County: [Salisbury]
Religion: Pagan
Motto: Honora veteris Mores
Colors: Green & Yellow
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: Starting Glory for Durnford: 355

Passion (Picts - 12)
Passion (Saxons - 14)

Head of House: Owain
Predecessor: Caulas
Heir: Selivant

Manor Overview

Coat of Arms

The Sword and the Crescent Moon.

The Crescent Moon symbolizes the Goddess while the sword represents the House’s promise to protect her. The upper right corner shows a tree without leaves. This is the portrayal of death and rebirth. The tree on the opposite side is in full bloom indicating life and the ability to drop “seed” back into the earth in order to repeat the cycle upon death.


The colors of the House are Green and Yellow. The Green represents the Goddess, mother of the Earth, and the lush color of life. After all, the forests and grass are the color green. Yellow represents the Sun God, Lugh. The Sun God is also seen as the protector of the harvest. While the Goddess blesses us with vegetation to sustain our own lives, the Sun God is present to protect her.


Honora veteris Mores

Translated from the Latin: “Honor the Old Ways”. With the rise of Christianity, our House must never forget where we came from. In honoring the Old Ways, we also honor our ancestors, and those who have died before us in order to keep the Old Ways alive.

The Durnford Manor are known for their excellent breed of horses. (More information to follow soon)


Details on Timeline

466-467 Siege of Carlion:
Aurelius Ambrosius, son of the former King Constantin and brother of Constans, lands in Hampshire with an army from Brittany. He carries a great banner with a red dragon upon it. All across the land, discontented nobles muster their armies and join him. Vortigern seeks to escape, but his Saxon allies go back home to Kent, and many other allies desert him. After besieging a portion of Vortigern’s army at Carlion, Aurelius Ambrosius marches through the entire island, accepting the submission of those loyal to Vortigern.

468 Battle of Snowdon:
Aurelius Ambrosius and his army pursue Vortigern and besiege him in his new castle on Mount Snowdon. A battle ensues, at which Vortigern is killed and his army scattered. Aurelius Ambrosius summons the High Council, and they elect him High King. He takes the title of Pendragon (“high dragon” or “head dragon”), derived from his great battle banner.

Many Saxons come over from the Continent and settle in Kent under their king, Hengest. High King Aurelius Ambrosius maintains an unsteady peace with the Saxons, Irish, and Picts, despite their raiding. His younger brother, Uther, makes a name for himself as a great warrior in countering these raids and leading picked warriors on raids into enemy territory.

For years, Aurelius Ambrosius has been building a fleet of ships in the ports of his western lands. In this year, he musters his army and sets sail, sweeping around the southern coast, where he destroys the fleets of the Saxons in Britain. Then he sails to the Continent, destroying all the hostile shipping as he goes. The British army lands in Frisia, doing great damage to the Saxons there, and winning a battle against the barbarians. The Saxons in Britain begin vicious raiding in retaliation.

An army of Saxons sails up the Port River into Salisbury. While planning for the battle, Aurelius Ambrosius is poisoned by a false doctor. Despite his illness, Ambrosius marches with Uther against the enemy, whom they meet at Menevia. Ambrosius confronts the foe while Uther takes his army around to the Saxons’ rear and cuts them off from their ships, attacking them with great vigor. It is a great victory for the British, but Ambrosius is killed in the fighting. Caulas attends the funeral of High King Aurelius Ambrosius, who is interred with great ceremony and sorrow in the Giants’ Dance (Stonehenge). Afterward, the High Council meets and unanimously elects Uther to be the new Pendragon; Caulas is present at the coronation

Another wave of Saxons arrives by boat and settles in the land of Diera. Aided by the Saxons in Britain and some rebellious northern Britons, they attack in the land of Malahaut. Their army defeats the northern defenders, then lays siege to the city of Eburacum. King Uther raises his army and hastens northward to join battle. However, King Uther, anxious to relieve the sorry inhabitants of Eburacum, is drawn into a trap and fights a desperate battle, from which he barely escapes with great loss. Caulas falls in this battle. King Uther refuses to give up. With the battered remnants of his army, he sneaks north under cover of darkness, and falls upon the celebrating Saxons who are drunk on both victory and ale. The Saxons are slaughtered and Uther claims a great victory.

King Uther suffers heavy losses and raises many troops to make up for it. He orders all squires who are ready to muster at Windsor Castle to be knighted.


durnmanor.jpg Durnford-tree.jpg Durnford-bridge.jpg

Durnford Manor is East of the Avon River and a few hours North of Sarum. The landscape is lush and green, and the green plains stretch far and wide. The main road to get to Durnford is poor quality, but once one takes the path to approach the manor, they’ll notice their travel is much smoother. The Durnford family takes great pride in the land they’ve been given.



Political Relationships

burcombe Word is quickly spreading throughout Salisbury that the heads of the Households of Durnford and Burcombe have met and signed agreements to a betrothal in an effort to unite their Households and secure a more solid alliance.
idmiston Our Grandfathers fought in the Siege of Carlion together. Both being Pagan families, with the rise of British Christian and Roman Christian families appearing, our Houses formed a bond with one another in an effort to protect our beliefs and look out for one another. Should Idmiston ever come under attack, Durnford Manor will be there to support them.
newton-tony Our fathers fought in the same battles in 512 and 513. Since then our families have taken care of one another. Nalia even helped bring Glaw back to health when he was injured. We are allies, but we are also friends.
cholderton The families have formed an alliance. Strength in Numbers.


Noble Family Members

Sir Cynrain de Durnford
cynrain Second Son of Sir Owain de Durnford: Knight
Lady Nalia de Idmiston nee Durnford
nalia Daughter of Sir Owain de Durnford: Lady
Married to Bradwyn de Idmiston.
Lady Catryn de Durnford
catryn Wife of Cynrain de Durnford: Knight and Lady


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

Family Tree (image recommended; ask Arian if you would like a Family Tree image created)


** See Details on Timeline for more information.


Great Grandfather (Addonwy) Dies during Garrison Duty - Pictish Raiders (Family Hatred of Picts increases)


Grandfather (Caulas) Knighted


Grandfather Caulas Married


Father Born (Owain)


Caulas fights in the Siege of Carlion


Caulas fight in the Battle of Snowdon


Caulas serves Garrison duty while Saxons pillage the land. Peasants suffer greatly at the hands of the Saxons. (Family Hatred of Saxons increased - 14)


Caulas sails with the King's High Fleet, Fights in the Battle of Frisia against the Saxons


Caulas fights in the Battle of Salisbury
Attends the funeral of High King Aurelius Ambrosius


Caulas dies in the Battle of Eburacum


Father (Owain) Knighted
Owain fights in the Battle of Mearcred Creek


Owain fights in the Invasion of Frankland


Owain marries Dwynwen


Selivant, first born son and heir, is born


Owain fights in the Battle of Terrabil
Cynrain is born


Owain Attended Double Wedding


Nalia is born


Owain fights in the Battle of St. Albans


Owain fights in the Internecine War


Owain fights in the War in Gales


Owain fights in the Siege of London


Owain fights in the Battle of Levcomagus
Owain fights in the Battle of Royston
Owain fights in the Battle of Herford


Owain fights in the Liberation of London


Owain fights in the Battle of Netley Marsh


Owain attends the Knighting of Earl Robert


Owain attends First Tournament
Owain fights in the Battle of Carlion


Owain fights in the Battle of Bassus River


Owain fights in the Morning Battle Terrabil

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