Berwick St James
County: Salisbury
Religion: Pagan
Motto: Motto (just the motto, you can add a description of the motto elsewhere on this page)
Colors: Colors (just the colors, you can add a description of the colors elsewhere on this page)
Liege: Liege (Earl Robert)
Starting Glory: Starting Glory for Berwick St. James as of 514 (371)

Hate (Saxons): x
Hate (Picts): 8

Head of House: Buddfannan de Berwick St. James
Predecessor: Grandfather
Heir: [[pc:dywana|Dywana]]

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Noble Family Members

dywana A priestess. Twin to Aeron. Heiress to the House.
erylys A distant cousin to Berwick St. James who currently serves Earl Robert as one of his household huntsmen. Her father is head huntsman for the manor. She married Maelgwn de Tisbury.


Residents - Commoner Members (see above)

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Family Tree

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439: GGF Fought at Battle of Carlion
440: GGF Died fighting Pictish Raiders; Passion Hate (Picts): 8
460-461: Grand Father Knighted
464: Grand Father Married
465: Father Born
466-467: Father at Seige of Carlion
468: Battle of Snowdon (Grandfather Died)
485: Father Knighted
Battle of Colchester (invading Saxons)
488: Invasion of Frankland
490: Battle of Lindsey
491: Battle of Terrabil
492: Attended Double Wedding
495: Battle of St. Albans
Garrison of Castle during Infamous Feast
500: War in Dorset
501: War in Gales
505: Battle of Royston
507: Liberation of Somerset
508: Battle of Netley Marsh
509: Knighting of Earl Robert de Salisbury
510: First Tournament
Battle of Carlion
512: Battle of Bassus River
513: Morning Battle at Terrabil
514: Eldest Son Knightet; Father still alive.
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