County: Salisbury
Religion: Pagan
Motto: Post tenebras lux.
Colors: Green, Black, and White
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: 367

Hate (Irish) - 8
Hate (Picts) - 12

Head of House: Gwynedd de Idmiston (NPC)
Predecessor: Daffyd de Idmiston
Heir: Talfryn de Idmiston

Manor Overview


Located upon a steep bank overlooking the Bourne River is this slowly being fortified manor. It has been the home of the Idmiston family for many generations, as evident by the old growth orchard planted to one side of the home, and the weathering of the buildings themselves.

Currently, a surrounding wall is being built from stones gathered from the river and fields to further protect the home from invaders.



The manor's position upon the river Bourne has afforded it the perfect land for growing apples and pears. Orchards are found surrounding the home, the oldest of those trees found closest to the manor itself in a small grove.

From these fruits, a mix of things are made, from dried fruit, a preserves of sorts, to delicious desserts. But the thing that Idmiston is most known for is it's cider and wines made from the fruit.



A scale model of the RL castle to give a better idea of what it looked like from the 'front'.


This rough carving of the Greenman is set into the lintel of the main doors into the castle. Rumors say that it is blessed every year by a druid to bring the family within good luck throughout the year.

Political Relationships



Noble Family Members

Heir to Idmiston
talfryn Second son to second branch of Idmiston. Knight. Brother of Tomas. With no other sons to Gwynedd, and his daughter marrying the heir of another House, the Head of the House choose the next in line to succeed him, the second son of Gwynedd de Idmiston's uncle.
Brynn de Newton
bryn Betrothed to Talfryn.
Once Heiress of House
gwynaelle Born 492. Only daughter. Older and Younger brothers both died. Was the heiress of the House until her betrothal and marriage to Glaw of Newentone (Newton Tony).
Bradwyn de Idmiston
bradwyn Fourth child of third branch of Idmiston. Knight.
Nalia de Idmiston nee Durnford
nalia Wife of Bradwyn.
Eilla de Idmiston
eilla Second child of third branch of Idmiston. Brewer. Sister to Bradwyn
Iolo the Bard
iolo A distant cousin, bastard born. Musician.


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree



Year Event
439 Great Grandfather died at Battle of Carlion; passion hate(irish): 8
460-461 Grandfather knighted
464 Grandfather married
465 Night of Long Knives - Vortigern and Hengest call council for peace, all knights attend, but Saxons murder the british knights including your great grandfather
464 Grandfather Marries
465 Father (Gwynedd) Born
466-467 Grandfather fights in Seige of Carlion
473 Grandfather dies in a hunting accident
485 Father (Gwynedd) Knighted; Takes part in Battle of Colchester
486 Father (Gwynedd) marries Eirwen; First Son (Rhys) born.
487 Father takes part in the Naval Raids.
488 Father joins Invasion of Frankland; passion hate (Franks): 12
490 Father is part of the Battle of Lindsey
491 Father is part of the Battle of Terrabil
492 Daughter (Gwynaelle) born.
495 Second Son (Hadyn) Born. Eirwen dies in childbirth.
500 Father is part of War in Gales
501 Angles Conquered
504 First Son (Rhys) is Knighted
505 Father takes part in both Battle of Levcomagus and Battle of Royston; First Son (Rhys) dies at Levocmagus
507 Father involved in the Liberation of London
508 Father part of the Battle of Netley Marsh
509 Father there at the Knighting of Earl Robert
510 Father at First Tournament - Sword/Stone, Coronation of Arthur; Battle of Carohaise
511 Father helped to raid Saxons
512 Father at the Battle of Bassus River
513 Father involved in the Morning Battle at Terrabil
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