(515-04-20) A Bunny Saved
Summary: Darchelle goes hunting, Iago hunts whoever is shooting those arrows, and a drunk Anwir rescues a bunny.
Date: 515-04-20
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About midday finds the forest quiet. There's the occasional rustle of an animal moving through the area, and not very many people out and about. Moving through the woods slowly, Iago has his spear with him, and is carefully looking around, in case something will be approaching. Otherwise, he is keeping silent, and looking a bit relaxed at the moment.

Anwir checked his Play of 15, he rolled 2.
Critical Fail!
Anwir checked his Singing of 15, he rolled 20.

Sprawled out on the grass of a nearby clearing with a bottle beside him, Anwir thinks he has privacy. The bard is wasted drunk having finished whatever was in the bottle off completely. He strums his lute but being as drunk as he is its not up to his normal standards, the lutes music might be passable though if not for the crude and very much off key song the man is singing. The tune is postively vulgar and his throat sounds a bit dry his voice cracking on some notes. The wildlife seem to have the good sense to avoid the man completely and so the song carries on undisturbed for the moment.

Darchelle checked her Bow of 10, she rolled 9.

Suddenly the arrow cuts the air, flies just an inch from Iago's ear, breaks the bottle which stands beside Anwir, and, finally, is stuck into the ground surrounded by broken glass of that wine bottle.

Iago checked his dex of 12, he rolled 16.

Normally, Iago would dive for cover at an arrow passing that close to his ear, but he must have been distracted by the partial cracking song that's heard. "Hey!" he calls out loudly as the arrow passes, starting to look around, spear held ready.

The shattered bottle and the arrow that broke it have Anwir letting out a shout of alarm. He stumbles to his feet trying to hurry away as he peers into the trees. "We're under attack! Damn it where is a knight when you need them?!" He glances around and stumbles behind a tree hoping its enough to protect him from further incoming arrows.

A small breeze tickles the strong stems of trees, making their branches and leaves squirm, tremble a bit. Birds chirp at times here and there. The only road is weaving through the forest and you can never know what hides behind the next turn. Leaves of one of the bushes move quicker than the wind would make them. Second. Two seconds. Three seconds and the reason of a stir springs out of the bush. It's but a tiny white and adorable rabbit. The true beauty of a forest. You can never know who hides in the shadows or where!

Anwir checked his awareness of 5, he rolled 12.
Iago checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 17.

Anwir peers at the rabbit from behind his tree and blinks in drunken confusion. "Rabbits have arrows? Arrows that murder my empty bottles before I can get them refilled? Thats…almost worthy of a song. Provided another rabbit doesn't come along and shoot me…" He is slurring his words and babbling to himself, he must be really drunk…

Turning towards where the rabbit jumped out, Iago starts raising his spear, as if trying to take the animal's life, but as he hears Anwir's words, he turns in the man's direction instead. "What?"

Darchelle checked her Awareness of 8, she rolled 11.

The rabbit just leaps toward the blanket, where Anwir was sitting before and where his things are. The tiny animal sometimes stops to chew on a grass or just look around cautiously. Sometimes he takes cover behind one or the other tree.

Anwir blinks and finally notices Iago. He studies the man with a hazy stare and a drunken grin. "What? Don't ask me…I have no idea why rabbits have arrows all of a sudden." He peers at the rabbit. "He is cute though…no killing him." Anwir slowly steps forward crouching down and reaching a hand out to try and coax the white furball his way. "Its okay little guy. Come over here…I won't let you get speared."

Iago shakes his head a little bit. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he offers to the drunken bard, shaking his head a little. "Still need to figure out where that arrow came from." Turning in that direction now.

Iago checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 2.
Darchelle checked her awareness of 8, she rolled 3.

The rabbit leaps few more times before taking a stop. His tiny red eye is starring at Anwir. White ball of furs seems to be frozen. Iago will notice stir in the other bush just under that aspen in the meantime, but then he will see same stir in ther other bush, few other trees around. It's a wind. Or maybe bandits, or maybe dangerous animals. The whole forest seems to be trembling.

Anwir shrugs at Iago. "Few truly understand my genius. Don't worry about it." He grins and does his best to make himself look rabbit friendly and non threatening now. His hand remains extended but he makes no moves to snatch the little creature. Instead he just keeps his hand there steady and out stretched. He doesn't notice anything in the bushes too focused on the furry creature in front of him.

Not paying any attention to Anwir now, Iago focuses on the bushes. There's a brief pause, as he picks up a small tree branch, tossing it over towards that aspen tree, a bit lightly. Not to hurt anything, or anyone, only to stir what might be there a bit further.

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Darchelle checked her Merciful of 10, she rolled 2.
Iago checked his Awareness of 10, he rolled 11.
Darchelle checked her Bow of 10, she rolled 17.
Anwir checked his App of 18, he rolled 13.

The little adorable creature leaps toward Anwir. The bard, even if drunk, really looks rabbit friendly and non threatening. The animal takes another leap, getting very close to the man's extended arm. That is when another arrow slices the air and lands few inches from the rabbit. Nobody is hurt, but tiny ball of white fur is close to getting heart attack. It leaps there, and then to the other side, not being sure where to hide. So, it then suddenly leaps into Anwir's lap and shivers there. The arrow comes from the south, while Iago was looking west-direction.

Anwir checked his Singing of 15, he rolled 12.

Anwir blinks as the arrow nearly hits his fluffy new friend. He turns and glares in the direction the arrow came from but then the little rabbit bounces into his lap. He gently wraps his arms around the shivering creature, not in a confining way but to shield it. "Shh…Its okay. It will be alright." He croons softly to the bunny and then clears his throat and tries to sing again, softly this time hoping to sooth the poor frightened creature.

Iago frowns at that second arrow, shaking his head a bit. "Whoa… come out, whoever you are," he calls out as he turns around, holding his spear ready now.

Iago checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 13.

The song actually calms rabbit down. It takes some time, of course, but the animal stops shivering. Then a soft laugh, very well known to Iago, echoes in the forest. It comes up from one of the nearby trees. There is a stir in that tree. First of all, few glimpses of long red curls may be noticed and then a flawless skin of a leg shows up on one of the bottom branches. Then another leg shows up. Soon the creatures jumps down from the tree and turns to the two men with a wide grin on her pale features, "You two realize that it's a forest and not a tavern where you can make a date? It could be bandits, not me. Then you both and your rabbit would be dead." Darchelle crosses her arms on abdomen. Arrows and a small bow are hanging on her back. The upper part of her dress and sleeves are quite tight. The skirt is loose, but tied up to be knees-length. Easier to climb trees that way.

Anwir checked his Flirting of 14, he rolled 17.

Anwir looks up once the bunny calms. Then he blinks and tilts his head at the pretty lady. "If it was bandits my lady I would be dead either way. I'm much more of a lover than a fighter, as is my friend here apparently. And if you think taverns are the only place to make dates then it would be my pleasure to show you otherwise." He offers her a charming grin and rises to his feet, the bunny is cradled under one arm as he retrives his lute and slings it into its travelling spot over his shoulder.

Iago lets out a breath as he hears his sister's words. "Very funny, Darchelle…" he says to her, as he moves over to her. "And I knew it wasn't bandits." Reaching out to ruffle his sister's hair now.

Darchelle laughs and looks up at her brother, "Yeah, right. You knew!" She says kind of teasingly and then gently pokes her brother with a shoulder. Her eyes wander to scan the drunk lord as if she did not had enough time to do so while sitting in a tree. "Iago…" she drawls slowly, "This bard offers to show me that dates may be found in a forest too. Shouldn't you do something about it? Defend my honor or just grow all protective to demonstrate your brotherly love?" She laughs. Also, judging from Elle's intonation, she thinks Anwir being a common bard, not a lord.

Anwir checked his Orate of 12, he rolled 2.

Anwir blinks and then bows his head to Darchelle, his silver tongue is quick to try and smooth things over as his hand reaches to stroke the fur of the rabbit in his arms. "My apologizes if that comment was too forward or unwelcome my Lady. My name is Anwir de Laverstock and I do not wish to cause either of you any offense, I will go on my way now." He offers a polite bow and a faint smile before turning and heading off down the road and on his way rabbit in tow, unless he is stopped.

"Bandits would have fired more than one arrow, right away," Iago points out, before he looks to Anwir, offering the man a brief pause. "I'm sure you did not mean any offense, Lord Anwir," he offers to the man, before he adds, "And I'm sure my little sister here knows as well," he offers, lightly.

"Oh, M'lord," Darchelle offers a curtsy, "I didn't know you. My brother here may confirm that I live in a forest more than in villages of Salisbury. So, sometimes it is hard to recognize a lady or a lord from a richer Master or Mistress. Forgive me, M'lord, for the wrong impression and my little game. Though, I helped you to find a friend!" She beams broadly and then points towadd the man's things, where he was sitting, "Oh, please, enjoy your day. I am sure my brother could use a company. While I have my horse nearby. I shall leave to meet my fellow hunters. Everyone is waiting for me, I am sure." She gives a peck to Iago's cheek before adding to Anwir, "It was a pleasure to meet you," and then she hurries off, disappearing in the shadows of the forest.

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