County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: Not the victory but the action; Not the goal but the challenge; In the deed the glory.
Colors: Orange and Green
Liege: Liege (Earl Robert)
Starting Glory: 169
Passions: Hate (Pict): 10
Hate (Saxons): x
Head of House: Aluksander Thane de Pitton (affairs largely managed by Merial de Pitton, his mother)
Predecessor: Thane Hywel de Pitton
Heir: Future Child.

Manor Overview


Tenne, chevron vert, base lion dormant toward sinister or, langued gules armed sable, chief sinister cross byzantine vert.


The Pittons have, for the last several decades, had some of the worst natural luck that could befall a family. Over 70 years ago, a man named Elouan gained great favor in the service of his king. So much so that he was granted land and so began the House de Pitton. His son would go on to fight in the Battle of Lincoln, where a personal grudge against the Picts was formed, which has since carried down through the family lines. Fast forward two more decades and the struggles would begin in earnest.

In 463, Deniel Elouan de Pitton was one of the many knights murdered during the Night of Long Knives. His son, Hywel Deniel de Pitton, would take his place as lord of the manor and wed the following year. They would conceive a child in their first year, giving birth to Thane Hywel de Pitton. However, shortly after conceiving a second son, Withell Hywel de Pitton, Hywel would succumb to a disease, despite the best efforts of the healers and priests. Thane would grow up without a father, frequently picked on and accused of being a bastard by his peers, while his mother refused to remarry and lose the rights to his lands. Thane chose to follow in his father's footsteps and likewise became a knight. He would marry, and shortly before the invasion of Frankland, would conceive a son of his own. Unfortunately, he would not live to see his son born, as he was killed in the invasion.

Once again, the woman of the home would take the reigns of Pitton Hall. Merial proved to be very adept at the business of running a manor and village, though her art at manipulation was far more noteworthy. She oversaw the rising production of lace in Pitton village, picking up tidbits here and there and relaying them to some of the more dextrous weavers in the village. Through a careful cultivation of skill and technique, Pitton earned a name for itself in the fabric markets, producing finer lace and fancier cloth than most other places.

Now that he has come of age, Aluksander is rightfully the Lord of the Land. However, it is no secret that his mother is still handling the lion's share of the duties. And those duties she's not taking care of directly, she's probably convincing Aluksander to do through subtlety. Aluksander's wife, Deryn, is also new to the manor and village, but seems to be taking to Pitton quite well.




Political Relationships


Noble Family Members

Lady Ariana de Pitton (NPC)
ariana Grandmother to Aluksander, widow of Hywel Deniel de Pitton. She has helped Merial learn the ropes of running the Manor after having done so herself after her husband died until such times as her own son took over.
Lady Merial de Pitton (NPC)
merial Mother to Aluksander, widow to Thane Hywel de Pitton. She is the one who has been running Pitton Manor since her husband's death until such time as her son might come of age and inclination to take over.
Sir Aluksander Thane de Pitton
aluksander Heir / Head of House (affairs largely managed by Merial de Pitton, his mother)
Sir Deryn de Pitton nee Woodford
deryn Wife of Aluksander.
Emlyn de Pitton
babygirl Daughter of Aluksander and Deryn. Born June 515.


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

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  • 439: Elouan de Pitton died at the Battle of Carlion
  • 446: Deniel Elouan de Pitton fought at the Battle of Lincoln; passion hate (picts) 10
  • 450: Attended wedding of Vortigern and Rowena
  • 457: Fought under Vortigern, Battle of Kent
  • 460-461: Hywel Deniel de Pitton knighted
  • 462: Deniel Fights against Vortigern at Cambridge
  • 463: Night of Long Knives - Deniel Elouan murdered at Stonehenge council
  • 464: Hywel married
  • 465: Thane Hywel de Pitton Born
  • 466-467: Hywel dies of illness
  • 485:Thane Knighted; Takes part in Battle of Mearcred
  • 488: Thane dies during Invasion of Frankland
  • 489: Aluksander Thane de Pitton Born
  • 514: Eldest Son, Aluksander, Knighted
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