Newton Tony
County: Salisbury
Religion: Pagan
Motto: "Lux in tenebris falcem" (Light thrust into Darkness)
Colors: Vert and Or (Green and Gold)
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: 363
Passions: Hate (Franks - 10)
Head of House: Gerralt de Newentone
Predecessor: Nadus de Newentone
Heir: Glaw de Newentone

Manor Overview

The Manor are the remains of an old Roman Villa, with most of the 'walls' of the inner courtyard by now being replaced by new structures. Only the main hall remains virtually unchanged in architecture and design from the original occupants: White washed walls and the red clay-tile roofs might even clash with the darker stones of the framing courtyard buildings and the wooden huts of the servants that lie nearby or within.

It is located in a bend of the River bourne, protected by it by three sides, though hardly could be called fortified. At best it is in the preliminary stages to be set up as a mottle and bailey.

The hall itself is two-stories, the lower one housing kitchen, and main hall, while the upper holds the family solar and personal rooms. A side building clings to the main building accessible from both floors, with the lower one holding a smaller cult room where servants may place offerings to anchestors and one corner even houses a Christian cross, while the upper floor is dedicated to the pagan deities, chief among them the Goddess and Green Man and the Spirits of the River Bourne in this House.

While the manor is named Newton Tony on the map, the alternative spelling of Newton Toney is also possible and at least some will refer to it by it's old name of Newentone.


Newentone follows the old pagan gods as a general rule, but Gerralt of Newentone has married a british christian lady and thus is rather tolerant towards chistian worship both within it's fief and household, as long as no active prolyetizing or disrupting of festivals, rites or worship occurs.

Coat of Arms

Family Coat of Arms

The coat of arms shows three golden spear-heads on green field arrayed in a triangle formation thrusting into the sable cheif ordinaire. Along with the motto "Lux in tenebris falcem" (Light thrust into Darkness) it represents this House's understanding that taking up arms to prevent invasion or to further one's goals and justice is often necessary to bring prosperity to previously fallow lands.

Glaw's Coat of Arms

As the heir to the house, Glaw bears the Family coat of Arms with a three tongued difference in argent and sanguine border at the cheif position.

Seraphina's Coat of Arms


As the second in line to inherit, Seraphina's Coat of Arms incorporates a crescent moon, argent. To make space for it, the triangle of or spear-heads has been moved slightly down into the field, clearly showing her lineage to the House of Newentone and the Manor of Newton Tony, but incorporating enough difference to allow her Coat of Arms to stand on her own as a knight of Salisbury.



Badges are used to identify members of a household. Members of the household who do not bear their own Coat of Arms or other heraldic device usually display the Badge on their clothing, often sewn to the breast or on the sleeves of tunics or dresses. Those with own heraldic devices may display it in addition to their own. Newton Tony's badge is a square, vert field, sable cheif ordinaire with a or spear running diagonally from dexter low with the heft to sinister top with the spearhead.


Located on the river Bourne, Newton Tony (or Newentone) lies about a day's ride north-north-east of Sarum and about halfway to Chute Forest.


Nearby the Manor, on the easter edge lie wooded areas, one of which the family has used for hunting for generations and little logging is permitted in those woods. Within a clearing can be found, with a old, almost bare tree that leans over a quiet pond, and yet clings to life. So it is hardly a surprise that the peasants think that the water of the pond has healing properties and it is said that in exchange for silver, but especially gold or amber, sacrificed to the pond will fullfill one's heart's desire.

Political Relationships


idmiston Both families entrusted their heirs to the other in the past to serve as Page or Squire.
durnford Gerralt de Newton Tony and Owain de Durnford both fought in the Battles of Bassus River and Terrabil in 512 and 513, with Glaw being injured in the former. Nalia was responsible for treating him back to health, further cementing the two house's friendship.
laverstock Both father knights were knighted and fought at the Battle of Mearccred and a couple of years later at Lindsey. A friendship forged in battle was born, that found an end in the Battle of St. Albans, where the Laverstock knight found his end. Gerralt de Newentone brought back his friend's body and armor to the Laverstock manor in the aftermath, so that the body may rest on the family's soil and the armor be passed on to his heir.


tisbury Linked by marriage two generations back, the two houses nevertheless do not see eye-to-eye. There are rumors of mistreatment, and of suspicious deaths of either husband, wife or both in that marriage.


Noble Family Members

Seraphina de Stapleford nee Newton Tony
seraphina Gerralt and Lynn's eldest daughter. Knight. Married to Gaius de Stapleford.
Glaw de Newton Tony
glaw Gerralt and Lynn's oldest son and second child. Knight. Heir to the manor. Twin to Niamh
Gwynaelle de Newton Tony nee Idmiston
gwynaelle Glaw's wife.
Niamh de Newton Tony
niamh Gerralt and Lynn's second daughter and third child. Lady. Twin to Glaw. (Available on Roster, Contact Glaw, please)
Angharad de Newton Tony
angharad Gerralt and Lynn's third daughter and fourth child. Lady. Twin.


Eadlin from Newton Tony
eadlin Peon, Menace-with-a-mob, Steward-in-training, Childhood friend of Glaw and Niamh. Widow and mother of Rand, her son. Rumors have it that she is too close and familiar to Glaw, who pays too much attention to her and her son for a mere servant. (Inactive)

Family Tree


439 Eliaules (GGF) Battle of Carlion
455-456 Eliaules (GGF) Dies in a skirmish with Cornish knights
460-461 Nadus (GF) Knighted
464 Nadus (GF) Married
465 Gerralt (F) Born
466-467 Nadus (GF) Dies during Saxon invasion
485 Gerralt (F) Knighted
Battle of Mearcred
488 Invasion of Frankland
489 Gerralt (F) marries Lynn nee Chalke
490 Battle of Lindsey
491 Seraphina born.
Dai born by different mother.
492 Glaw and Niamh born hours apart.
493 Angharad and twin-brother born.
495 Battle of St. Albans
500 War in Dorset
501 Angles Conquered
505 Battle of Levcomagus
507 Liberation of London
508 Battle of Netley Marsh
510 Battle of Carlion
512 Battle of Bassus River
513 Morning Battle - Terrabil
Seraphina knighted.
514 Glaw Knighted
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