Manor Icons

A repository for manors, with a shortname descriptor to use in manor relations for easy icons.

Icon Name Short
baverstock.jpg Baverstock baverstock
berwick.jpg Berwick St. James berwick
bodenham.jpg Bodenham bodenham
broughton.jpg Broughton broughton
burcombe.jpg Burcombe burcombe
chalke.jpg Chalke chalke
cholderton.jpg Cholderton cholderton
dinton.jpg Dinton dinton
durnford.jpg Durnford durnford
falt.jpg Falt falt
horton.jpg Horton horton
idmiston.jpg Idmiston idmiston
laverstock.jpg Laverstock laverstock
newton.jpg Newton newton
newton-tony.jpg Newton Tony newton-tony
pitton.jpg Pitton pitton
shrewton.jpg Shrewton shrewton
staple.jpg Stapleford staple
steeple.jpg Steeple Langford steeple
tisbury.jpg Tisbury tisbury
willcott.jpg Willcott willcott
wstoke.jpg Winterbourne Stoke wstoke
woodborough.jpg Woodborough woodborough
woodford.jpg Woodford woodford
wylye.jpg Wylye wylye
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