County: Salisbury
Religion: Pagan
Motto: Non temere, sed fortiter
Colors: Black, Orange, Silver, and Green
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: 230
Passions: Suspicious - Silchester Knights (9)
Head of House: Sir Trystan de Laverstock
Predecessor: Predecessor
Heir: Lord Sir Padrig de Laverstock

Manor Overview

The Laverstocks come from a long line of battlefield knights. Their manor was established to the southeast of Sarum, near the great Camelot Forests. The Laverstocks have always been proud of their Pagan roots, and regularly travel to Stonehenge to celebrate the great feasts of the year. They also maintain a small fae-wood — no more than an acre of wooded lands — that hosts an ancient circle of standing stones.

Knighthood is almost a family tradition, and the more sons produced, the more men can be offered into the Earl’s service. This has caused an interesting process of giving armor and weapons as heirlooms in order to manage the upkeep and cost of such a family tradition. In the most recent generation, the Laverstocks have even married in a landed knight from a horse-breeding family in order to bring in more revenue to fund their knights and a more cost-effective way to provide chargers to the household.


Coat of Arms



Household Gods



The Laverstock lands are just to the southeast of Sarum where the Bourne river pours into the Avon. Most of the lands are pasture lands spotted with copses of trees and grassy knolls. These pasture lands are groomed primarily for sheep, but the recent focus of horse-breeding has introduced more equine to the lands.

Near the manor house is a modest, two-acre cluster of woodlands known by the Laverstocks as the Faewood. It is not a deep, dark wood, but instead the remains of an old forest that may have once been attached to the Camelot forests to the south. Within the wood are three standing stones — one large stone and two smaller. They are moss-covered, but also carved with ancient sigils. These three stones are sources of religious power for the Laverstocks, and often where household rituals are held.

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Noble Family Members

Lord Sir Trystan de Laverstock
trystan Head of House. Vassal Knight. ROSTERED


Family Tree

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  • 440 – Great-Grandfather dies trying to protect Constantin
  • 461 – Grandfather is knighted
  • 464 – Grandfather marries <> of <>
  • 465 – Father is born
  • 466 – Sir Gallaloc, second son, is born
  • 467 – Grandfather dies at the Siege of Carlion
  • 485 – Father is knighted at the Battle of Mearcred
  • 487 – Sir Gallaloc is knighted
  • 490 - Battle of Lindsey, Laverstocks assist in the capture of Octa
  • 491 - Tintagel Castle
  • 495 - Father dies Battle of St. Albans; Sir Gallaloc becomes Steward of House Laverstock until Sir Trystan de Laverstock comes of age
  • 514 - Sir Trystan de Laverstock is knighted and becomes Lord of Laverstock with Sir Gallaloc as his advisor
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