County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: Faith and Toil
Colors: Blue and White
Liege: Sir Oswallt de Ebble
Starting Glory: 289

Hate (Saxons) 15

Head of House: Seriol de Bishopstone
Predecessor: Alibron de Bishopstone
Heir: None

Manor Overview

Bishopstone is located just south of Ebble Castle on the Ebble River along the border with Dorset.


The manor was originally founded based around a large flat stone upon which a member of the clergy would stand and stand and proselytize. When the land was granted to a knight for his service in battle he declared that there was no better foundation than faith upon which to build a community. The name of Bishopstone would wind up sticking, and the motto of 'Faith and Toil' remain their guiding principles.


Bishopstone is located just south of Ebble Castle on the Ebble River along the border with Dorset.

Political Relationships

Bodenham: Bishopstone has long been suspicious of the Bodenham's. Although their glory is well known, fears exist that they intend to parlay that and swear allegiance to Dorset


Noble Family Members

Nerys de Bishopstone
nerys Second child, eldest daughter, knight.
Dillion de Bishopstone
dillion Third child, knight.


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

Family Tree (image recommended; ask Arian if you would like a Family Tree image created)


British Christian
Minimum: 4 siblings + heir

Suspicous of Bodenham (rivals), Suspects they will join Dorset any year now by swearing allegiance to their lord

439: GGF Battle of Carlion
440: Defends against Picts
443: Dies in Skirmish with Dorset
465: GF Knighted
466: Married/Father
468: Battle of Snowdon
473: Battle of Windsor
480: Battle of Salisbury
484: Battle of Mt. Damen
485: GF dies, Battle of Maerced Creek
485: Father Knighted
488: Invasion of Frankland
491: Tintagel Castle
492: Attends double wedding at Tintagel
495: Battle of St. Albans
500: War in Dorset
501: War in Gales
505: Battle of Levcomagus, Battle of Royston, Dies Glorious in Battle of Hertford
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