(514-10-01) Newton-Idmiston Wedding Reception
Summary: What it says in the title! Pagans gather to celebrate a wedding, and a Christian priest seems to be more of a surprise guest.
Date: October 1st, 514
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Main Hall Idmiston - Salisbury

From the floor to the walls, the same stone that makes up the outside of the house, has been layered and joined to form the inner expanses of the house. Rough wooden beams, both up near the ceiling, or wedged into the walls, are darkening with age. Smoothing over time and tread of feet, are the larger stones joined for the floor, while those of the walls are sometimes hidden by the pictures or tapestries that are hung upon them. Tables and benches line the walls, easily pulled out for meals, or moved out of the way when needed.
The far end of this room is dominated by the fireplace that marks the wall there. Stonework surrounds it, far more intricate than those that form the walls and floor of the house. Above is a piece of wood that has been set as the mantel, the family crest hung above upon an old shield. In niches to either side stand full sets of armor.
Arches that mark doors to the kitchens, and to the private solar belonging to the family, the latter watched over by one household guard.

The Main Hall of Idmiston Manor has been decked out for a party. Colorful bolts of fabric in the colors of Idmiston (Green, black and white) and Newton (Black and Silver) have been entwined together to create festive streamers that hang from the beams of the ceiling. Minstrels are stationed in one corner, not far from the kitchen, all playing festive music suitable for dancing.

A buffet table has been laid out along one wall, not far from the Kitchens, filled with a wide spread of feast-foods. Roast Pig, Mutton, Beef, and fowls of all kinds sit on that long table- both in their standard form, and as parts of pies, puddings and stews. The table overflows with breads, dried fruit, roasted desserts and sweet treats alike. At either end of the table are large kegs of Idmiston brew, with servants on point to keep the drink flowing. Tables have been laid out for guests to sit, and a pair of chairs sits at the head of the table- tied together with intricate rope-work that's been dyed to match the colors of the houses being joined- One side for Newton, and one side for Idmiston- the colors all braided together at the center between where the two chairs meet.

Talfryn and Bryn stand at the head of a table at a pair of chairs that have been covered in colorful rope to indicate the joining of two great houses. Talfryn grinning wide from ear to ear as the pair stand and welcome the guests to the hall. The mistrals already playing music to invite others into the feast-hall. "Welcome, friends!" Talfryn shouts, the minstrels getting quiet as the Heir of Idmiston speaks. "I welcome all of you to House Idmiston, on this occasion of my.. Our- wedding." he begins, grinning wide. "Lady Bryn and I are overjoyed to have you in our house, and invite you to enjoy our hospitality. Eat, Drink, dance! Merry Met and God Bless to all and everyone!" he says- having little issue in acknowledging his wife's history. "I hope you'll all leave as happy as Bryn and I are now. Please, my friends," Talfryn says, as he raises a goblet high. "To the future and happiness of House Newton, and House Idmiston! Friends for now, and onward!" He toasts, before throwing back his goblet, and grinning.

What is he doing here, of all? Seems like the Priest of Roman Christian faith is a little misplaced in this gathering to celebrate a marriage according to the Pagan rite. Father Garannon sticks out indeed, in his black priestly garb, a young man of handsome yet somewhat serene expression as he strolls about the hall, silent and unpresumptuous, content to just be there and observe. And hardly troubled by the odd glance here and there he is bound to attract. He may pass the newly wed pair, but when he does it seems more out of coincidence. Brows lift, almost apologetically, before his features warm in a smile. "I wish you joy and happiness. And the blessing of Our Lord.", he says, inclining his head to the both of them. No word of introduction. Perhaps a man of the faith does not need such.

Having travelled with Lydia to Idmiston, the also newly married Joachim de Newton is a quiet observer of the wedding, using the opportunity to observe some of the pagan rituals, no matter how muted they may be - and it allows Lydia the chance to get her new husband further from his religious shell. The heir of the House Newton leans over to ask questions on occasion of his bride, but when the time comes to toast, the knight raises his own goblet as well. "May alliances borne of joint sorrow be made joyous." he offers in turn as he takes a drink from the wine.

Bryn's smiling, but it's a shy sort of smile, like she's not used to being the center of attention and it is potentially an ill-fit. She keeps her head ducked, and her cheeks are faintly flushed, a cup in her hand as she listens to everything, letting the words wash over her.

Weddings are okay, as long as other people are the center of it. Iago de Woodborough hs made his way here for this one as well, sipping from his goblet as he listens to the others. "May there be peace and happiness," he offers, with a smile, as he looks around at the people assembled, gaze stopping at the christian priest for a few moments.

Lifting a goblet to each toast made to the happy couple is another Idmiston, and the tallest of the family it seems. Listening for a few moments more, only sipping his own wine instead of downing it, finally one of Talfryn's cousins rise as Sir Bradwyn announces, "May shared sorrows produce bountiful fruit. The blessings of gods pagan and the Christ weigh heavily on my cousin and his bride. May your happiness grow with time, your children bring honor to both sides of their blood, and your lives be long." lifting his goblet once more to take another sip.
Retaking his seat the six foot Idmiston knight in his finest attire sits at a side table near the one the couple occupies, though separate from it. After all said table is normally the place for the closest relations. Spotting the man in black, Bradwyn is silent as he watches the priest of Christ, only if Father Garannon passes close enough to be in arms reach does the tall pagan reach out a hand passively to pause the priest. If the priest doesn't draw close enough then Bradwyn simply continues to sip his wine and eventually the piercing blue eyes that seems to be commonplace with House Idmiston moves on to other subjects.

"Ah! We'll be thick as thieves- this I promise." Talfryn says, raising his glass again towards Joachim and Lydia. "Now, this is a party." he says, with a widening grin. "So, please, enjoy all we have to offer." he says, "Lady Bryn and I couldn't be happier to have so many guests at our table- all are welcome here." he says, throwing back that drink to finish it as toasts were made. He looks to Bryn, smiling wide. "Shall we begin the dancing, dearheart?" he asks of her, as the Minstrels again begin to play with the aim of making the party atmosphere all the more prevalent.

Bryn takes a careful sip off her cup, then sets it down before she adds in her own thanks, "I, too, wish to thank everyone for making the time to come. It warms my heart to see so many of you here." She then glances at Talfryn when he asks about dancing, nodding a bit, "Certainly."

The hand on his arm does indeed stop the priest. His eyes lift to the tall man, forcing him to look up, but Garannon's demeanor remains friendly. "Sir? What a happy occasion this is. The beginning of a family, the foundation for new life… and as such a blessing." He studies Bradwyn for a moment, before he actually introduces himself. "I am Garannon. Father Garannon. I am… good friends with the family of Horton. They were neighbours." His gaze drifts to where Lydia and Joachim stand and the smile remains there. "So in a way, you can say I am linked to the family Newton."

Noticing Garannon with Bradwyn, Joachim separates from Lydia for a moment to come over to where the knight has paused the priest. "Bradwyn." the knight greets his new relative. "Father Garannon was in Newton to bless my marriage to Lady Lydia, and baptize her into my faith." he explains. "He came with us as a guest to observe the traditions, and as a priest of the faith, to offer his assistance to Bryn for any questions she may have about her faith as a Roman Christian conflicting with the Pagan faith." he explains.

Fortunately for the priest Bradwyn is seated so not overly tall, he does however nod to the words and says, "Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston, cousin to the groom." He removes his hand and gestures to the seat next to him saying, "Please sit. I can understand such family connections, there is one I consider almost like a second family due to squiring with one of their number. I hope you are faring well with so much unfamiliarity?"

Listening in quiet for now, smiling momentarily as the music starts to play, Iago takes another sip from his goblet, looking around rather thoughtfully. "Not bad…" he mutters to himself, nodding at the goblet, before he looks around the room once again.

Talfryn smiles wide, and leads Bryn out to the dance floor- leaving his drink behind. He does gaze over to where the Priest, Bradwyn and Joachim now speak- it's almost hawkish how he looks. Realizing nothing odd is happening, he nods, and returns all his focus to Bryn, leaning down to whisper softly into her ear. "Be careful now, love, I'm a horrible dancer." he says, pecking Bryn's cheek once they've gotten out to the dance-floor.

Eibhlin meanders round the dancefloor alone but not minding, she dances slowly in small circles with herself, her dress swirling round her legs as she smiles and weaves through the couples

Garannon's brows lift in slight surprise, when Joachim chooses to come over without his wife. But as is usual for the man of the church, he takes it all in good spirit. "Sir Joachim…" Reaching out for the man's hand to take it in both of his own. "It seems my blessings have worked out well for you both." His head turns, eyes cutting back to Bradwyn. "Well met, Sir. I am glad to make your acquaintance. I have come to learn that a man of the faith is never unfamiliar, wherever he may go. There is always similar variety of people to be met. Especially at wedding feasts. There are the members of the family… the friends… and those that just happen to be there, like myself."

Bryn's cheeks flush a little, but she is smiling as she settles her hands, "I'm a decent dancer…we should be fine." She assures him, her eyes remaining downcast for the longest time before she finally looks up, letting Talfryn take the lead.

Talfryn checked his dancing of 2, he rolled 10.
Bryn checked her dancing of 10, she rolled 12.

Talfryn might be more agile on the battlefield than he is on the dancefloor- leading the dance. Its slow, clumsy- and interjected with his apologies, "Sorry! Watch the feet…" he says, with a laugh, grinning wide- bad dancing isn't going to bother Talfryn today, it seems.

Eibhlin checked her dancing of 2, she rolled 19.

Lydia is doing..well, whatever Lydia does, since she's at the wedding, and Joachim doesn't want to step on toes. Clutching Garannon's hand, the knight offers a nod. "As you will be welcomed here as well, I'm certain, Father." he says with a nod of his head. "I just wanted to make sure all was well with your presence. If you will excuse me?" he asks, as he notices someone, stepping away from the knight and priest before he turns his attention to the floor and comes upon his sister, lightly taking Eibhlin by the shoulder. "May I have this dance, Lady Newton?" he teases her playfully.

Bradwyn nods to the priest and says, "Seems so. I have found similar myself, those worthy of respect and those not." He then takes another sip and stands adding, "That said I would not wish to interrupt." Nodding respectfully to Sir Joachim as well he then leads the table so they might speak as he makes his way around towards the dancefloor himself, though his wife might be sleeping due to beign with child he'll make his way on his own. He does give a bit of a grin at his cousin, but doesn't say anything for the time being. There will be time enough later to tease him about that. Rather mercilessly of course.

Bryn apparently lied about being decent, or Talfryn walking all over her feet is enough to throw her off. She shakes her head, blushing a little as she tries to dance, avoid his feet, both by being stepped on and accidentally stepping on him in return. "Oh, I'm so sorry…"

Iago shakes his head a bit as he watches the happenings on the dancefloor, but doesn't make any comment or anything like that. His gaze going from the people out there and to the others present, once more.

"We'd best get used to it." Talfryn says, with a wide grin. "We'll be all over each-other before long anyways!" he teases, a bit of jest with a playful wink as he dances with his wife, "Anyways, its your feet that are in danger- mine are quite tough, I assure you… Aahh!" he hisses when Bryn steps on his feet, wincing- before he drops the act by wrapping both arms around Bryn's waist, lifting her and spinning in place!

"The Lord is wherever I go," Garannon intones with serene confidence towards Joachim, his eyes following the Newton knight as he walks off to ask a young lady for a dance. "I hope to be in the first category, Sir Bradwyn," he adds then with ease in his tone, smiling to the Idmiston. "But if that weren't the case I doubt you'd have offered me a seat so close to your own." The spectacle of dancing indeed something that prompts him to follow the invitation most readily.

Eibhlin moves about the people before her feet stagger and she stumbles into someone else. Her eyes lift and she laughs a bit to Lydia "I am a better singer than I am a Dancer M'lady but if your toes won't mind". She says before she apologizes to the couple she just ran into.

Bryn's cheeks flame at the teasing, looking like she might just faint at the mere mention of what is likely to happen later. But when Talfryn picks her up and spins her she makes a surprised sound, holding onto him more firmly.

"Pardon me, Lydia." Joachim says, as Lydia goes and does stuff. However, the Newton lord switches gears, catching his little sister in his arms. "We'll be terrible together." he teases her as he spins Eibhlin in place. "Are you enjoying yourself?" he asks her as they move across the ground.

Joachim checked his dancing of 2, he rolled 5.

Bradwyn nods to the priest and says, "A bit early to judge fairly which you are, though I know of one of the followers of the Christ that is worthy, Sir Custennin de Falt if you know of him. He then looks to Bryn as she gasps in surprise at being lifted and calls out to his cousin, "You don't have to steal her cousin, she's already married you! Take your time and enjoy the party!" in a good-natured tone, though he clearly is happy for Talfryn and bryn both.

Back to the priest he asks, "Father is the typical title for your priests then?" curiously.

"Aye. 'Father' for a priest, 'Brother' for a lay clergy.", Garannon explains with a smile. His eyes light up when Bradwyn mentions Falt. "A good family of Roman Christian faith. I know there is a Brother Huw doing service at their chapel. And such a lovely chapel it is." There is a faint almost daring glint in his eyes, when Garannon assures: "Do not think that I am prejudiced towards those of your faith, Sir. I believe, there are unworthy specimen among Pagans and Christians alike."

Eibhlin was going to dance with Lydia, then her brother is catching herself as she falls, she laughs and blushes "thank you for saving me from falling Brother." she turns elegantly in his firm guidance "perhaps I should go sit down".. she grins to them both, "you two should dance". She tells him and Lydia kindly

Talfryn grins wide, putting Bryn back on her feet. "There we are! Shall we stop dancing? Continue dancing?" he wonders of her with a little smile, holding Bryn close. "Get a drink? A little food?" he says next as he squeezes Bryn a little. "I'm up for all of it."

Bradwyn nods to Garannon and says, "The same for myself." as he takes another sip and adds, "I only really know Sir Custennin for the most part. A skilled fighter and one of the few larger than myself. We faced off during the personal challenges during the wedding tourney for the king and queen, if we had used the standard rules I'd have defeated him, but we chose rules suited to give each other proper challenge, it came quite close in the end."

Another sip, he seems to only ever sip his wine, and with his size it likely doesn't fill his body quickly enough to get him drunk as he continues, "Lay clergy, I assume you mean a form of lesser priests then? I confess I know little of your faith beyond the basics. Worship of a single god instead of many, the worship of a man who died and came back. I believe that is it for the most part."

Remaining where he is, Iago pauses for a few moments as he drains the last drink from the goblet. "Hmmm…" he mutters to himself, but doesn't move from anywhere right now. Just continuing to watch people carefully for now.

"Perhaps we could go say hello to people?" Bryn ventures, glancing around at the guests, "I feel like we should say hello, and thank you for coming." She may also be covering for the fact she's too nervous to actually eat.

There's a slight frown, but Joachim releases Eibhlin. "As you wish." he says quietly as he lets his sister go about her business and turns his attention to going to eat with his wife.

Eibhlin smiles, still though a flush touched her cheeks from falling in the first place, she nods her head as she looks in apology to her brother. She looks like all she wants to do is hide from the dancefloor now, nomatter how good or bad the other dancers might be, the younger Newton quietly finds herself searching for a place to sit.

Oddly enough, Garannon seems to be more and more at ease, sitting beside the huge Pagan knight. But then again, one of his brothers is a rather looming presence as well, Sir Morlois de Willcott. "One God, yes. Dominus Deus, et Filius… et Spiritus Sanctus.", he elaborates, his voice taking on an almost affectionate fondness when he begins to speak those Latin words so central to his faith. "Jesus died for all of our sins… then he was resurrected on the third day… and welcomed in Heaven." His gaze flickers slightly. And spotting someone, Garannon rises from his seat. "If you will excuse me, Sir Bradwyn Idmiston…" He gives the man a faint smile, before he walks off, hands clasped behind his back, his chin lifted, and his features warmed with the confident smile he so often displays.

"Sure thing!" Talfryn says, smiling wide to Bryn. "We do have guests, it's important for us to speak to them." he agrees, as he begins to lead Bryn towards the guests. "Where should we start?" he wonders of Bryn, smiling softly. He kisses her cheek, "Are you sure you don't want anything to eat?" he wonders, "Anything to drink?"

Bradwyn nods to Garannon and says, "Didn't un derstand that first bit but I believe I understand." At asking to excuse himself Bradwyn nods and says, "of course." Then there is the tiny one trying to escape embarrassment as bradwyn nods to Eibhlin and says, "If you need a seat Lady and don't mind a giant for conversation you are welcome." gesturing to the seat vacated by the priest.

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