(515-05-02) Church Traffic
Summary: Mass ends and In-laws meet.
Date: 515-05-02
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Farmer's Market
-= Sarum =- -= May 515 - Sat Apr 30 2016 =-

The eastern road heading out of Sarum, through the Damas Gate, is more
open than any other roads or avenues in the city itself. During the day
it is a mingle of colorful pavilions and carts, some covered but most
open air. This is where the majority of produce is bought, sold, or
traded in Sarum itself. Most of the produce is raw, various fruits and
vegetables, but some vendors have prepared various dishes or specific
items. While the backside of Sarum Castle rises up to the east of here on
its Hillock, the dominant feature is the Cathedral to the North. Built in
stone, it's the one structure that rivals Sarum Castle in its marvel.

It was shortly after the evening Mass - in which the younger Newton flows with the many. The evening flock going this way and that as their buisness takes them on to whatever their schedules would have them do. Evie was one of the last to come out of the sanctuary in her fingers still wrapped a cross upon a chain. She clasps it lightly as she moves into the road and she pauses a moment in search of her governness.

Leaving his own place of worship as well, Sir Royan de Horton makes his way through the streets, slowing as the Roman Cathedral empties its flock into the market. A little over average height, coppery hair, and wearing his best attire, the young knight moves through the crowd slowly, cautiously.

Eibhlin had heard of the Horton being in town and she slows a bit looking over his way, reguarding him a while before her attendent comes for her. The elderly woman coughs politely as she notices her charge looking at Sir Royan. A chuckle leaves the lady's lips and she smiles, "I do believe that is my brother by law" .. she says to the woman beside her. With that, the pair begin to walk his way.

Noticing a pair of women approaching him, at least one a Lady, Royan moves to step aside of the throng, either allowing them to pass by or if they truly are seeking him, providing a place away from the crowd to speak. Royan makes no attempts to call out however.

Eibhlin awaits until her and her escort reach Royan, they step out of the throngs of church goers and Evie clenches the cross lightly. She gives a little curtsy "Hello, you are Ser Royan de Horton are you not?" she asks the man in a gentle sing songish tone.

Royan studies Eibhlin for a few moments before finally bowing his head in polite greeting, "Recently knighted, though I am Sir Royan yes. You have me at a disadvantage Lady..?" trailing off at the end to provide room for an introduction. Course he was squired in Up Avon, and while he likely knows about marriages in his family, seems he doesn't know Eibhlin, or at least doesn't remember her off-hand.

Eibhlin smiles politely, her eyes twinkle gently as she takes a little breath "I am Lady Eibhlin Newton, handmaiden to the Lady Esyte" she pauses "I believe you are - if I am not mistaken, Lady Lydia's brother?" she asks him softly. "She has recently wed my brother you are aware?" she asks - so many questions.

Royan nods politely with a tough of understanding in his eyes, "Ah yes. Lady Lydia is my older sister correct. Your brother is…" Clearly serching his memory, "Sir Joachim correct?"

Eibhlin nods her head a bit as she smiles to Royan, then she looks back to her escort before bowing a little to him. "You will have to come by and have lunch sometime, I am sure Lydia would love it."

Royan nods and says, "A very kind offer Lady Eibhlin. It has been some time since I have had the chance to speak with my sister. I will be sure to keep your offer in mind." in a polite, respectful tone, before glancing about the dispersing crowd, "Do you regularly make the trip to Sarum to attend services, or is it a special occassion that brings you here?"

Eibhlin looks to the chapel and she smiles slightly "I rather like the parish here, and the road from Newton Mannor to Sarum is a nice one. I am afraid I am only capable at riding out once a month, for my skills on horseback are…" she looks to her governess and she laughs slightly ..

Royan nods and says, "I understand. That said I have never fund much use personally in a Lady learning to ride a horse. Knights gain the most benefit from it, there are more suitable means of travel for a proper Lady." in a calm, reserved tone.

Eibhlin smiles slightly to Royan then she nods to her escort, "We should go, my brother hates me being late." she says quietly and she bows her head to him once more. "It was good to meet you".

Royan nods and says, "You as well Lady Eibhlin. I am sure we will meet again soon." offering a polite nod, he makes no offer to escort her, perhaps because she has an escort already.

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