(515-05-14) A Quick Hunt
Summary: Erylys and Maelgwn go out on a hunt, that ends quicker than they thought it might.
Date: May 14, 515
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Maelgwn rolls 1d20 and gets (9) for a total of: 9
<OOC> Erylys says, "Red Deer it is!"
Critical Success!
Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 15.

With the dawn comes the promised hunting trip between the two, along with a couple of kennel boys from the castle. One can see the excitement in Erylys as she preps her bag with a few odds and ends, making sure they have plenty to drink in water skins, along with basics for first aid just in case it's needed. "I saw some deer tracks the other day, so I'm hoping the dogs will pick up on them if they returned last night for water near the river.." The words are offered aside to her husband who's soon gifted with a bright smile, "Ready to go?" The dogs are just as excited as they range here and there, kept close on leash for the moment.

Once all are mounted, the trek to the river where the tracks had been spied is a short and easy ride. Nodding to the kennel boys who soon release the dogs, the small pack run forwads, soon to converge on the area where the tracks had been found the day before, and immediately jump the scent and take off. Not too far from the river is a ring of bushes and soft grass, and surprisingly, the large deer jumps up where it had been resting. "Get it!" She will nudge Maelgwn ahead to make the first attack while she loosens her spear.

Maelgwn checked his lance of 15, he rolled 4.
Maelgwn rolls 6d6 and gets (1 1 4 1 2 1) for a total of: 10

Maelgwn nods to Erylys, smiling in return to his wife as they share some time out hunting. He watches his wife, her excitement spreading even to him. Once spotted, and nudged forward, Maelgwn charges forward and using his spear slices into the creature's side with a good hit. "Aha! Got it!" he says, as he pulls the spear and tries to keep up with the undoubtedly now running creature.

Erylys checked her spear of 12, she rolled 10.
Erylys rolls 4d6 and gets (6 1 6 5) for a total of: 18

Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 19.
Erylys makes a check for red deer avoidance at 15, she rolled 14.

As soon as Maelgwn manages to hit the deer with his spear, Erylys is at the ready, her spear thrust forwards as the animal tries to dance away from Maelgwn. It gets away from the knight, but instead, finds her spear which plunges into the deer's chest, deep enough that when it's pulled out, blood gushes from the wound. If it's not a killing blow, it will severely weaken the beast!

In fact, the dear stumbles, but manages to keep it's feet and leaps away from them, managing to get a good lead on them.

Critical Success!
Maelgwn checked his hunting of 2, he rolled 2.

"It ran this way!" Maelgwn says, nodding his head before he rights his horse and hurries after the beast. They gallop along an animal path, Maelgwn low against his horse as his spear is readied for another strike. The animal's wounds must be slowing it- as it doesn't take much for Maelgwn to find it again, to strike again with his spear.

Maelgwn checked his spear of 6, he rolled 1.
Maelgwn rolls 6d6 and gets (3 3 3 6 3 5) for a total of: 23
Erylys checked her spear of 12, she rolled 17.

Confused for a moment, the dogs getting in her way, Erylys begins to go one way, only to be called back by her husband who had a better eye on which way the deer went. Following his lead, she rides low over her horse's neck as they ride through the river and off to the other side. She pulls her horse to a stop to watch Maelgwn manage to strike at the beast with his spear, she throws her own, only to have it go over the creature's back when it falls to it's knees, bleeding out from it's wounds.

Another stab, Maelgwn's spear entering into the noble creature's body to put it out of its misery and keep the pain to a minimum. He grins wide, looking back to his wife as he dismounts to remove his spear. He says a quiet prayer of thanks to the Goddess of the Hunt, and to the spirit of the deer itself- a quiet recognition of it giving its life for sport and sustenance.

As he finishes the deer off, Erylys dismounts, both to fetch her spear, and to stand by the creature's side to say her own prayer for it's spirit, thanking the God of the hunt for allowing them this hunt. "It's a beautiful beast…" And now, it will be time to start dressing it out to take back to Sarum. "I cannot believe we managed to bring it down so quick." A glance to her husband, and she offers a grin, "Perhaps I should start bringing you on my hunts as a charm or something… " It might not be a prime specimen, but it /is/ large beast!

"Hah. Me? You're the charming one in this relationship." Maelgwn returns with a laugh, shaking his head. "Aye. It is a good kill, an honorable hunt." he agrees, with a nod. "Fresh meat is always a pleasing thing- and such fine venison." he says with a quiet nod, as he grins over towards his wife. "So then, I suppose the carrying is on me?"

Erylys smiles, leaning in to kiss his cheek, "That's what the horse is for, in truth. I just need to field dress it and we can get it back to the castle." If he's not used to doing this, she'll just get him to help her out here and there in moving the body of the deer. The kennel boys have followed along, and will help as well. Gutting it, removing organs, skinning it out, and loading the meat onto some thick canvas that was on the back of her horse. Some will be kept for their own table, but the majority of it will find it's way to that of the Earl.

Maelgwn watches- not overly familiar with the field dressing of a carcass. Of course, Erylys would likely get the liver- the traditional 'hunter's cut' includes it. The other organs, however, would likely go to the Earl along with the choicest cuts of meat. "Well, the Earl will eat heartily tonight- I'm sure he'll be glad to get the meat with his other hunter so preoccupied." he says with a chuckle. HE keeps back, though, and lets Erylys do her work- content to watch her in her element.

"I will be certain… to let him know.. you helped." Erylys answers as she glances to him, "You managed to find the trail, and get the jump on the deer when it got away from us." And he says he's not a good hunter! Between she and the kennel boys, the deer is quickly handled with tidbits given to the dogs to eat. The rest is bundled and packaged up, including the skins that she'll likely work on tanning herself.

"Ah, no need. I don't need any special glory." Maelgwn says, "You lead the hunt, after all- spotted the creature before I did." he notes, "So, you were one who should take this glory, my dear. IT is, after all, your purview." he notes. "I will get the Earl's respect through my own work."

"Hmm." Erylys murmurs, only to continue to smile as she works on the deer. When it's finally been packaged up, she rises from her crouch, and moves off to the river to wash off her hands and the knife she was using, cleaning up just a little. "I didn't get much of a chance to really show you anything in hunting though.." She has to laugh at that!

"Enough that we got the deer." Maelgwn says with a grin, as he cleans his spear and puts it back onto his horse after all that cleaning has been done. "So, I suppose we'll be having liver for dinner." he says, with a grin- one of the best parts of any hunt. "I was gifted a large bottle of beer." he notes, "Dark stuff, very good. Might make for a good sauce in a liver-pie." he says, as he slides close to his wife to embrace her.

"That..actually sounds good." When mention of the beer and sauce is made. "I can already hear my stomach rumbling happily later." With the deer caught right off the bat, it means they will return back home with the rest of the afternoon left!

"Aye, I thought it might." Maelgwn says with a nod of his head, as he returns to his horse and mounts up, "So. Shall we retire to the cabin, or had you other hunting plans today?" he wonders of Erylys as he gives his horse a pat on the neck, a fond thing. "A great day, to be sure." he says with a smile.

Erylys mounts her horse, the other weighed down with meat and such, some even given to hers and his! The dogs are all following her horse, the kennel boys leading the pack horse. "I have no other plans, no. The last several times I managed to jump a deer, the thing got away at the end of the day, so the fact that not only did we manage to bring it down, but before mid-day meal… " She doesn't know what to do with herself!

Maelgwn gives a little laugh, grinning. "Well, lucky us." he offers, as he looks again to his wife and falls in line with her and the others. Hunting trails are typically rather narrow- falling into silence as they ride- a comfortable silence in Maelgwn's mind. He hums to himself as they ride back home.

At least they don't have too far to go, and once they're out of the woods and trees closer to the river, they can ride upon the road for the city. "So, how did you enjoy your first hunt with your wife?" She asks, teasing him, still smiling - for her, it's been a good day! Better than the other hunts here recently for her!

"Wonderfully!" Maelgwn replies, "It was a good day- quite fun. If this hunt is to mean something, I do imagine it means we'll work together famously." he offers as they finally get to where he can ride beside his wife. "How did I do, then? Well enough?" he asks with a smile, grinning.

"Oh, you did more than well enough. Catching the tracks when I missed them? And you help bring it down without too much of a fight." Erylys answers, nodding her head, "I've had a few that fumbled so badly…" A shake of her head is given.

Scene fades

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