(515-04-21) Sickness And A Double Sparring Match
Summary: Bastien and Nerys both spar with Talaith, only one gets sick during their match….
Date: 515-04-21
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Taking a break from their training and sparring, Nerys and Bastien's armor and swords lie in a small pile on the edge of the bleachers. Settled on the ground, Bastien is sitting up while Nerys is leaned against him. His arms are settled around her as he reads to her from a scroll, the knight's eyes studying the words as he goes. The subject seems to be the announcement of another birth in the land of Sarum, and the knight chuckles. "I suppose there were those that could not wait for the winter to decide to become with child." he teases playfully, reaching to brush some of Nerys' hair from her temple and back over her ear. "Are you feeling any better? I did not know you would get so ill after breakfast during training, or I'd not suggested it."

"Probably just the heat." Nerys assures him, reaching down to take the scroll from his hand, looking over the words with the blank lack of recognition of someone who just sees a bunch of lines and dots. "I'm sure that I'll be just fine after I cool down."

Talaith arrives on the grounds ready to seek a sparring session. She is wearing her armor and carries a shield, her sword sheathed at her belt. She strolls in glancing around and spotting two somewhat familiar faces. The lady knight approches Bastien and Nerys with a warm smile remembering the two from the trip to Oxenwood. "Hello again to you both, I hope you are well?"

Perhaps sensing Nerys' blank look, Bastien grins. "I can try to teach you to read a few words." he suggests, before kissing the top of her head. "And you were quite hungry at breakfast. I suppose that it could be the heat." The knight says thoughtfully before he glances up at the new arrival. "Ah.. the rather.. brash young Sir." Bastien says, a slight chuckle as he moves his shoulder. "Sir Nerys was just checking my range of movement as my shoulder heals from my wound."

"Hello, again." Nerys replies, rolling the scroll up before holding it back out to Bastien with a shake of her head, "I'll just rely on you to read anything that I need read." She replies, giving his shoulder a squeeze before she smiles faintly at Talaith, "We're both very well, how are you?"

One of Talaith's brows arches upward at Bastien's comment. Her smiles is playful and a bit mischievious. "If you thought that was brash you should see me on a good day." She jokes in a lighthearted tone and then looks to Nerys she smiles more gently. "I am well my Lady. I don't think we were ever actually introduced though? I am Sir Talaith de Tisbury."

There's a wince as Nerys squeezes Bastien's wounded shoulder, a grunt of frustrated pain as he glares at his wife's idea of correcting him as he looks between the two, allowing Nerys to introduce herself. Take that!

"Sir Nerys de Falt." Nerys replies, inclining her head just a fraction to Talaith, "But no, we didn't have a chance to be properly introduced the last time. For that I do apologize." She glances at the sword and shield that Talaith has, "Bast is needing to work his shoulder a little more, would you be willing?"

Talaith inclines her head politely to Nerys in return. "It is no fault of yours Sir Nerys, it was a rather busy day I think." The offer draws a soft smile from her. "If he is alright with it as well I would be quite willing yes. I did come to see if anyone wanted to spar after all."

Volunteered by his wife, Bastien stares at Nerys, and then he sighs. "She is trying to make up for the time that she determined I was too lazy to be a knight." he mutters good-naturedly. "And I still think she threw the challenge to her hand in marriage." Okay, he did, but that's not here or there. With an affectionate pat to Nerys' hand, he moves to his feet, stretching out lackidasically. "First to three taps?" he asks casually, seeming bored out of his mind with the idea of sparring as he moves to pull on his chainmail haphazardly.

"I'm sure he's fine with it." Nerys agrees, giving Bastien a glare as he moves to pull on his chainmail, "I also did not." She moves to drop herself down to stretch out a bit, a hand raising to absently starting to fan at her.

Talaith eyes the bored expression with another raise of her brow. "First to three hits don't think I'll be going easy on you and just tapping you. This is so we both get better, going easy helps no one." She slides into a combat stance and readies herself waiting for him to be ready before she will press the attack.

Bastien smirks at his wife as he shrugs the armor on and picks up his sword. "Sure, sure." he says, an almost bored noise coming from him as he turns his attention to Talaith. He doesn't even take a combat stance, holding his weapon to his side, favoring his good shoulder as he waits. "Lets just get this done with so I can get back to reading."

Bastien checked his sword of 14, he rolled 9.

There's a slight shake of her head at her husband, but Nerys seems content to let someone else try to beat him up this time.

Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 6.

"Show some enthusiasm Sir! One might you prefer books to actual company." Talaith teases the man a bit and charges forth. She manages to block any damage with her shield but she does get tapped. Her eyes narrow just a little. "Hit me like you mean it!" She aims another blow of her sword at him after that intending to return the favor alot harder than he did.

Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 17.
Bastien checked his sword of 14, he rolled 2.

"Usually, I do." Bastien seems to be a textbook example of a savant of the blade as he gets in the first tap, and then sidesteps as Talaith comes charging in and places another tap to the young woman's side. It's the same frustrating strategy that Nerys faced as the young knight just seems to be adept to the sword. "But if it'll help, I will not try so hard." he offers to her as he almost seems to yawn. "Are you convinced my shoulder's fine yet, wife?" he asks Nerys as he steps into the strike, hoping to quickly end this.

Bastien checked his sword of 14, he rolled 17.

"I have a name." Nerys calls back, but she doesn't answer the actual question. She just continues to fan herself and lounge, doing her best to avoid looking too peckish while he's not looking.

Talaith doesn't speak any more instead she focuses on the fight with narrowed eyes. She studies that lazy form. Surely she can beat it and get a hit in? She seems quite determined to anyway.

Critical Success!
Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 15.

"Fiiiiine." As he gets tapped, Bastien sighs, "Do I look back to form, Sir Nerys de Falt nee Bishopstone?" he asks as he looks to Talaith. "Good form, as my knight would have said - or my mother - you might be better training with Nerys, she trained under my mother after all, and understands the arms of a lady knight. Now keep trying."

Bastien checked his sword of 14, he rolled 15.
Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 3.
Bastien checked his lazy of 11, he rolled 7.

Talaith remains focused not rising to any attempts to bait her any longer. Though she does remark at the comment Bastien makes. "Women can be just as capable in a fight as any man. Do not think our arms are any different than yours…we can still kick you into the dirt." She says this so casually offering such a sweet little smile as she prepares another attack.

Bastien checked his sword of 14, he rolled 1.
Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 18.

"You haven't met his mother….believe me, he's quite well aware of how superior a woman knight can actually be." Nerys replies, starting to her feet, her arms crossing over her chest as she moves a little away from the bench.

"I am well aware of the strength of the female knight and form. I married one, after all. And was raise by another." A tap to Talaith's heart, and Bastien shrugs. "Well done." he mutters as he moves to flop on the bench again. "Your turn, Nerys." he says to his wife as he picks up the scroll to read. See, he can do that too.

Talaith cannot help but glare at Bastien just a little. He didn't even seem to be taking her seriously and he still won! She fumes silently for a moment and then draws in a slow calming breath. She calms a bit now and shakes her head looking to Nerys. "Do you want to spar as well then Sir Nerys?"

"I can, yes." Nerys replies, glancing over her shoulder to Bastien, sighing very faintly at him. She then moves towards where she took her armor off, starting to tug it back on. "Bastien is skilled at the blade, even if he doesn't take it seriously. Irritating, isn't it?"

"When the stakes match the need for me to rise to the occassion, I shall, Nerys." Bastien says as he continues to read. She, of all people, knows this to be true. "You were worth the stakes of actually paying attention to what I was doing, after all."

Bastien checked his flirting of 5, he rolled 12.

"It is irritating, yes." Talaith replies as she waits for Nerys to arm and ready herself. Bastien is given a raised brow. "So I am unworthy of you even bothering to try? Why that would almost be a blow to my ego…except I have no desire to be coveted by a man in such a way. Not one that I would lose to at any rate." She smirks.

After picking up her sword Nerys moves out towards where Talaith is standing, a pale brow lifting upwards before she points out mildly, "If you mean in the same way I was, then I have to answer yes…he's not getting married again, afterall." She lifts her blade, "When you are ready."

"So you willingly don't try when.." Bastien shrugs, he's not going to pursue this line of thought, especially as Nerys speaks up and he gives a little chuckle. "She's won that battle, aye." he says simply. "And the war to boot. Even if our parents arranged us, I do care for her greatly."

Bastien checked his love for nerys of 13, he rolled 19.
Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 18.

Talaith laughs merrily. "Don't worry. You can keep him and more power to you if he makes you happy." She offers Nerys a warm smile and then focuses and offers a nod to show she is ready before she moves in to try and attack.

Nerys checked her sword of 16, she rolled 19.

"I find him irritating, annoying, and quite endearing." Nerys replies, sparing a glance in Bastien's direction before she moves in towards Talaith, taking a too wide swing.

Bastien keeps his attention mainly on the scroll he's reading. Apparently something there has caught his attention more than his wife's spar at the moment, and that may cause him more than a little bit of trouble later.

Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 12.
Nerys checked her sword of 16, she rolled 17.

Talaith looks amused by Nerys's words. "Well at least he is endearing. Some annoyances can be endured due to their redeeming qualities yes?" She moves in again, her first swing goes wide but her second manages to land a hit.

"Much can be endured due to redeeming qualities." Nerys replies as she takes the hit, then starts to circle around just a little, moving to try and line up another swing at Talaith.

Critical Fail!
Nerys checked her sword of 16, she rolled 20.

"Is it over yet?" Bastien asks casually as he peeks up from his reading. Seeing that it's not, he starts to look back down at his scroll.

Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 8.

Talaith nods and circles around. She dodges the next strike from Nerys rather easily, her own hit landing once more. She looks to Bastien in faint amusement. "Why are you complaining still? You aren't even watching never mind fighting." She focuses once more on the fight.

The last hit apparently was solid, or the heat got to her. When Talaith approached they were just resting and talking about how she was feeling ill. A step is taken after the hit, then before she can even lift her sword she hits the ground with a thud as she faints.

Talaith drops her sword and rushes forward to catch Nerys just as she begins to fall. Hurrying over the lady knight does her best to make sure the other woman never actually hits the ground gently catching her and lifting her up.

Alright. So in case Nerys ever wondered if Bastien ever cared, it's suddenly there as he hears the thud. He looks up to make a remark, but seeing his wife upon the ground, he throws the scroll to the side and all but leaps from the stands. "Go to the bailey, find a healer." he snaps at Talaith, even as he slides to a stop, and takes his wife from Talaith. "Jesuit dammit." he says with a frown. "You could have said no." he says, worry finding his voice. She's been ill for several days and now it seems to have caught up with her as he moves to settle her on the ground, cradling the back of her head as he sprinkles water from his waterskin on her face to try to cool her off.

Nerys's out for a little while, but thankfully not long enough to really be scary. Except for perhaps Bastien. The first drops of water don't get any reaction, but the next few cause her eyes to flutter and open before she starts to make a face at the indignity of it all.

Talaith nods not caring that she is snapped at and simply picks up her sword as she runs off to find them a healer. She moves fast clearly concerned and it doesn't take long for her to return with the requested healer hurrying behind her.

"Hullo." Bastien says as he notices Nerys starting to come around. "Stay put until the healer gets here. You fainted when you should have feinted." he tries lamely, the concern clear on his face as the healer returns. "She's been ill lately, especially after meals, and now this.." he says, frowning. "I thought the influenza had cleared after the winter.." he says, worry clear in his tone.

"I'm fine…I just got overheated." Nerys insists as she starts to sit up, pushing herself up with her hands, "Really…I just should have gotten out of the sun."

The healer is quick to examine and see to Nerys's comfort. Talaith lingers nearby looking apologetic. "My apologies Sir Nerys, Sir Bastien, had I known Sir Nerys was ill I would not had strained her so with a spar. I am truly sorry." She bows her head looking sincere and worried as the healer works to check and see what is wrong.

"I'm convinced." Bastien snorts a little. "Now convince the healer, and I'll believe you." he says as he makes room for the bailey's healer to tend to Nerys as he watches and paces nervously. For someone that was so lackidasical no more than a couple of minutes ago, he's suddenly a bundle of nerves. "It's fine, Sir Talaith, she's been wanting practice and was pushing me to make sure my shoulder was fine."

"I am fine." Nerys gives the healer a glare, almost daring them to disagree with her. Then she glances at Talaith, shaking her head, "I assure you there was nothing that you did wrong. I would have sparred anyways."

Bastien makes a check for Healer Profession at 15, he rolled 5.

"You're not all that intimidating on your back looking a bit like a radish, Nerys. Allow the healer to do her job." Bastien says flatly, unafraid to correct her in this instance.

The healer looks Nerys over carefully. "She is much too hot. Get her somewhere cool and let her drink some cold water, make sure eshe drinks slowly though or it will likely upset her stomach." The healer leans in and speaks something else quietly to Nerys after that. Voicing her suspicon that the woman could possiblly also be pregnant away from prying ears. Once that is done and Nerys is back on her feet the healer excuses herself and returns to her work. Talaith steps forward and offers a soft smile. "I hope you get to feeling better soon Sir Nerys. Thank you both for the sparring sessions too, I should be on my way now unless you need anything from me?"

Stupid healers. Stupid Bastien. Nerys looks rather sour about everything now, but she does at least nod to Talaith, trying to look less irritated at the woman, "Thank you…it was a pleasure. I apologize for this." She then turns to Bastien to grasp his elbow, fingers squeezing tight, "We should go somewhere cool."

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