County: Salisbury
Religion: Roman Christian
Motto: Duty Before Glory
Colors: Gules and Argent (Red and Silver)
Liege: Liege (Earl Robert)
Starting Glory: 478

Passion (Franks - 15)
Passion (Irish - 12)

Head of House: Sir Bran de Bodenham
Predecessor: Sir Elisedd de Bodenham
Heir: TBA

Manor Overview

The Bodenham family is known for their glory in battle and their faithful service to the Crown. Founded by the son of a Roman legionnary, the family has an illustrious history of untold glories in battle, longevity and loyalty. They are the envy of the Southern Manors and uphold their loyalty to Lord Sir Oswallt. Some might criticize the House for their zealous relationship to their chosen religion, but their history is, without a doubt, the stuff legendary knights are made of.


Initially a small hamlet without much of a presence at the borderlands of Salisbury, the first knight of Bodenham was a man named Ambrosius, the son of a late Roman legionnary and his Cymric wife. His father had taught him how to fight and the basics of battle tactics passed down to all Roman soldiers. As a result, Ambrosius took up arms for liege and King during the Battle of Carlion, where he earned recognition a mere 4 years after receiving his spurs. Ambrosius would then die trying to protect Constantin from the traitors of Silchester, the reason why the family is suspicious of the Silchester Knights to this day. His son, Sir Emrys, sworn to be as honorable and skilled in fighting as his father once was. He was married a year after his knighting, thus inheriting the full right to the lands, and married in the next year. As that year drew to a close, Elisedd ap Emrys was born. Sir Emrys would go on to fight at the Siege of Carlion in 466 to 467, at the Battle of Snowdon a year after and five years later, would die a glorious death in the Battle of Windsor, refusing to let go of his King's banner as he fought twelve men to himself. Dispatching several in a flurry of blows and a clear display of skill, the heroic knight then fell in battle, his wife's name his very last word, it is said. Indeed, Emrys had a blissful marriage with his wife — a match arranged by his mother in order to secure support so the then burgeoning family could hold onto their birthright. It is said that the Ladies of Bodenham are as graceful as they are skilled in wordcraft and politics, a tradition passed down the generations.

Sir Elisedd himself enjoyed a long career as a Knight, fighting against the Frankland invaders bravely, showing his mettle at war as his wife ran the household in his name. He would go on to fight in the Battle of Lindsey, being part of the group who captured the Saxon banner, the proof of his skill at arms surpassing even that of his ancestors. Afterwards, he saw long engagements in Terrabil, St. Albans, the War in Dorset, assisting in the war against the Angles in 501, the Siege of London in 503, the Battle of Levcomagus and the Battle of Royston two years later, in liberating London in 507, Netley Marsh a year later and the Battle of Carohaise, as well as the First Tourney and being among those who witnessed King Arthur remove the Sword from the Stone in 510. Two years later, he dies in the Battle of Bassus River, after a long string of honors and dutiful service to their Lord in Ebben Castle.


Bodenham is located in the intersection between the Rivers Avon and Ebble, which explains why the Manor is pledged to Ebble Castle.

Political Relationships

Bishopstone: Their rivals in the Ebble region, there is a bitter rivalry between both - the knights of Bishopstone suspect the Bodenhams of treason which, to their family, is a grave accusation and one they are willing to duel for.

Falt: Bodenham and Falt are both Roman Christian manors under Sir Oswallt de Ebble. However, the de Falts seem to belittle the many accomplishments of the Bodenhams as mere feats of longevity. The Bodenhams posit that the extended survival of their forebearers are due to their competence and skill and anything other implication is mere envy. Regardless, there is some intermarriage in the Manors.


Noble Family Members

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Family Tree

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Roman Christian
Minimum: 4 siblings + heir

Rival: Bishopstone

439 – GGF Battle of Carlion (Passion Hate (Irish) 12)
440 – GGF dies trying to protect Constantin from the traitors (suspicious (Silchester Knights) 13)
465 – GF Knighted
466 – Married/Father
466-467 – Siege of Carlion
468 – Battle of Snowdon
473 – Battle of Windsor, Glorious Death
485 – Father Knighted
488 – Invasion of Frankland (Passion Hate (Franks) 15)
490 – Battel of Lindsey – with group that captured Saxon Banner
491 –Battle of Terrabil
495 – Battle of St. Albans
500 – War in Dorset
501 – Angles Conquered, defended
503 – Seige of London
505 – Battle of Levcomagus, Battle of Royston
507 – Liberation of London
508 – Battle of Netley Marsh
510 – First Tourney, Sword in Stone, Coronation, Battle of Carohaise
512 – Dies, Battle of Bassus River
Starting Glory: 478

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