County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: Intemporaliter Fidelis
(Eternally Faithful)
Colors: Green and Red
Liege: Liege (Earl Robert)
Starting Glory: 358

Hate (Irish): 8
Hate (Saxons): 8

Head of House: Sir Harren Broughton
Predecessor: Sir Rolant Broughton (Deceased)
Heir: Caerdin Broughton (1st Male)

Manor Overview

Caerdin has two older sister (appable) and there is an opportunity for cousins, etc. Sisters both must be over the age of 21 as he is the third child but first son.

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Noble Family Members

Leodwen de Falt
leodwen Betrothed to Ailil.


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

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439: Cadfael de Broughton (GGF): Battle of Carlion; Passion Hate (Irish): 8
440: Cadfael de Broughton Killed by Pictish Raiders
460-461: Rolant (GF) de Broughton Knighted
464: Rolant de Broughton married
465: Harren de Broughton born
467: Geraint de Broughton born
468: Rolant de Broughton: Battle of Snowdon
469-472: Rolant de Broughton:Various Saxon Raids
473: Rolant de Broughton Battle of Windsor, died gloriously in battle
485: Harren knighted at Battle of Mearcred Creek
487: Naval Raids
489: Harren marries Enid Dinton
490: Geraint marries his wife
490: Battle of Lindsey
490: Torlan de Broughton born
491: Battle - Tintagel Castle
491: Ailil de Broughton born
492: Eleri de Broughton born
493: Caerdin de Broughton born
493: Ailil's younger sibling born
495: Battle of St. Albans
500: Internecine War - Merc Knight
501: War in Gales
503: Siege of London
507: London Liberation
508: Ailil fights on the Continent
508: Battle of Netley Marsh
510: Battle of Carlion
511: Ailil knighted
513: Morning & Afternoon Battle - Terrabil
514: Caerdin knighted
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