(515-04-17) A Relaxing Sparring Session
Summary: Talaith returns to Sarum and seeks out Bradwyn to let off some steam.
Date: 515-04-17
Related: Oxenwood Crisis
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Talaith had returned from her mission to investigate bandits or some such along the nothern border in Oxenwood and come back a bit frustrated. As he was now living in the city, she approached Bradwyn for a spar to help work off her frustration. Anything for a Tisbury, besides as a Guardsman he needed to keep in shape anyway so the tallest of the Idmistons agreed.
As the tourney grounds were in use and had the equipment Bradwyn arrives with a couple tourney swords, his armor and shield and awaits Talaith to arrive to discuss the terms of the sparring match in better detail.

After what happened at Oxenwood and after her message was delivered as per her brothers order, Talaith wants to hit someone. Preferablly a certain smartass lusty lord or her brother but unfortunately both are way out of her reach, so she settles for a sparring match with Bradwyn. She arrives in her armor her shield worn on one arm. She spots Bradwyn and makes her way over to where he stands. She isn't intimidated by the mans size instead she seems to consider him a challenge. "Hello Sir Bradwyn. Shall we make the rules first to three hits then? Unless you would rather do this another way." She takes up her tourney sword and tests the weight of it carefully before taking a step back, sliding into a fighting stance and getting ready.

Bradwyn nods in greeting and passes over the second tourney sword as Talaith seems all business. "Sounds reasonable enough. ANy additional conditions you'd like to set?" as the six foot man readies his own blade and readies his position as well.

Talaith tilts her head at the question. "Don't treat me like I'm weak or breakable. Hit me like you mean it if you hit me. I've had enough of men who think I'm either a woman and therefore am weak or who keep getting in my way thinking thier way of doing things is better." She smirks slightly and adjusts her stance a bit. "Whenever you are ready then Sir Bradwyn." She is ready for this her stance poised to attack and defend against his own strikes.

Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 3.

Bradwyn chuckles and says, "I learned enough of female knights from your cousin Galienesses. I'm not one to take it easy on Lady knights, ask Sir Letha." as he moves in with a swing, holding nothing back as though to prove his point, whether it will be any good or not is another matter.

Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 17.
Talaith rolls 5D6 and gets (4 6 6 6 6) for a total of: 28
Bradwyn checked his dex of 9, he rolled 8.

Talaith moves to the side of Bradwyn's swing at the last minute. Her sword swings as she moves striking him rather hard on the side as she does a turn and prepares herself once more. The hit she lands is fairly solid striking against his armor likely at least hard enough for him to feel it. She seems to relax a bit the tension in her shoulders easing somewhat at the chance to vent her frustration.

Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 19.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 2.
Bradwyn rolls 5d6 and gets (3 1 3 4 3) for a total of: 14

Bradwyn's swing is wide, seems he could use the practice as he takes a blow to the side, though no obvious signs if it hurt or not, though he'll likely have at least a bruise if not broken skin. Yet he doesn't pause, instead he comes around from the other side, aiming to land a blow on his own, the spin around in the opposite direction seems to have given him an advantage as he strikes Talaith this time saying, "One to one." giving the score as he prepares for the next attack.

Talaith takes the hit without a sound or any expression of pain. Her own strike misses its mark going off to one side of her opponent as she is hit. She nods to the score and adjusts her stance a bit before she attacks once more swinging her sword towards Bradwyn in another attempt to attack and hit.

Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 13.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 1.
Talaith rolls 5D6 and gets (1 3 2 3 1) for a total of: 10

Bradwyn is a little late recovering from his spin, though he catches the end of the blade on his shield, it still comes into contact with his body, though it is barely a hit at all which his armor more than absorbs. "Two to one, fighting well, or should I ask fighting whom?" as he comes aroudn for another strike.

Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 4.
Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 16.
Bradwyn rolls 5d6 and gets (4 6 4 6 4) for a total of: 24
Talaith checked her dex of 9, she rolled 16.

"Wishing I could have fought someone who really needed a beatdown…this is helping though so thanks for that." Talaith moves to attack but then Bradwyn's sword comes around again and she tries to dodge the blow. He hits her and sends her stumbling to the ground. It doesn't take long for her to pick herself up and give him a grin though. Getting back into position she prepares herself once more. "Two to two Sir Bradwyn." She then charges in to try and get that last hit.

Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 5.

Perhaps his words threw her off, perhaps he's simply getting into his stride. Whatever the case Bradwyn brings his sword around and lands a hard hit to Talaith's midsection, sending her onto her back with a single strong hit. Her strong hit had been a challenge but he had managed to keep his feet, Talaith isn't as lucky. Takign a step back he nods to her call of the scaore and readies to attack again, though he gives the Tisbury the chance to catch her breath and stand back up, this is a sparring match after all not a battle.

Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 16.
Talaith rolls 5D6 and gets (5 2 6 3 6) for a total of: 22
Bradwyn checked his dex of 9, he rolled 8.

Charging in Talaith feints as though she is going to hit him in the shoulder, instead her blade twists down and smacks him in the midsection as he raises his shield. She steps back, the hit isn't hard enough to knock him down but she appears much more relaxed now. She offers him a bright smile lowering her blade. "Thanks for that Sir Bradwyn. Its appreciated. I can buy you a drink to thank you if you are up for it?"

Bradwyn takes another hard blow, but manages to keep his feet and says, "Long as the drink doesn't end up poured on me and hitting me." winking playfully as he adds, "Some wine would be good, I can return the blades and meet you somewhere, unless you don't mind waiting for me." as he extends a hand for her sword so he can put it away.

Talaith laughs merrily. "That would be a waste of good wine and a poor way to treat good company." She winks back just as playfully and nods. "Wine is good and I don't mind waiting." She hands her sword back to him with a smile.

Bradwyn chuckles and asks, "Are questions involved?" in mock fear before laughing louder as he heads towards a storage area on the ground to store the blades, likely spares for tourneys for when they are needed. It is only a few minutes before he returns, unless she follows him to continue the conversation or just to follow him around.

Talaith waits for him to return laughing lightly at that remark. Once he is back she offers him an amused grin. "Don't worry I won't ask questions if you would rather I not. I won't even mention threesomes this time…I'll be good I swear!" She giggles and waits for him to be ready to go before she starts off towards the nearest tavern.

Bradwyn chuckles and says, "It doesn't bother me, I just don't like discussing personal matters about my wife, I consider that her right to discuss or not discuss not mine." as he offers the crook of his armor as though they were attending court and says, "Never been ina threesome myself, I've heard soldiers talk about them though." He then starts walking either when she takes his arm or decides to walk on her own rejecting the gesture.

Talaith smiles warmly and accepts the offered arm. She walks along beside Bradwyn looking thoughtful. "Never? Well I would say you are missing out but thats just my opinion. Different things work better for different people and you obviously love your wife. I think its good that everyone is different…if all ladies were like me it would be a disaster. No one would get married and all the men would be eternally frustrated." She grins playfully.

Bradwyn chuckles softly and says, "If all were like you I doubt a single man would be frustrated Lady Talaith." as he escorts her as though to a ball, instead of to a tavern with both of them in full armor. "I've had a few lovers I admit, though only one at a time, I find it less of a hassle, besides never could juggle." chuckling softly.

"Flatterer." Talaith says in a teasing tone, she does look flattered though. "I can normally keep up with two or even three lovers but I like there to be some kind of understanding in place. I am honest or I try to be when it comes to that. Sneaking around while saying you will be faithful to someone isn't very nice. So I'm honest about who I'm with and if my partners don't like that or it won't work for them….well there are other fish in the sea yes?"

Bradwyn nods and says, "Sounds reasonable to me. In the past I only shifted lovers when things fell through for one reason or another. You might even know half of them, but I won't dishonor them by naming them, even if most were smallfolk."

Talaith nods. "I try not to blurt out who I'm sleeping with in case I mess with someones reputation. I keep my lovers in the loop but those outside don't need to know the specifics or names of those involved." She considers Bradwyn a moment and smiles. "I think your wife is lucky to have won your affection though. Anyone who can convince someone to commit like that is talented though. I swear if I get a suitor I'll be fighting tooth and nail to make sure he is either worthy or that he doesn't win my hand if he isn't worthy."

Bradwyn nods and says, "ALl the luck to you on finding someone you can get along with. As to Nalia and myself, in truth she's the only woman I felt anything for really… Well other than lust of course." chuckling softly as they round the corner and continue on towards the tavern.

Talaith smiles playfully. "There is something other than lust?" She laughs good naturedly. "Still I'm glad you found happiness. Me I'm happy as I am. At least for now…things change I suppose." She smiles and turns a bit thoughtful as the approch the tavern.

Bradwyn nods and says, "One never knows. After being knighted I started to seek a wife to do my duty as a nobleman and to bring more heirs to Idmiston, Nalia took me completely by surprise. We got along well enough and despite all the issues I honestly would have been saddened if I had not won her hand." as he opens the tavern door to lead Talaith in.

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