County: Salisbury
Religion: British Christian
Motto: Never Falter!
Colors: Red and Black
Liege: Earl Robert
Starting Glory: 235

Hate (Picts - 12)
Hate (Saxons - 15)

Head of House: Bryce de Baverstock
Predecessor: Nyles de Baverstock
Heir: Next in line would be Landon

Manor Overview

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South and west of Sarum, along the River Nadder.

Situated in a terrain that is mostly flat with greens and some grain fields along the river Nadder betwixt some minor stretches of forest are the lands in care and responsibility of the Baverstock family. The manor itself is a long house, with a hall of medium size, a long table of dark cherry wood with long benches there before an ancient hearth with the coat of arms of the family painted on the center of the mantelpiece - the golden bear of Baverstock on a field of red and black.

The stone floor is covered with a few woollen rugs. The walls are decorated with some ancient weapons of their ancestors - swords, shields - but also with the occasional boar's head and antlers of some impressive deer. A few chambers can be accessed from the hall, but the biggest adjoining room would be the kitchen, with a large kettle hanging over the fireplace, and more pots, frying pans, long spoons and forks hanging from an iron structure attached to the ceiling.

Political Relationships


Noble Family Members

Sir Bryce, Head of the Manor
bryce Eldest son of Lord Nyles de Baverstock and Lady Meredith, Bryce has come of age and been knighted in the year 513. He is just now taking over the manor proper from his uncle, Sir Lorcan who still acts occasionally as steward and councillor. Married to Lysanor de Dinton.
Sir Martyn
martyn Son of Sir Lorcan, cousin to Sir Bryce, brother to Syndra; a knight. Betrothed to Arta de Cholderton.
Lady Catriona
catriona Daughter of Sir Lorcan, cousin to Sir Bryce, younger sister to Martyn and Syndra. Assists her father, Lorcan de Baverstock, in Stewardship of the estates and assists Sir Bryce and Sir Bryce's mother, Meredith de Baverstock, in the management and running of the manor.
Lady Syndra
syndra Daughter of Sir Lorcan, cousin to Sir Bryce, sister to Martyn and Catriona. Briefly betrothed to Sir Malcolm de Wylye, before this match was discarded in favor of another union between the manors of Wylye and Baverstock. Then there was a planned match to Sir Joachim de Newton, which never passed the stage of first negotiations - mostly due to the differences in faith, and Newton's disapproval of Baverstock's toleration of their peasants still following the Pagan faith.


Family Tree



Year Event
439 Great Grandfather fought in the Battle of Carlion against Irish Pagan invaders
440 Great Grandfather served garrison duty, fought off Pictish Raiders
445 Defended Walls of Sarum
446 GGF in Battle of Lincoln, gains passion (hate (picts): 12) family retains hate
461 GF Knighted
463 Night of Long Knives - Vortigern and Hengest call council for peace, all knights attend, but Saxons murder the british knights including your great grandfather
464 Grandfather Marries
465 Father Nyles Born
467 GF Fights in Seige of Carlion
473 GF Fought Battle of Windsor
478 - 479 GF Sails to Frisia to fight Saxons there
480 GF Battle of Salisbury, defended home
484 GF Fought at Battle of Eburacum (escaped and survived this battle); Grandfather dies at Battle of Mt. Damen; Father: Garrison
485 Nyles de Baverstock is knighted, fights at Battle of Mearced Creek.
487 Nyles de Baverstock joins Naval Raids near Maldon, survived
488 Joins Invasion of Frankland
490 Battle of Lindsey, Sir Nyles was part of the group to capture the banner of King Octa
491 Battle of Terrabil
492 Attended Double Wedding
500 Internecine War as mercenary knight (Saxons War Sussex/Kent)
501 War in Gales
503 Died: Siege of London
513 Eldest Son Bryce Knighted Spring 513
514 Second Son Landon Knighted in 514 (probably January)
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