped in to oversee the position temporarily, but was kept on when the elderly butler passed away.

In charge of feeding the court; they oversee the part of the process between storage cellars and the plate. They are in charge of cooks, servers, etc.

Lord Rhisiart de Monxton
rhisiart Lord Rhisiart was only recently appointed Steward at the castle in 514. He served his family home in such a capacity, and impressed the Earl when he visited Monxton. The position was vacant, and was quickly offered to the lord.

Responsible for the order and comfort of the court from commanding messages between Earl and others to arranging lodging when the Earl travels.

Lord Gethin de Warminster
gethin Lord Gethin had been working within Warminster until 512 when he came to Sarum and requested a chance to prove himself for the position. He worked his way up from a court messenger and soon took over as Constable.

He oversees the King's and Earl's justice is served within the area within the courts that might be held outside of Sarum.

Sir Pellyn de Ford
pellyn Sir Pellyn has held the position as Sheriff since 508. Many judge him by his looks, and end up surprised by just how intelligent he is.

An officer that keeps the Earl's Chambers, including anything kept within. Is both chief body servant and overseeing other servants such as tailors and laundresses, and the treasurer and subordinates.

Sir Ivor de Winterslow
ivor Sir Ivor was a guardsman who often spent time with the Earl. He proved himself many times to Robert over the years. Even as a merely guard, he seemed to have a way about him in handling those that the Earl had to deal with. When the prior Chamberlain retired, it was only natural for Ivor to take the position.


Noble Family Members

Countess Ellen de Salisbury
ellen Mother to Robert. Currently holds the county in his name.
Earl Robert de Salisbury
robert Son of Roderick and Ellen. The liege lord of Salisbury.
Countess Esyte de Salsibury
esyte Wife of Robert. Mother to Rhenault de Salisbury, the heir.
Lady Jenna de Salsibury
jenna (APP 14) Younger sibling of Robert, daughter of Roderick and Ellen. Is sometimes found in Sarum visiting her brother and new nephew. She is considered still young, not yet marriageable, but her promised dowry is significant. Many suitors are already putting their cases before the earl and his mother, the Countess, for her hand.
Bishop Gerard
gerard The Bishop of Salisbury county, custodian of the Cathedral of the Blessed Mary.
Lady Robine
robine Daughter of the elder Sir Hywel of West Layington. With no other child born to him, she has been named heiress of his House. She is often found in Lady Jenna's company, even though she's older. She serves as both a Lady-in-Waiting to Robert's wife, Eyste, and a companion to Lady Jenna when she's in Sarum.


Maerwynn: Healer/Midwife/Apothecarist
maerwynn Runs the Apothecary in Sarum, and also well known healer/midwife within the City.
Ottis Black: Blacksmith
ottis A blacksmith specializing in weapons in Sarum.

Family Tree


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