Logres is the central Kingdom in southern Britain. Composed of several kingdoms allied with common cause, the heart of this is the Supreme Collegium, a high council of Briton nobles. The in the past have elected the King of Logres.


As of starting year, 514, Logres extends from Jagent in the west Windsor in the east, Lindsey is the tip of loyal realms/kingdoms to Arthur, those beyond are but allies. Huntington, and Hertford are only partially under control of the crown. London and areas north and west are under influence by Saxons and Angles alike. Kent and Sussex are Saxon theods. A portion of Hampshire is under the influence of Saxons as is the Isle of Wight. Devon, Tintagel, and Totnes in the west (Cornwall) is under the influence of King Idres. The border along Cambrian and Cumbria is less defined as well; Clarence is only an ally at present.

Characters Knowledge of Logres

Maps are inaccurate in this time. This is the understanding of Logres to all the players:


While inaccurate, this one easily gives a better understanding to the layout of the counties and kingdoms in Logres. It also readily shows the various size/relevance of the various counties.



The current lord of Clarence is Duke Pellivere, a vassel of Arthur. There is a longstanding fued between the Duke of Clarence and the Duke of Glouchester.



Hantonne: This is a part of the County of Hampshire, and is the nearest seaport to Sarum. It is two days’ ride from Sarum.


This county is ruled by a militant lord who defends his ancient rights fiercely.


This city/county has a fine castle. It is built atop a large ancient mound, believed by many to be the burial mound of an ancient wizard. It is about two days’ leisurely ride from Sarum.

Mildenhall: This unwalled city is the local market for the farms along the Kennet River, and is held by the castellan from Marlborough.


Our central focus is Salisbury.


Silchester is the dukedom that commands most of the lands east of Salisbury.

Silchester City: This is one of the Roman cities of the past, now much diminished in size and importance, but still great nonetheless. It is about two days’ ride from Sarum. It is part of the
holdings of the Duke of Silchester.


This is an independent kingdom and includes all the lands to the north west of Salisbury.

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