(515-04-20) Laundry Time
Summary: Bradwyn visits Tisbury to congratulate Cerys on becoming Steward of the house, though things don't end as well as hoped.
Date: 515-04-20
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Having heard about changews in Tisbury, and requesting a few days of leave from his new position, Bradwyn makes his way to Tisbury seeking out the new Steward Cerys. His squire left behind in Sarum to keep an eye on Nalia the tallest of the Idmistons rides up looking about at the place he has called home longer than any other, even his native lands. His striking blue eyes scanning for the tiny redhead he grew up with.

The beautiful redhead shows up from behind the corner of Tisbury's manor. She is wearing a very simple ankle-length white linen dress. It's a bit dirty here and there. Of course, Cerys has some wooden and brass pendants hanging on her neck from leather straps. It's her amulets or just important trinkets. There is a white ribbon tied around her forehead to keep these wild red locks away from her face. The ribbon also ties her curls into a thick braid at the end. Sweat ripples across the girl's face, which she wipes off with a free hand. The other is holding a huge wooden basket tucked under her arm. It's filled with heavy wet clothes. Someone did some laundry!
She walks toward the place where some poles are tied with ropes and are used to hang wet clothes. The girl mumbles something quietly just for herself. She is having but a simple conversation with the only clever person on earth - herself. Cerys is not irritated or something, what one could thing seeing lone figure talking.

Laid out on the grass of the manor's grounds in a dress of faded green Talaith is staring up at the sky with a thoughtful look. She seems to be lost in thought but when she hears a rider approching she sits up watching Bradwyn ride up and offering him a wave of her hand. Cerys is spotted as she rounds the corner and then the lady knight is picking herself up off the ground and heading to help her cousin with the laundry if she needs it. She glances to Bradwyn as he draws closer. "It seems we have company Cousin."

Bradwyn nods to Talaith as he is spotted and she goes off to Cerys. Dismounting and leading his horse by the reigns he nods to Cerys and says, "I leave and the beauty of Tisbury grows." in a complimentary tone to both Ladies and then smiles adding with a good-natured tease, "Oh if only I weren't a married man." as though he didn't have plenty of chances over the past decade if he truly wanted to try and be with any Tisbury. Key word being try, but a compliment is a compliment.
"Hello again, Steward." adding on the title with a bit of pride and congratulation in his tone as he attempts to give Cerys a hug with one arm from the side, namely the side opposite the basket to make it easier to do so. Even if their sizes does make it look like a man trying to hug a child.

Maelgwn's work takes him far and wide around Salisbury- it gives him ample time to visit home, even if he is typically stationed around Sarum for its central location. Today, he's in Tisbury- standing not far from the stables as he gives his horse a rubdown, taking care of the animal personally and not leaving it up to the stablehand.

"Huh?" Cerys looks up at Talaith and offers her a smile, setting laundry basket on the ground. Her eyes wander to the direction of the road, "Ah!" She laughs, "Gods, good it's not a noble guest, but our noble friend!" Cerys waves to Bradwyn, hoping he will see her, but then she leans to take out shirts from the laundry basket. The redhead firmly shakes it in the air. The water splashes all around like drizzling, and of course some drops of water lands on Talaith, and Bradwyn is splashed instead of getting a hug. Cerys just beams and turns to hang the shirt on a rope. "Congratulations to you two, /sir/ Bradwyn," she states teasingly, "I am surprised to see you out of duty! Isn't your job similar to Maelgwn's? You two should talk!" She points at the cousin by the stables with a nod of her head before leaning to take a dress from that wooden basket on the ground. If Talaith and Bradwyn won't step aside, they willl be splashed again, because Cerys once again jolts the dress firmly in the air before hanging it on a rope beside shirt.

Maelgwn looks quietly over his horse towards Bradwyn as he arrives, "Sir Bradwyn." he offers simply with a nod of his head, before he goes back to brushing his horse, and taking care of the animal. "We do have similar jobs, yes." Maelgwn states, as he moves around to give his horse its feedbag. "What brings you to Tisbury, Sir Bradwyn? I hope this is a social visit?"

Bradwyn is covered in drops of water and says, "As you are wearing white I won't pay you back for that." knowing him he'd likely try to pick her up and rub his wet tunic against her to make her say 'eww' or something. He has grown in some ways, but he is still a large child in others. "Keeper of the Law isn't quite the same. Guardsmen largely are bodyguards to the Earl really and also ensuring the castle is secure. Maelgwn more roams the lands acting as a judge and when needed executioner for those who break the law."
He then looks to Maelgwn with a respectful nod and says, "It is indeed, I heard Cerys was appointed Steward of your house so I came to congratulate her." He then gives Cerys a look as though to show he's not forgotten the water and will make her pay for it later, when she's not wearign white.

Cerys shakes her head, "Bradwyn, you are the guardsman. I am the steward, happy hours of childhood are over," the redhead answers to the man's challenging and playful looks, "You are not made of snow. Few drops of water shouldn't melt you!" She takes other shirt from the basket, doing the same as before - shaking and hanging on the rope for laundry to dry in the rays of a warm sun. "I am happy that I will spend more time in Tisbury. Sarum is just too crowded. You know, people are stepping on each other toes. I am but a village girl!" She laughs. "But I will come to visit you both."

"I should have ample time to visit home, Cousin." Maelgwn states, "My work ranges me far and wide across Salisbury." he says with a nod of his head, "I am not chained to Sarum- it simple is the center-most point from which to base my duties." he says with a quiet smile, "Still, you are welcome to visit whenever you choose." he says with a chuckle. Still, he gives Bradwyn a quiet look at his 'playful' nature towards his cousin- an eyebrow raised. He remains silent on the issue, however- leading his now eating horse into the stable.

Bradwyn smiles as Cerys says she'll visit and says, "You better, I have a wife and expecting a child you have to meet still." He then chuckles softly and adds, "You are a Steward Cerys, doesn't mean you can't lighten up, at least around family and close friends anyway."
He then nods to Maelgwn and says, "Sadly I am more bound, hard to help keep a castle secure when it doesn't move." Bradwyn at least remains a respectable distance from Cerys as the hug was met with a splashing of water. He then starts to lead his own horse to the stable and adds, "I know I am welcome here, your family has always treated me as one of it's own. Why Tisburys are like my second family, even Cerys is like a sister though you likely know that already with all the time I spent here."

Not much can be said to Maelgwn since he moves into the stables. Though, Cerys leads him inside with her smile before taking favorite dadk blue shirt of Sir/Lord Kenrick de Tisbury from the basket. She shakes it too but then her eyes grow wide. She stares at the shirt extended in front of her gaze, "No. No, no, no! How?.." Then Cerys frowns and sighs, "It was nice to know you, Bradwyn," the girl whispers and chuckles, "It's father's favorite shirt…" She sighs again following Bradwyn to the stables with her now worried look, thinking more of a father than Bradwyn, before folding the shirt and placing it over the edge of the basket.

Maelgwn is in that stable, whispering to his horse- petting the creature's head as he puts him away in his corral. Just quiet words to that animal who's been his companion for years, and through many battles. "You sleep well." he says then to his horse as he turns to look at Cerys and Bradwyn as they join him in the stables. His eyebrows knit together, "You have a look to you, Cerys- what's on your mind?"

Bradwyn looks to Cerys and asks, "Can't be mended? Am I to be your bodyguard now for what life there is left for you?" chucklign softly. He then moves to put away his own horse, not his charger a rouncy but one he's had for years as well. Mostly as his charger had to be put down, though he has a new one since winter thanks to the Earl.

Maelgwn is in that stable, whispering to his horse- petting the creature's head as he puts him away in his corral. Just quiet words to that animal who's been his companion for years, and through many battles. "You sleep well." he says then to his horse as he turns to look at Bradwyn as he joins him in the stables. He nods to the other knight and begins towards the exit quietly. "You'll be staying for dinner, I assume, Sir Bradwyn?" he asks of the other knight, "I'll give word to the cook to expect a guest, if so."

Bradwyn leads his rouncy into the stable and nods to Maelgwn saying, "I might yes, though I'm sure hearing it is me they will fear the foodstuffs that will be consumed tonight, especially with the two of us eating at the same table." chuckling softly.

When the boys leave stables, they will see that there is no free space on the ropes anymore and Cerys is gone together with that basket and ruined favorite shirt of her father.

"I don't believe they'll be that frightened." Maelgwn offers humorlessly. "They've grown used to it." he explains next as he walks. "It seems Cerys has gone off." he notes, looking around quietly. "Although, to where, I can't be certain." he says with a quiet turn of the brow. "Likely to the house." he says, shaking his head again. "I realize you and she are friends, Sir Bradwyn- but might I suggest you behave towards her in a more gentlemanly fashion." he notes over to the slightly smaller knight. "You are, after all, a married man and people talk. I'd rather save my cousin those questions."

Bradwyn looks to Maelgwn and says, "This is hardly public, it is family. Besides if I sought that sort of thing with Cerys I would have tried long ago. Also if you hadn't noticed I said one thing and did another, I know her well enough when to push and when not to. Besides it was a few drops of watyer, hardly something to be concerned over."
He then looks about and adds, "As to where she went, I'd guess she either fled or has gone to her father to face her fate. His favorite tunic was damaged or something, I didn't get a clear look."

You paged Cerys with 'yeah brad might joke, but he wouldn't actually do anything too personal, basically it is an empty threat, and she'd know it.'

"This is not a suggestion, Sir Bradwyn." Maelgwn states simply. "It was simply politely worded." he continues, "I am not here to argue your motive- and I care little to hear it. There are still servants here, and they have eyes and ears." he notes, further, as he nods in response to his idea of where Cerys may have gone. "I'll go and let the cook know to expect you for dinner."

Bradwyn checked his forgiving of 10, he rolled 18.
Bradwyn checked his vengeful of 10, he rolled 13.

Bradwyn grows silent and looks at Maelgwn a bit cooly for several moments, ultimately though he simply turn and makes his way, he'll try Cerys' father first, see if her new position has her feeling compelled by integrity. Besides the walk will help him to cool off a bit after the percieved insult.

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