(515-04-16) Oxenwood Crisis
Summary: A group of knights respond to the trouble in the small manor of Oxenwood.
Date: April 16, 515
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Oxenwood has not had a very good winter. Hit hard by the influenza outbreak, a number of members of the house and several peasants fell ill and passed away. But that's not what is causing the smoke to rise just over the treeline as the knights from other houses start to arrive. Oxenwood manor has been set ablaze, several of the stores have been damaged, and already weakened knights have been overrun. One of the few remaining House Knights stands outside of the home, organizing a bucket brigade as a few members of the family, mostly the women and children are huddled outside of home.

There are several dead knights near the northern half of the manor, where a spirited defense was.

Riding towards Oxenwood is quite a haul for the two Falt knights - one a native, the other a recent addition. With Bastien and Nerys arriving in the ruined village and villa, Bastien glances towards Nerys. "See what you can do to help the women and children.." Because she's totally a girl and can do that, right? He will probably pay for the suggestion, however, the Lady Knight has been complaining of illness as of late and he doesn't want her getting ill in the middle of a fight. With that, he waits for the other reinforcement while looking for the knight in charge.

"This is your first battle, Talaith." Maelgwn says to his little sister as they ride forward to the defense of Oxenwood. "Stick close, and watch my back. I will watch yours." the bear of Tisbury states, "Anything can happen in battle- let us hope that The Gods, and luck, are both on our side." he states, as they come to Oxenwood- a small group of knights who've come to help defend Oxenwood. "Ho!" he then shouts, seeing the fire and urging his horse faster to get towards the burning manor. He's off his horse with quick work, joining the bucket brigade without more said. "Tisbury comes to Oxenwood's aide!"

When he was a squire, Iago visited Oxenwood with his knight. Now as they approach, he frowns, as he readies his spear and looks around. "It looked so much better back in the days…" Dismounting, he moves over to help as well, looking to see if there's someone in charge of those preparing for a fight or something. As he hears Maelgwn's words, he raises his voice. "So does Woodborough."

Riding up as well Talaith is with her older brother Maelgwn, the Tisbury lady knight is listening as her brother speaks she nods in understanding. She doesn't get a chance to answer as she spots the flames rising over the tree tops and urges her horse forward. Once they reach the area near the manor she is quick to dismount and hurry to join the bucket brigade with her brother.

"We can get the fire under control!" the knight of Oxenwood tries to wave off the dismounting knights, his arm bandaged up where he was wounded. "The remainder of our forces chased the attackers into the pass, join them, they're going to need help, the damnable attackers are using unholy weapons!" he snaps as he accepts Nerys' help with the Ladies of the house and children, freeing him up to help with the fire.

Bastien checked his awareness of 8, he rolled 3.
Talaith checked her Awareness of 7, she rolled 1.
Iago checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 2.
Maelgwn checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 12.

Bastien hasn't dismounted, instead, he turns his horse to the north. Glancing as he notices one of the bodies, the Falt knight scowls. "Honorless heathens." he mutters as he notices the wound and type as he waits for the other to ride with him.

Talaith pauses a moment to study the wounded and the dead as an unholy weapon is mentioned. A faint frown crosses her lips as if she realizes something but she is quick to return to her horse and mount back up onto the chestnut colored horse that serves as her mount. Ready to go she waits for Maelgwn to get back on his own horse. She tries to keep pace with her brother keeping good to her promise to stay close and watch his back.

"Any idea who the attackers might be?" Iago asks this while moving towards his horse, glancing back to see if he gets an answer. Frowning as he notices the kind of wound, he lets out a breath. "Better be on our guard…" Mounting and waiting for the others.

Maelgwn nods, turning back to his horse to remount, and prepare to ride hard. "Let us go then," he states simply, as he nods towards Talaith and they begin to ride forward towards the danger. He seems focused on the task- not noticing wounds.

"The only thing I know north of here is Silchester." Bastien says as he joins with the others that are heading into the pass. It is only about a ten minute ride before they come across a few more dead Oxenwood knights, and there's a wagon on it's side. There was food and supplies within it, spilled on it's side. The reserves of the Oxenwood harvest, wasted on the grouns - at least some of it is.

Iago frowns as he nods, looking around rather carefully. "Looks like we're getting closer," he offers, looking around carefully. His spear is kept ready as he lets out a bit of a breath.

Talaith rides with the others as the draw nearer, her shield is strapped to one arm and her sword is within easy reach of her other hand. Spotting the upturned wagon she draws the blade in preparation for the upcoming fight. Her expression takes on a determined and focused cast as she scans the area carefully.

Maelgwn sets his lance, ready to charge as he nods- quiet while they move forward still. "Steady…" he says to his horse, giving the creature a pat on the neck as they move forward still- just watching. Waiting.

Bastien checked his awareness of 8, he rolled 12.
Maelgwn checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 3.
Talaith checked her Awareness of 7, she rolled 11.
Iago checked his Awareness of 10, he rolled 5.

With the small party rounding a corner on the pass, Talaith and Bastien find themselves in the lead, when up ahead there's a cart that is trying to be pulled through part of the pass. Apparently it belongs to the attackers. What the two of them don't see that the others do are the pair of peasants on either side of the cart. They are both armed with crossbows and as they come around, the two fire upon the first two knights they caught unaware.

The other two knights are more aware, and notice the ambush for what it is as there's at least four other people here - in light armor or even peasant clothing. These are not your standard bandits. But this isn't a standard situation, either.

Gareth makes a check for Peasant Bow (Bastien) at 10, he rolled 4.
Gareth makes a check for Peasant Bow (Talaith) at 10, he rolled 11.
Bastien checked his dex of 12, he rolled 3.
Gareth rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1 + 13 Medium Crossbow Damage. 14 Total
Bastien's Armor (12) takes 12 damage points, Bastien takes 2 Wound Points.

"I don't think I've met you before." Bastien is saying to Talaith as they ride and he gives a little nod of his head. "I'm Sir Bastien de Falt. The knight that stayed behind at Oxenwood is my wife, Nerys. She's not been feeling well, but she insisted on making the trip." he starts to say before he hears the snap twang of a crossbow and he's nailed in the shoulder. "Oh hell!" he cries out. But at least he's able to stay upon his horse.

Iago checked his reckless of 16, he rolled 11.

"CROSSBOWS!" Iago calls out as soon as he notices the weapons, probably a bit to late. Frowning as he hears the sound of the bows being fired, he charges forward, hoping to catch one of the crossbowmen with his spear before they can reload, or anything.

Talaith checked her Reckless of 11, she rolled 13.
Iago checked his lance of 13, he rolled 11.
Gareth makes a check for Peasant Dex at 10, he rolled 12.
Iago rolls 4d6 and gets (6 2 3 6) for a total of: 17

"We haven't met before, no. Sir Talaith de Tisbury its a pleasure to meet you." Talaith is replying to Bastien as an arrow lodges itself in his shoulder and another sails past her and narrowly misses its mark. Her eyes snap to the one who shot at her. As Iago rushes to attack she looks to her brother sharing a look with him before urging her horse forward at a quick pace, she moves fast but not recklessly heading for the other man with the crossbow bringing her sword up ready to try and strike him down.

"Ambush!" Maelgwn shouts, raising his shield and getting behind it before he lets shout and set his horse to charge- "They'll need time to reload! Be careful, there may be more!" he shouts as he drives forward.

Maelgwn checked his lance of 15, he rolled 1.
Talaith checked her Sword of 15, she rolled 4.
Bastien checked his lance of 11, he rolled 14.
Gareth makes a check for Peasant Spear (Maelgwn) at 10, he rolled 14.
Gareth makes a check for Peasant Sword (Talaith) at 10, he rolled 18.
Gareth makes a check for Peasant Spear (Bastien) at 10, he rolled 14.
Maelgwn rolls 6d6 and gets (5 3 5 6 5 4) for a total of: 28
Talaith rolls 5D6 and gets (6 1 6 5 3) for a total of: 21
Talaith checked her Awareness of 7, she rolled 9.
Maelgwn checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 9.
Maelgwn checked his just of 16, he rolled 3.

Maelgwn called it exactly. With the crossbows needing a little time to reload, both crossbowman are trying to withdraw, however, Iago catches one of them does not get far as Iago spears into him. The man cries out in pain, but is somehow is still on his feet as he drops his crossbow to switch towards his sword to preare to attack the knight in return, even as a few peasants step in to try to protect the crossbowers. Holding up spears to try to form a picket line for the knights to run into, Maeglwn and Talaith are very successful in defeating the line, slamming into their respective targets and causing them harm. Both of the peasants are run through, knocked to the ground, breaching the line for the two knights and allowing them past the cart. Bastien and his peasant are tangled up, unable to decide on a way to get through the line.

"Hold! Hold!" Maelgwn shouts, lowering his lance. "What is this?" he notices, women and children. "All lower their weapons!" he says, "I am Sir Maelgwn de Tisbury, Keeper of the Law of Salisbury- I call for peace- there seems something amiss in all of this!" he says, staring on with a scowl. "What is going on here?" he pulls his lance from the peasant. "I was told this was the actions of raiders- these are not raiders."

Talaith blinks as her brother calls out to stop the fighting. She pulls her sword free and assumes a more defensive position not attacking anymore simply watching the people they where fighting with, trying to figure out exactly what is going on here.

Gareth makes a check for Peaseant Bow Reckless at 13, he rolled 3.
Gareth makes a check for Peasant Bow (Bastien) at 10, he rolled 1.
Bastien checked his dex of 12, he rolled 10.
Bastien checked his vengeful of 7, he rolled 8.
Bastien checked his forgiving of 13, he rolled 5.

Bastien starts to lower his lance as requested, but the young peasant he's facing off against fires off a bolt, the knigh is barely missed by his quick motion, and as mad as he is, he holds his blade, lifting it towards the peasant. "I'll run you through before you can reload." he snaps. "That's enough of that."

Iago frowns, stopping his attack for now. While he doesn't quite lower the weapon, he has stopped using it for now. "What's going on here?" he asks, a bit quietly.

"You are not of Oxenwood." an older lady comes from behind one of the carts. Dressed in the clothing of a priestess, the woman makes her way forward, and frowns. "Who are you, Lawkeeper. Who do you speak for" she says as she frowns. "Has the Lord of Oxenwood called in the Earl's support to wipe us out?"

Talaith blinks and studies the older lady carefully. She speaks in a firm but curious tone, being completely honest. "Why would the Lord of Oxenwood seek to wipe you out? He said raiders were attacking his lands…you are not raiders though. Will you tell us the truth of the matter? What is your purpose here and why would the Lord seek to kill you? We were sent by the Earl to kill raiders…though its possible that he was not told the truth of the matter…"

"I am Earl Robert's Lawkeeper, Sir Maelgwn de Tisbury." A man famous, in Salisbury at least, for his Just nature. "I refuse to massacre innocent men, women and children- it is clear that something is afoot here, that not all the information of the going ons in Oxenwood have been relayed to either me- or the Earl. Earl Robert is a Just, wise and compassionate man- if there is more to tell I would hear it, from your mouths. If an injustice has happened here, tell me- for it is my duty to ensure that the Earl's laws are followed." The Pagan knight dismounts, and leaves his shield behind- his sword sheathed as he holds both massive hands up to show he means no harm. "It would anger the Gods greatly were I to act knowingly against the innocent, I promise you I would never do that."

"I am Priestess Valaria of Llew. Merry Met, Lawkeeper." the elder Pagan woman says as she frowns. "These are my children, of all faiths. Some of us were in a small temple in the mountains, and lived off the lands there. When the new Lord of Oxenwood came to power, he was vehemethly against the practice of our faith, and when the great sickness of the winter came, he banished all of Pagan faith from his village, declaring that they were the cause of the sickness. Those people came to our temple and we were overburdened. When we came down to try to plead for a chance to care for the refugees, the Lord instead arrested my negotiators, imprisoning them. They were being threatened with execution as heretics, and we were out of supplies.. we had no choice, but to attack and attempt to save our own lives. We only attacked the manor home, not the shops."

This is all above Bastien's paygrade, but as it seems that there may be more back at the manor home than he realizes, the knight looks to Maelgwn. "Permission to return to the manor home and tend to my injruies." And check on his new wife, of course.

Maelgwn's eyebrows narrow- and a fist clenches as the story is told to him. He takes a slow breath, quiet. "This is most troubling." he states dryly, he looks to the others here- the sick and infirm, the children, the women. He turns to look at the knights who joined him. He nods to Bastien. "Go." he waves his hand, as he takes a slow breath. "I must hear Lord Oxenwood's side of this tale." he begins, taking another slow breath. "As these are serious charges that have now been levied against him- this disease hit much of Salisbury, and none were spared its ravages. If he, through action or inaction caused the deaths of Earl Robert's subjects, he will answer for such crimes." he takes another slow breath. "Talaith." he says, looking back to his sister. "And the others here.. Go to Oxenwood and bring Lord Oxenwood to me- if the negotiators still live, they are to be brought as well. If they are not, see if their bodies can not be returned when the Lord comes. If he refuses, remind him that I speak now as Keeper of the Law, and may decide he is guilty of the crimes he is accused of should he not ride to defend himself."

"I will stay here, as a matter of good faith. All weapons will be lowered." Maelgwn says next, looking at the armed peasants. "Put them away, you are under my protection."

Iago's eyes narrow as he hears the priestess, and he takes a few deep breaths. Nodding a bit about going to Oxenwood and bringing their lord back, starting to turn his horse around to head back there now.

Talaith lowers her weapon, the sword returning to its sheath. She nods to Maelgwn looking angry and troubled by what she has heard. "It shall be done brother." She wastes no time turning her horse about and starting back towards the manor.

Maelgwn nods, Shouting back. "Check on the shops in the village- see if they remain intact!"

The ride back to Oxenwood is short for the trio of knights. The fire at the manor has been brought mostly under control. And Nerys will be found talking to a young man, no more of eighteen. When the knights approach, he steps forth and frowns. "The bandits have been dispatched?" he asks, the young man folding his arms over his chest. "They will no longer plague my lands or my family?"

Talaith checked her Lustful of 16, she rolled 11.
Talaith checked her Flirting of 13, she rolled 1.

Talaith rides up towards the manor her horse trotting briskly. Upon spotting the handsome young knight questioning them she decides to do this her way and do what she does best. She slides down out of her saddle with grace her eyes locked on the young man. A hand reaches up and tosses back her curls in a rather eyecatching but seemingly harmless fashion. "Surely such a handsome and able looking man as yourself could have been out there helping us? I hope you were not too bothered by staying behind…if so I'm sorry." She moves closer her eyes meeting his her gaze appearing gentle and suggestive. "There were no true bandits….just pagans who claimed to have been driven off by your Lord, they have been delt with. Now we need to know why they attacked in the first place, what they took and from who and where…so reparations can be made if needed." Now Talaith is very close to the young man looking at him with a gentle smile, close but not quite close enough to touch, just close enough to tease him a little and get him to lower his guard or reveal something he normally wouldn't.

Critical Success!
Gareth makes a check for Young Lord Lustful at 7, he rolled 7.

The young lord stares openly at the beautiful knight that is talking to him and he swallows hard, eyeing her features, her hair, all of those assets that she has to offer, from full bosom to muscular thighs and hips, and he studies her intently for a moment in open lust. "How would you like to be the next Lady Oxenwood? Or see my Oxenwood for an evening." he says, unable to help his young hormones. "My father died because of the sickness those monsters and they're plagues! All their heathen worships and dalliances!" Probably the wrong thing to say to a pagan knight. Even one as lustful as Talaith.

Iago looks to say something as they return to the manor, but then Talaith decides to do this her way. Just watching the proceedings for now, his gaze also moves to their surroundings, trying to see what else that might have gotten damaged during the fighting.

Talaith checked her Deceitful of 7, she rolled 1.

Talaith laughs softly at the rather horrible innuendo used by the young Lord. She looks amused hiding her disgust with the man pretty much completely. She leans in a little offering him a coy smile. "Maybe I would. But one of my fellow knights is a Lawkeeper in service to the Earl, he has requested that you come and see something he found while we were tracking. He also insisted that you bring any of thier fellows you may have captured as well. To make sure justice is done. Come with us, see what he wants, and maybe after business is done I will get a chance to take you up on that generous offer of yours."

Gareth makes a check for Young Lord Oxenwood Suspicious at 10, he rolled 5.

"Lawkeeper? Then have him bring my prisoners back to me." the young Lord says as he gestures to Iago. "You. Go get him and his prisoners. This.. lovely creature.." a lustful look given to Talaith. "Can stay here with me and we shall discuss the ways that she can help me rise in my position." Yeah, he's a kid, and this is the best lines he's got.

Iago frowns as he listens, while keeping his gaze on the buildings of the village, before he turns back as he hears the young Lord's words. "I'm afraid that the Lawkeeper requested that you should come to him, my lord." A brief pause, as he offers a brief smile. "I'm sure the good lady knight here would love to keep your company as we go to see him, though."

"I would My Lord. But he has given us a command to bring you to him. He is my brother and I cannot and will not go against his wishes. Surely you would not make a lady disobey her family, would you? A quick trip will not hurt and you can ride with me if it pleases you?" Talaith turns up her charm once more now giving the young man her best pleading look.

Lord Oxenwood frowns, and finally relents. "Fine." If it gets him into Talaith's armor that much faster, so much the better. Gesturing to his house guard, he snaps, "Bring me my prisoners! We'll take them to this Lawkeeper and we'll make sure that justice is delivered for this attack on my home, and the death of my father by their witchery!"

Iago lets out a bit of a breath of relief as Lord Oxenwood relents, nodding a little. He glances around, expression thoughtful for now.

Talaith smiles rather brightly as the lord relents to her will. She turns on her heel and saunters back towards her horse with a sway to her hips that is designed to draw the eyes to her backside. "You can ride behind me my Lord. Come on." She swings up into the saddle and then waits for the prisoners to be brought out and the Lord to mount up with her. She will even offer a hand to help him up if he accepts it. Once everything is in order she will start trotting for the pass.

The prisoners are gathered quickly, and the Lord does indeed follow after Talaith, looking at her rather luxurious backside all the way up to the mountain, but his expression falters. "What is this? Why are they not in chains?!" he demands, dismounting, glaring at Maeglwn. "This old hag vexed my father and the land, killing off my father, his brother, and one of my sisters. And now she attacks my home, and kills my men! I demand satisfaction! I demand justice!"

"I think Sir Iago went to check on the stores brother, I brought those you requested." Indeed all the prisoners plus one smarmouthed lust lord are accounted for! Talaith raises a brow at the lord's sudden outburst. She looks to her brother waiting to see how he will react. She doesn't shove the shouting idiot off her horse…yet. But she looks like she wants to. Thankfully the Lord cannot see her expression due to the way she is facing. She looks to her brother, waiting for his opinion on the matter.

Maelgwn is standing quietly, having ensured the men were not armed when the young lord rode up. "You do not dictate to me what is Justice, Lord Oxenwood!" he begins, as he walks forward to stand over the Lord- arms crossed as he stands tall and proud. "They are not in chains for the same reason *you* are not in chains." Maelgwn states, "They have already admitted to crimes- however, the circumstances of those crimes are exceedingly troubling. They tell me that you banished them from their homes during a time when you should have been giving support to those you were to protect. Did you send the Pagans of your hold into certain death?" he asks, "Did you capture their negotiators who sought a peaceful solution?"

The lord frowns, apparently he's young, dumb, and full of lust to want to show off his strength for Talaith as he folds his arms over his chest. "They're witches! They practice the blood arts and weird acts! It is their actions that have brought this plague upon their lands, and they should all be banished to the Irish bastards!" he says with a frown. "They have their shelter, they can live there. I care not, as long as they no longer return to my father's.. /my/ lands!"

Maelgwn takes a slow breath, "You will answer me, Lord Oxenwood." he states, "Or I shall find you summarily guilty of your many accused crimes. You do understand the situation your find yourself in, do you not?" he asks, stepping forward- towering over the young Lord- his scarred face set in anger as he stares down at the man. He is like a bear next to a cub. "You stand accused of the most serious of crimes- not stewarding the lands you have been given by your Liege. To *abandon* the people of Salisbury during a time of need is a serious crime."

The huge knight steps closer still- now barely a hair's breath away from the Young Lord. "Did you, or did you not send the people of your lands into exile- and when they requested your aide did you refuse them?"

Gareth makes a check for Young Lord Oxenwood Valorous at 10, he rolled 6.

Talaith decides to intervene at this point trying a different method than her brother. She turns to look at the young Lord. "Lord Oxenwood, they are -people- just as you and your men are, they deserve to be treated with decency unless it can be proven that they have done wrong. Would you truly condemn them to death and suffering just because of mere suspicons? They could and very well may be innocents. I cannot stand by while innocents suffer, I am a lady and a knight and its against my very being." She eyes the young lord with an intense gaze. "Did you truly send them away and refuse to protect them as is your duty?"

Lord Oxenwood may still be in a little bit of lust. Even Maglewn towering over him doesn't seem to be all that intimidating. "I did what I needed to save my lands and people." he says firmly, before he looks to Talaith. "If you feel that you can guide things better than I, you can always join me and be the one to mold me into the proper Lord." he says to the woman, a brief smirk offered to her.

Talaith slides down out of the saddle and stares up at the Lord stubbornly. "I tell you what Lord Oxenwood. I'll make you a deal to determine the fate of myself and these people if you wish to take it? You want me as your Lady either for a night or permenately? Then fight for me. I will duel you myself. If you win then the people must leave your lands and you get to keep me for as long as you like as well. If you lose then you must submit to whatever verdict the Lawkeeper commands without protest as well as provide these people with the medicine and supplies they currently need. Those are my terms, if they are suitable then I will gladly follow through with the duel." She is being very serious now and she fixes them all with a look that dares them to argue with her.

Maelgwn checked his religion of 10, he rolled 19.

"ENOUGH!" Maelgwn shouts to TAlaith, "You are to quiet yourself, Sister. You overstep your bounds!" He gives Tal a sharp look. "Her offers is to be disregarded."

"Now then, onto you, Lord Oxenwood. You have decided to make my duty difficult and so you are guilty, Lord Oxenwood." Maelgwn states simply, "You are to return the homes of those who have been sent away. They are to be paid 1 pound each for their troubles. Those who are injured will be treated be healers at your expense." he states, "Furthermore, I will be recommending to Earl Robert that your Lordship be in question, as you are clearly unfit for the duty laid before you."

Maelgwn then turns to the people. "And you- I realize that you have felt you have no alternative. Know that the Law applies to all in Earl Robert's lands. You have turned to violence, when you should have petitioned the Earl for his assistance- and many knights have been killed as a result. Their deaths lay firmly on the shoulders of Lord Oxenwood- however, taking up weapons against your lord is a most serious crime. The men who have taken up arms will have the fingers removed used to knock a bow, and shoot a crossbow. They shall help rebuild Oxenwood manor. You are to forfeit all weapons to me, for destruction. Restitution shall be paid in part for each knight killed in the form of service to Earl Robert for one week every year for the rest of your days. You are to never again take up weapons against your Lord, or you shall be executed."

Talaith turns to her brother at the shout and glares breifly but she is quick to drop her head and submit to his atthority. She lowers her gaze while he speaks and remains silent her expression deceptively calm, and to her credit she isn't even sulking.

"That eager to be dominated?" Lord Oxenwood says to Talaith, before Magelwn speaks, and the young man frowns. "That is hardly fair!" he starts to say. "They killed my family.. and.." he frowns. "Very well." At least he'll get some pleasure in lopping off some fingers!

"And you killed theirs, Lord Oxenwood." Maelgwn is quick to state, turning to stare at the young Lord. "Be aware that it is well within my power to have *you* executed, as well. Should I hear of such a serious breach of trust again, I will not hesitate to take your head myself."

"Let it be known!" Maelgwn shouts, "None in Salisbury will take the law into their own hands. They will petition the court, be they noble or common- and the court shall hear them and judge each case on its merit alone, and not on the status of one's birth."

Talaith raises her head and eyes Lord Oxenwood with a stubborn gaze. "You doubt my skills my Lord? I assure you I know how to handle a sword." Her tone is soft and could be taken for being suggestive. She looks to her brother with a apologetic glance. "Brother I owe an apology for overstepping my bounds. If you wish me to stay here and see that your commands are carried out I will?"

"I will stay to ensure my commands are carried out. I need you to carry word to Earl Robert, and to have my retinue as Lawkeeper sent with all haste to ensure the judgement I have made is taken with due seriousness, and without undue cruelty." Maelgwn states, before he looks to Talaith with a gaze she is *very* familiar with. "Your apology is accepted, dear Sister- but I urge you to think before you step on the feet of court business in the future. I do love you, but my duty to our liege is tantamount. I will not hesitate to put you in your place should you choose to step between me and my duty. Forgive me in advance."

Which sword she wants to handle is left unsaid as Lord Oxenwood finally understands the gravity of the situation. "Very well. It will be done, Lawspeaker." he says as he moves to head towards his horse to lead back the Pagans to the manor home.

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