County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: Ex unitate vires: From unity, strength
Colors: Blue/purple
Liege: Lord Knight Hywn de Up Avon (Vassal of Earl Robert)
Starting Glory: 238

Hate Saxons

Head of House: Branoc de Horton (32)
Predecessor: Roland de Horton (Died, Liberation of Somerset)
Lady Alyson (survived, wife of Roland)
Heir: Garel de Horten, eldest son of Branoc, age 10

Manor Overview

Branoc de Horton was knighted over a decade ago and quickly came to prominence as the Head of House when their father, Rolant de Horton died during the Liberation of Somerset. The family stands united both as British Christians and a manor under Lord Knight Hywn de Up Avon. They stand strong near the northern border of the realm, ready at any time to fight on behalf of their liege, and Earl Robert.


After the Liberation of Somerset and the death of their father, Rolant, Branoc became the head of house and leads a united family unit in strengthening the manor and supporting the realms.


In the large hills of northern Salisbury, the manor of Horton is raised on a flat level plain amongst them, but its not far to travel to get to the large hills and some of the valleys and canyons of the region itself. The area is perfect for growing crops at this higher altitude.

Political Relationships

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Noble Family Members

Sir Branoc de Horton, Head of House (NPC)
branoc TBD
Lady Alyson de Horton (NPC)
alyson Roland's Widow, mother of Branoc, Niclas, Lydia, Enfys, Wilhelm, etc.
Lady Lydia de Newton née Horton
lydia 3rd born child, eldest daughter. Married to Joachim de Newton.
Lady Enfys de Cholderton née Horton
enfys 4th born child, second daughter. Married to Yorrick de Cholderton.
Sir Wilhelm de Steeple Langford
wilhelm 5th born, knight. Married Rose de Steeple Langford and took her family name.
Lady Morfyd de Horton
morfyd Cousin to Lydia, Enfys, Wilhelm - Handmaiden to Enfys, member of Earl Robert's court.


Family Tree (image recommended; ask Arian if you would like a Family Tree image created)

Family Tree



439 GGF - Died, Battle of Carlion

460 GF Knighted

462 Garrison - Nothing Happened

463 Garrison - Nothing Happened.

464 Married Horton Widower, +100 glory

466-67 GF Died - Siege of Carlion

485 Roland Knighted
Roland Battle of Mearced

490 Sir Roland: Battle of Lindsey

491 Sir Roland: Battle of Terrabil

500 Sir Roland: War in Dorset

501 Sir Roland: War in Angles (vs Saxons)

503 Sir Roland: Siege of London

504 Sir Branoc knighted

505 Sir Roland: Battle of Levcomagus
Sir Roland: Battle of Royston

507 Sir Roland (died): Liberation of Somerset
Sir Branoc - Vassal Knight of Horton

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