(515-04-18) The Ledgers of Winterbourne Stoke
Summary: The ledgers of Winterbourne Stoke are checked, a thief is uncovered, and things get ugly.
Date: 515-04-18
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Lisbeth checked her horsemanship of 10, she rolled 6.

Looking comfortable in the saddle, Lisbeth is on a small rouncy, clutching her ledgerbook to her as she and Talaith ride towards Winterbourne Stoke. "After Sirs Harken, Perin, and Evae left, the house has fallen behind on it's taxes." the young woman is saying; at least she's not trying to read and drive. "Missives from Earl Robert have gone unanswered, so we need to see if the house steward needs assistance with the taxes, or if there is something else at play." A pretty mundane mission, right?

Talaith checked her Horsemanship of 15, she rolled 7.

Riding along beside Lisbeth on a slightly larger chestnut colored rouncy Talaith looks perfectly at ease. She is wearing her knights armor today, just in case and she sits up tall watching her surroundings and listening carefully as Lisbeth speaks. Looking to the other woman she nods in understanding a small smile given. "Understood. It should be easy enough from the sound of it. Definately better than the trip to Oxenwood I should think." She falls silent and scans the area as they ride. She keeps an eye on Lisbeth as well but to her credit she appears to be watching for danger or anything out of the ordinary more often than not.

Their path takes them along the river, and Lisbeth smiles as she takes in the plains. "I've never travelled this far north on the Wylyie River before." Her bright blue eyes are taking in the landscape, the water, the knight riding with her, all of it really as she notices the path leading to the manor house up ahead. "I do believe we are expected." she says as she notices a pair of knights approaching on their chargers.

"Hold!" one of the knights calls out, "What business do you have in Winterbourne Stoke?" he asks, holding his lance off to his side.

Lisbeth frowns a little. "I am Lisbeth de Chalke, Ledgerkeeper for Salisbury, and this is my escort Sir Talaith de Tisbury. We are here to check on the status of your books, as we have not word or recieved taxes yet."

"Its nice to travel sometimes. You can see all kinds of nice places." Talaith remarks looking to Lisbeth breifly once more. As they ride up to the manor she watches the approching knights calmly. She makes no threatening motions and when Lisbeth explains why they are there she nods. "It is as she says, we are simply here on orders to check the status of the books and taxes. Will you let us pass now Sirs?" She studies them both carefully, assessing thier reactions.

The small redhead rides up on her cream colored mare, having fallen behind as she pondered some important matter involving a new concoction for healing. As Braelynn approaches the gathering she pulls her horse up next to the two women. She gives the house knight a charming smile and nods her head politely. She is dressed as a proper lady today, though the ink stains on her fingers certainly could identify her as someone that trades in paperwork.

"You're a little young to be ledgerkeeper, don't you think?" one of the knights ask Lisbeth with a smirk at the young woman. "Not to mention that book's about as big as you are, haw!"

Lisbeth straightens herself in her saddle, trying to make herself look taller. It falls well short, making her look even more child-like, really. "I have been appointed by the Earl himself, thank you." she says, taking out the small medallion of her station.

The knights look at it, back to the two, and one frowns to the other. "Really is the end days, when children are running the land. This way, m'lady." he mutters, moving to lead the small party to the manorhome.

Once they arrive, Lisbeth dismounts, "Where is the steward in charge?" she asks immediately.

In his chambers, Lissy." the knight states, causing the young lady to bristle slightly, but she manages to keep it in check as she stands straighter and starts towards the house proper.

Talaith's eyes narrow at the rather blatant disrespect the knights show Lisbeth. "Age is much like gender Sir, it often has little to do with the scope of ones talents. She was appointed by the Earl and that should be proof enough that she is capable. He does not appoint those who cannot do thier jobs." That said she offers the man a rather charming smile and trots her chestnut horse up to the manor. She swings herself down out of her saddle and glances around. The knights disrespectful answer has her raising a brow and staring at him in a silent challenge for a moment. That stubborn glare is likely a least a little intimidating, Talaith is in no way a small woman. After a moment she turns on her heel dismissing the man and follows Lisbeth up to the house.

Braelynn dismounts as well, though not nearly as competently as Talaith. She takes a moment to get her balance as she lands, and then she retrieves a satchel from the saddle and drapes it over her shoulder. She moves to follow the other two women, raising a brow at the offending knight on the way by. When she's close enough, and loud enough for him to hear, she says, "Don't mind them, Lis. They have nothing better to do. Only the good knights are out fighting for Earl Robert."

There's a small huff from the young woman, but Lisbeth gives a grateful smile to the two women as she scales the stairs, heading inside the home. It's a small walk to the main house's office, and as she knocks on the door, the steward invites her in. "I'll just be a few minutes." she offers to the two ladies. "Grab some refreshment and snack, and get me some wine, please?" she asks the two with a warm smile.

Talaith falls back a bit letting both Lisbeth and Braelynn go in front of her so she can watch thier backs. When they get to the office and Lisbeth is let in after making that request Talaith smiles and nods in response. She looks to Braelynn. "To the kitchens then Lady Braelynn?" She offers the woman a warm smile and moves to walk beside her now. Talaith will let Braelynn lead for the most part but keeps pace with her following beside her with an alert yet still fairly relaxed gaze.

"Are you sure you don't want us with you, Lis? What if it's…. unsafe?" She furrows her brow and steps back, but she looks unwilling to let Lisbeth walk into potential danger, particularly after the unsavory behavior of the house knights.

Talaith considers Braelynn a moment and then nods in agreement looking serious all of a sudden. "Lady Braelynn is right. It may be unwise to leave you, we don't know what the problem is and if there is any danger. Better safe than sorry."

"I can't be watched all the time." Lisbeth says with a slight chuckle before she moves to enter the chamber, but as Talaith insists, she sighs. "Fine." she manages as she walks into the steward's office. The steward is a slightly older gentleman, in his thirties, and he frowns, "They send a child to do a man's work?" he asks.

Lisbeth curtseys. "I promise you, I can do my job well enough. You handle the books for a few of the other houses as well?" she asks as she settles into the chair to take out the Winterbourne Stoke ledger to start to compare her notes.

"Yes. I have done this job since you were toddling about in the woods looking for a tit to suckle upon." he points out.

Lisbeth frowns as she starts her work. "Perhaps, but my eyes are fresher." she offers as she gets to work.

Critical Fail!
Lisbeth makes a check for Older Steward Stewardship at 17, she rolled 20.
Lisbeth checked her stewardship of 15, she rolled 5.

Braelynn settles against the desk, her arms crossing over her chest. She taps the fingernails of her right hand over her right arm. She glances at the steward and studies him carefully. She tilts her head as she does, but she doesn't speak.

Talaith enters the office last and takes up a position by the door. She watches quietly though her eyes do narrow at the old mans rudeness. Still to her credit she remains silent and rather stoic for her, only sending the old stward a rather stern glare. She watches quietly, content to observe and see when and if she will be needed.

Lisbeth makes a check for Older Steward Dagger at 10, she rolled 8.
Lisbeth checked her dagger of 5, she rolled 7.
Lisbeth rolls 3d6 and gets (3 5 6) for a total of: 14

Lisbeth starts to look over the books, and immediately, she starts to see something. "This isn't right." she says, the young ledgerkeeper flipping between books. "This isn't even entered on the ledger. There's no accounting for these decorations you have listed.. and your fee." Looking towards the steward, and then to the two women. "I think these are omissions on purpose. Are you skimmin—" the rest of the words are lost as a deep red stain shows on the green of Lisbeth's dress, the older steward having driven his dagger into her shoulder.

"You bitch!" he snaps, "You stuck your nose in where it didn't belong!" he growls, pulling out his dagger to prepare to drive the dagger into the young woman again as Lisbeth stumbles back, holding her shoulder in pain, a loud cry escaping from her as she stares at the steward. "I.. I.." she says, falling to the floor.

As soon as she sees the dagger drawn Talaith draws her sword with a snarl. She darts forward placing herself between the man and the fallen form of Lisbeth bringing her sword up to strike the steward. She intends to knock him unconcious if she can. "Lady Braelynn help Lisbeth!" Talaith barks out as she presses her attack. "You attacked a Ledgerkeeper in service to the Earl, you likely stole and skimmed money as well. Those are crimes worthy of execution…if I don't kill you first!" Talaith keeps trying to attack even as she speaks, clearly enraged.

Lisbeth makes a check for Older Steward Dagger at 10, she rolled 13.
Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 4.
Talaith rolls 5D6 and gets (6 5 2 1 3) for a total of: 17
Braelynn checked her firstaid of 16, she rolled 1.
Braelynn rolls 2d3 and gets (2 2) for a total of: 4

Lisbeth looks up towards Braelynn, the young woman barely conscious. The steward caught her off guard, the wound deep her in her shoulder. Her scream brings in the knights from earlier, who are drawing their blades as Talaith strikes down the steward, the man dropping his blade as he holds his arms. "These women tried to murder me! Arrest them!" he yells towards the two knights.

Talaith holds her blade to the stewards neck as he orders the guard to arrest them. "Stay still gentlemen. This man attacked the Earl's Ledgerkeeper without cause. He has also likely been stealing and skimming funds from the books. I'm well with my rights to defend these ladies and since he is in the wrong here you have no cause to arrest us. He attacked first I merely defended my charges and will continue to do so." Her tone is deadly serious and calm, and yet she also remains rather diplomatic as she addresses the knights her blade held at the stewards throat. "Would you defend a man who stabbed a helpless lady without cause?"

Lisbeth makes a check for House Knight Trusting at 12, she rolled 17.
Lisbeth makes a check for House Knight 2 Trusting at 10, she rolled 14.
Lisbeth makes a check for House Knight Suspicious at 8, she rolled 3.
Lisbeth makes a check for House Knight 2 Suspicious at 10, she rolled 7.

The two house knights look at Talaith, a frown on their features. They don't trust her, but the young lady on the floor draws their eyes. "And what say you, ledgerkeeper."

"It is as she said.. there are taxes owed to the Earl, and those taxes have been used to line the pockets of the steward.." Lisbeth says, her hand moving to cover Braelynn's on, holding her wound as she closes her eyes. "This really hurts." she mentions, "And my dress is ruined."

The steward is still held at Talaith's sword point, the knight's blade holds him place as he whimpers as he glares at the woman who dared to strike him.

"Not just a helpless woman, but Earl Roberts Ledgerkeeper, and his scribe!" Pale green eyes settle on the two guards. "Earl Robert will not be pleased."

Talaith holds her ground blade held steadily at the steward's neck. She remains impassive at his whining and looks to the knights calmly. Braelynn's words draw a reply from her. "Indeed. The steward here thinks himself above the law. And as knights are you not sworn to uphold the law and serve his grace Earl Robert? If you wish to uphold your vows go and get me some chains for this man he should be allowed to answer for his crimes and face proper justice, and if you would also bring some medical supplies for the Ledgerkeeper it would be most appreicated." She remains focused her gaze watching the Steward and the knights.

With all three women speaking, the knights frown, but relent, one going to get restraints for the steward, the other going to find the medical supplies. "Talaith." Lisbeth says, thinking on it. "Check his quarters. See if we can find the missing funds."

Talaith nods at the request and still holding the sword level at the Steward she aims a swift hard kick at his crotch. Then she she checks him for a key to his rooms. She takes up the mans dagger and offers it to Braelynn. "I'll be right back. Keep this on you just in case okay?" Then she goes to search the stewards quarters in search of anything suspicous or stolen.

Lisbeth would probably stop Braelynn, were she aware of her idea, after the sharp kick in the crotch sends the steward doubled over in pain, yelping in pain. The other knights arrive to secure the prisoner. Lisbeth frowns, remaining seated on the floor. "Make sure you get both ledgers." she says quickly to Braelynn. They're the proof, after all.

Talaith searches the room as best as she can but she cannot find anything of note. She returns to the office with a frown and a soft shake of her head. Her sword is sheathed and she is quick to move to Lisbeth's and Braelynn's side and she picks up both ledgers as she goes by. They are carefully tucked under her arm and she look at both women in concern staying quiet for the moment.

Lisbeth checked her forgiving of 10, she rolled 14.
Lisbeth checked her vengeful of 10, she rolled 6.

"We have the proof we need. You can present this information to the Earl, and he will probably give you some knights to come search more thoroughly." Lisbeth says as she finally starts to slowly move to her feet. She glares at the steward, but finally she does, she draws in a breath and suddenly lashes out, "…I hope I get to watch you die. God have mercy on your soul, for I have none." With that, she waits to be led out so that they can make the trip back to Sarum so she may rest and have her wound tended to properly.

Talaith glares at the fallen steward as she goes to help Lisbeth. She looks to Braelynn as she gently helps Lisbeth to her feet. "Would it be better or worse if I carried her? I can and will if it will help." She speaks quietly and waits for Braelynn's okay before doing anything more.

Braelynn eyes the wound and then looks to Talaith. "I honestly do not know. It seems to me that no matter how you hold her you would be touching the wound." Then she gets a mischievous little smirk and gives Lisbeth a playful smile, "Unless you put her over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes." She gives Talaith a brief grin to reveal that she is joking and she says, "She'll need to ride back with one of us. She shouldn't be moving enough to ride on her own."

Lisbeth frowns as she looks between the two. "My ears didn't cut off, you know." she says with a little smirk, though she's paling - the loss of blood is finally getting to her. "Talaith's stronger.. I'll sit in front of her and lean on her rouncy for the ride back.. and then I'm gonna sleep for a week."

Talaith nods and offers the ledgers to Braelynn. "If you will hold these I'll carry her, I'll be as gentle and careful as I can but she really doesn't look like she should be walking to me." She smiles at the joke. "Don't worry Lady Lisbeth I won't treat you like a sack…there is absolutely no chance of that." She nods at the plan and if Braelynn takes the ledgers she will gently lift Lisbeth into her arms in a way that will put the least pressure on the wound.

Braelynn takes the ledgers, though she does keep a watchful eye on Lisbeth as she does. "You'll be behind her Talaith. If you see fresh blood we'll need to stop to rewrap the wound." Braelynn slides the ledgers into the large sack she is carrying, the weight weighing to down and putting pressure on her shoulder uncomfortably.

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