County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: Loyalty Binds Us
Colors: Purple, Black, Gold, Silver
Liege: Sir Oswallt de Ebble
Starting Glory: 241

Passion Hate - (Franks - 9)
Passion Hate - (Saxons - 8 - 16)

Head of House: Kylan de Chalke
Predecessor: Andras de Chalke
Heir: Sir Kylan de Chalke

Manor Overview

Manor Overview -

They believe the other houses are beneath them, they are best amongst the vassals of Lord Knight Oswallt.


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Political Relationships

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Noble Family Members

Sir Kylan de Chalke
kylan Kylan is the eldest living son of Sir Andras and heir to the house. ROSTERED
Lady Tamara de Chalke
tamara Eldest daughter of House Chalke's main line, she has been fostered out to House Bishopstone since childhood to serve as lady's companion to one of their daughters in an arrangement orchestrated by her mother. Younger sister to Kylan, William, and Roane. Older sister to Isyld and others.


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

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Family Timeline
439 Dewydd de Chalke (GGF) Battle of Carlioin
440 Garrison Duty, defended against Picts
441-442 Served Garrision, (GGF) Killed by Pict Raiders
460-461 Bevan (GF) knighted
464 Bevan (GF) Married
465 Andras de Chalke Born
466-467 Bevan, Seige of Carlion
468 Battle of Snowdon
469 – 472 Garrison Defense against raiders
474 Bevan (GF) dies defending garrison
485 Andras Knighted
487 Naval Raids
488 Invasion of Frankland (passion hate (franks) 9)
490 Battle of Lindsey
495 Battle of St. Albans
500 Internecine War
501 Angles Conquered – Andras Dies
Starting Glory for Chalke: 241
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