(515-04-15) Truth or Drink
Summary: Lisbeth starts an innocent game from home and realizes it doesn't work so well when everyone else is a pagan..
Date: April 15, 515
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Sitting at a table in the tavern that she's staying in until her living arrangements can be made, Lisbeth is in a corner at a table near the fire. Braelynn's favorite table. It's also beneficial to her, since it gives her plenty of light for the large ledger book she has on the table. She has it open and is chewing thoughtfully on the end of one of her braids as she reads, the new Ledgerkeeper studiously doublechecking her predecessor's work for the last year.

Eilla enters the inn and checks on the stock of cider, talking to a few of the barmaids to assure nothing else needs to be bought, she deals with some of the buisness that providing the alcohol endures. How could she not notice her brother walking behind her is anyone's guess, perhaps she was just ignoring him.

Braelynn enters the Boar's Beard tavern. She gives a bright smile to the serving girl and calls over to her, "Pear Mead and some stew, please?" Her voice is light - lighter than Braelynn's typically is, and she makes her way to her favorite seat. She reaches out to the ledger book with a mischievous grin and starts to shake it lightly, making it difficult to read as she says cheerfully, "Don't loose your place!"

Lisbeth checked her awareness of 8, she rolled 17.

Eilla might also not notice as bradwyn isn't directly behind her but several paces back. Ducking down reflexively as he enters the Boar's Beard the tallest of the Idmistons slips inside. Having finished a visit to a certain cottage in the city the six foot tall knight returns to his full height once fully inside. Seeing familiar locks, even from the back, the tall man moves forward with a slightly longer gait to close the gap and reaches out to try and take hold of his sister's waist to yank her close into a hug if he can manage. Even as he calls to Braelynn, "If you like pears, try Idmiston wines, better quality." with utter bias in his voice.

So wrapped up in her ledger is she that Barelynn's approach on the petite brunette is missed. It's only when the redhead shakes the book that Lisbeth makes a panicked yelped. "I had just found an important error!" she chastizes Braelynn, trying to look petulant, but on the small girl it ends up looking more cute than intimidating. "Now I have to go find it again!" There's a little mock sniffle, "You should buy me a drink for messing up my place. The wine that he suggests." she says, gesturing to Bradwyn as she dips her head back to her ledger, her frown becoming a shadowed smile as she tries to coax a drink from the redhead.

Braelynn laughs and flips the ledger book closed with a little grin. "Ales then, hmm?" She turns to seek out the serving girl to clarify and when she gets her attention she calls out to her, "Make that two Idmiston Pear Ales, please." She then gives a little nod to Eilla and Bradwyn, calling out to him, "Just because you recommended it!" Then she turns her attention back to Lisbeth and says, "So, will you be moving to Sarum?"

Eilla laughs as she hears her brothers voice "indeed! which is why I work so hard at maintaining at least a keg here for consumption." she calls out to her brother. Her buisness is wrapped up and a glass of wine is in her hands before one could blink an eye. She chuckles a bit and winks to Brad

Lisbeth checked her recognize of 3, she rolled 17.

Bradwyn chuckles to Braelyn and says, "I said the wine not the ale, but my sister here will no doubt favor the ale." as he attempts to playfully tickle her side, as though to pay her back for making him drink anything other than wine all the time, also a light tease for her insistance on keeping the tavern so far from home constantly stocked. Still it is a brief act as his arms tighten aroudn his sister lovingly, clearly missing her as he leans over to whisper something into her ear. The closeness makes it even more obvious how much larger he is than her.

"I am ledgerkeeper for the County, so yes, I believe I will have to move to the Castle." Lisbeth says, a proud little lift of her chin before she smiles to Bradwyn. "I will try the wine as well." she says cheerfully before she gestures. "Will you join us?" she asks, already giving Braelynn's hand a tug to join her at the table. "I am Lisbeth de Chalke, and this is Braelynn de Cholderton."

Stepping in from the outside, a bit slowly, Iago glances around before starting to move further into the tavern. He looks like someone who has had trouble sleeping, but aside from that, nothing seems to be wrong with him.

Eilla blinks and she squees a little as she looks over to her brother… she gives him an awkward hug due to his size. "oh my! drinks are on the house tonight!" she grins "to celebrate baby Brad's promotion into the kingsguard!"

As Braelynn sinks into the chair at the table, she waves Bradwyn and the woman with him over to join them. "Please do! It seems many of us have something to celebrate here in Sarum lately! She waves toward Lisbeth with a little flourish and says, "Meet Sarum's new Ledgerkeeper!" As the ales are brought by a serving girl Braelynn says, "Will you bring us two Idsmiston pear wines as well? It seems Sir Bradwyn is insisting upon our inebriation tonight."

Bradwyn nods to Lisbeth and says, "I have met Lady Braelyn a few times now. It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Lisbeth. I may have seen you beign rewarded your position, I am unsure with the chaos of court but I congratulate you on your new position. I am Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston, and this would be my older sister Lady Eilla." Based on appearances Bradwyn likely looks older, but then with his height… Yet according to Eilla he's the baby brother?

He then chuckles to Eilla's reaction and says, "I am a guardsman in Sarum, I serve the Earl not the king Runt." but does shift so she can hug him a bit easier and gives her a squeeze as well. He then turns his striking 'Idmiston blue' eyes to braelyn and asks, "Has your own brother and his wife survived your wrath after that cart ride?" chuckling softly. With all the back and forth Iago isn't noticed currently by the tallest Idmiston.

He then alters his grip and unless she resists, Bradwyn simply picks up his shorter sister and starts to carry her over to the table, but if allowed it does bring them to the same height making a hug easier. Even if her feet are left dangling in the air. A brother placing, or even trying to put a Lady into such an undignified position. Shame on him.

"And we have a new scribe as well." Lisbeth says, beaming a smile to Braelynn. "It sounds as if we all have something to celebrate. Perhaps we could have a little fun while at it." The young Lady gets that smile that Braelynn's come to know as her plafully flirtatious dangerous smile. "A little game between drinks?" she asks as she takes out a small die. "We each roll. Whoever rolls lowest has to answer a question from the person that rolls highest?" She waits to see if the others are interested, the little ledgerkeeper smiling brightly.

Braelynn grins at Bradwyn and says, in an exasperated tone, "My brother and his lovely bride do exactly as they wish. I wouldn't be surprised if those babies weren't born on the roof of Cholderton Manor." She then gives a polite nod to Eilla and says to her, "Lady Braelynn de Cholderton. It's a pleasure to meet you." She then turns her attention to Lisbeth and says curiously, "And what secrets do you care to expose today, Lisbeth?" She looks dubiously at the dice.

Eilla is picked up and she bats her brother in the head dripping some wine down his neck as she squirms. "Help a Giant got ahold of me, help …." she calls softly in mock distress. "put me down you oaf" she says as she holds onto her brother - covering him in the mead she is drinking until he dose put her down.

"I believe we can keep such games and secrets chaste, as three maidens are unmarried." Lisbeth points out pratically as the young woman rolls the die around in her fingers. "I would not think our married Sir and brave knight will not want us to be so.. liberal.. with our thoughts without the presence of her wife, aye? Or to know anything dangerous about his beloved and beautiful sister." There's a wink to Eilla as gives the dice a gentle toss to see if anyone else wishes to play.

Lisbeth rolls 1d6 and gets (6) for a total of: 6
Braelynn rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1

Bradwyn chuckles at Braelyn and says, "If you are going to be staying in Sarum as well, I might have to speak with Nalia about having you birth our child when the time comes. Based on the care and dedication you put into your work Lady Braelynn." with a soft smile and a genuine tone. Then he is assaulted by mead and he puts Eilla down by the table, leaning over a bit as he drips, "I need to remember to do that when you aren't armed Runt." chuckling softly as he slings his hands away from the group, though might be hitting others. If he does though it is unlikely many will say much. A six foot knight with an athletic build most won't try to tangle with. Slapping his chest to try and wring out as much of the fluid as he can towards the floor and adds, "As you are paying for the drinks you can pay for damages to the floor as well as you are the one pouring mead on your poor baby brother." chuckling a bit more, though someone likely will end up paying for any damages before they leave.

He then takes a seat and chuckles at Lisbeth saying, "We're pagans, I doubt there is much my sister could confess to that would bother me. More likely it would just give me information to tease her about later. As to myself, I hold few secrets so you can be as chaste or liberal with your questions towards me as you wish, though I will say I won't say much in regards to the relationship of Nalia and myself beyond the obvious that we are married, she is with child, and I love her." in an honest tone.

Bradwyn rolls 1d6 and gets (2) for a total of: 2
Eilla rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5

A little groan escapes as Braelynn rolls a 1 on the dice. She says good naturedly, "So, my dearest and sweetest friend, Lady Lisbeth. What question would you ask of me?" She says this in her sweetest most innocent voice, batting her eyelashes and preparing to look ever-so-innocent.

"I am not Pagan.. I am Christian.. however, my house does know of Pagan learnings." A British Christian Lisbeth is as the young Lady's eyes alight in delight as she gets to ask Braelynn, and she giggles a little, straightening up, her hands set proper on the ledger. "If you do not answer my question, you have to drink your whole ale in a single go." So that's how the game is going to be played. With that said, she lays for her question. "My dear sweet.. innocent Lady Braelynn.." she teases right back and flutters her eyelashes playfully.

"How old were when you receieved your first real kiss?"

Lisbeth picks up the die to go ahead and roll it for the next round.

Lisbeth rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: 3

Eilla is set back down looking impishly at her larger baby brother. She listens to the questions being posed and seems relaxed. Her eyes flicker to Iago then back to Brad as the game begins… wondering idly how she got wrapped up in it.

Braelynn checked her awareness of 7, she rolled 3.
Eilla checked her reckless of 10, she rolled 4.

Having gotten his drink, Iago turns to look at the rest of the people in the room, while taking a long sip from his drink now.

Braelynn's cheeks flush pink, and she stammers for a moment before she answers, quite honestly. "I was 21." Then she very obviously distracts the group by calling out to Iago, "Sir Iago! Come join us! We're having a ame of dice!" She gives him a bright smile, and pats the bench near her at the table.

Braelynn rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: 3
Bradwyn rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: 3

For Talaith, there's a small knot of people over by the fireplace, giggling and laughing as they roll a die. Lisbeth has just asked Braelynn how old she was when she got her first kiss, and Braelynn answered 21 before calling Iago to join them.

Eilla rolls 1d6 and gets (2) for a total of: 2

Talaith comes into the tavern and immediately starts for the bar to get herself a drink. She is only halfway there when she spots the group as they play a game. With a bright smile she starts over that way and peers at thier game curiously once she gets close enough. "Hello! Is this table is open for newcomers?"

There's a warm smile for Braelynn as Lisbeth's question is answered and the ledgerkeeper pats her hand. "A recent thing then? It must have been very special." she offers, before she turns her attention to the table, and as Eilla rolls lowest and the other three tie, she laughs! "We all get to ask her a question!" She decides to go easy on the young woman. "…what was your first taste of alcohol like?" she asks, before she sees Talaith and grabs her hand to pull her to the other side of her. "Roll the die, the highest gets to ask the lowest a question - and if the lowest doesn't want to answer, they have to drink!"

Lisbeth rolls 1d6 and gets (6) for a total of: 6

Bradwyn nods to Lisbeth in understanding, whether he plans any untoward questions of his own remains a mystery. He does chuckle softly at his sister, both for the impish grina nd for the look of wonder how she got dragged into this game. He glances to where else his sister's eyes go and offers a polite nod to Iago silently. Then back to Braelynn and leans over to lower his voice adding, "You realize, invite more to the game and more get to hear your secrets." winking good-naturedly.

Then it turns up three rolling a three and poor Eilla rollign a two, "Seems you'll have a lot of talking to do Runt." winking almost devilishly at his older, shorter sister. He then chuckles softly at Lisbeth and says, " Eilla is a brewess, she's liekly been drinkign longer than all of us." chuckling more before he adds, "Okay, is there anyone you know you'd seek to be married to Eilla?"

He then looks up to find another tall person and nods and says, "If I am not mistaken we have a Tisbury present."

Bradwyn rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: 3

Eilla considers as she answers Braelynn "first taste?" she looks to her glass and then she laughs softly "it was lovely, and sweet, like candy or nectar from a flower, I remember thinking I wanted to learn all about it, and so I have."

Talaith rolls 1D6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5

Iago raises an eyebrow as he steps the rest of the way over to the table. "A game, hmm?" Moving to take a seat as well, while taking a sip from his drink now.

Iago rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5
Eilla rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5

Talaith laughs as she is grabbed and pulled to where Lisbeth wants her. A warm smile is given to the woman as she listens to the rules and nods. "Sounds like fun." She admits cheerfully. Looking to Bradwyn she grins. "You Sir are very observant. Sir Talaith de Tisbury, to those I have not met its a pleasure to meet you all." She takes the dice and rolls it when its her turn.

Braelynn tilts her head and glances at Eilla, tilting her head. She smiles sweetly and says, "Just in case I lose next time… Lady Eilla, what is your favorite color?" She scoots to make room for more at the table and she glances around with a blink. "Oh my! We're suddenly a crowd!"

Braelynn rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1

Eilla considers as she answers Braelynn "first taste?" she looks to her glass and then she laughs softly "it was lovely, and sweet, like candy or nectar from a flower, I remember thinking I wanted to learn all about it, and so I have." She pauses then as she answers Lisbeths question. Braelynn gets an incline of her head and she replies "Silver like the moonlight." she says softly, then she looks to Brad, and her smile flickers a little "No-one."

"Silver like argent or pure silver?" Lisbeth asks, as she wets her whistle before she sees that she gets Braelynn.. /again/. The young woman smiles at the redhead, and considers. "If you were to have a talent besides healing, what would you want it to be?" she asks curiously, behaving for now as she gives her a merciful smile.

Bradwyn looks a bit dubious at Eilla's answer to his question, though it also might just be a brother pickign on his sister. Then rolls come once more and until the end seems he will be next, but then Braelynn once more proves how unlucky she is. He then looks to Braelynn and says, "Crowds tend to make the best games." Then to Talaith and says, "I believe I've seen you once or twice. Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston, I was both paige and squire to Sir Mathias de Tisbury, also close friends to Lady Cerys, Sir Hadyn, and a few others of your House."

He actually sips his own wine, but it is only a sip as the rules demand downing the entire drink only if you refuse to answer. Then comes the next question and those striking blue eyes shift to Braelynn.

Iago takes a sip from his drink, leaning back in his seat. "Sir Iago de Woodborough," he introduces himself.

Braelynn rolls 1d6 and gets (6) for a total of: 6
Lisbeth rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1
Bradwyn rolls 1d6 and gets (4) for a total of: 4
Eilla rolls 1d6 and gets (4) for a total of: 4
Iago rolls 1d6 and gets (6) for a total of: 6

Iago hmms a little as he takes another sip. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Eilla… And the rest of you as well, of course," he adds for the rest, before he rolls the dice. Pausing a bit as he sees the result, he looks a bit thoughtful. "Hmmm… What is your favorite meal to eat?" he asks, after a few moments. Starting easy.

Braelynn taps her fingernails on the table as she considers what to ask Lisbeth. She tilts her head and studies the woman for a moment before a mischievous little smile comes across her lips. She draws it out as long as possible before she asks simply, "Do you remember your dreams?"

Bradwyn looks about at the various rolls and takes another sip of his wine and he looks to the source of the questions and on to the answers.

Eilla listens to the questions being asked and since its not her turn, she just watches and smiles, listening.

"And just as I was about to grump about having to ask all the questions!" Lisbeth says with a light laugh, actually excited about the idea of having to answer questions. When they come, she turns thoughtful, tapping her fingernail against her teeth. "My favorite meal? It has to be a roasted mutton with a mint jelly, a stewed potato soup, and a sweet apple and rhubarb pie, with fresh bread." she sighs. "Anyone that can make me that will totally have my stomach, if not my heart." she teases. At Braelynn's question, Lisbeth stops short. Does she remember her dreams? There's a little blush that tickles along Lisbeth's dark cheeks as instead of answering, she lifts her tankard and drains it thusly, wiping away a little dribble of ale from her chin and smiles. She'll leave the answer up to interpetation. Then she winks and takes up the die to roll for the next round.

Lisbeth rolls 1d6 and gets (6) for a total of: 6
Bradwyn rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1
Braelynn rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: 3
Iago rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5
Eilla rolls 1d6 and gets (2) for a total of: 2
Talaith rolls 1D6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5

And just like that, Lisbeth is back on the questioning side. As it comes up for Bradwyn, the little ledgekeeper ponders, resting her hands on top of her book. "In checking the ledger, I saw that you have spent much of your pay on your wife. My question thusly is this - we are all aware of the love and deep affection you hold for your Nalia, so much that you have made questions regarding her off limits. However, my question is for you. Were you not to have met Nalia, what do you believe the path of your life would lead?"

Braelynn raises a brow as she lifts the pear wine in front of her and takes a tiny sip. She is avoiding drinking too much, in case she's forced to down the glass in one go, but she's thirsty, after all. It is about this time that her stew is delivered and she gives the serving girl a bright smile, and she she pulls the stew closer, leaning in to smell it. "Good question, Lis!"

Eilla looks to her brother and he is lucky she is not the one asking this question. she laughs a little as she sipps on the rare mead in her glass, its not often she finds honey. A look of delight across her features.

Talaith had just returned to the table having gone to get herself a drink from the bar. She retakes her spot next to Lisbeth and offers the woman a smile waiting for the next round before she joins in again.

Bradwyn smiles at the roll results and says, "Give me your worse." Then comes the questiona dn he shrugs almost as though disappointed and says, "The only change would be I'd still have my old bedroom furtniture, I'd have a librum more, and I'd still likely be single and as much a flirt as I used to be. Beyond that I doubt there would be any difference." in a calm, casual tone. He then looks to Eilla and gets that look only a younger brother can get, as though telling her 'Don't even think about it' as though able to read her mind. Yet it ends with a chuckles as his attention returns to the die that is passed to him for the next round.

Bradwyn rolls 1d6 and gets (4) for a total of: 4
Braelynn rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1
Talaith rolls 1D6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1
Lisbeth rolls 1d6 and gets (4) for a total of: 4
Eilla rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5

Eilla tilts her head as she looks to the two ladies and she chuckles looking to them both "What is the naughtiest thing you both have ever done?" she asks them the same question.

Anwir checked his Play of 15, he rolled 14.
Lisbeth checked her chaste of 13, she rolled 14.
Lisbeth checked her lustful of 7, she rolled 8.

Eilla's question brings a hot blush to Lisbeth's face and she ducks down to hide her face in a sip of her wine, though she does listen for the answers and doesn't flee from the table, at least.

Into the tavern comes Anwir. Its as if he has a talent for sensing where crowds will gather, or maybe he is just following his nose towards the smell of alcohol, who knows. He comes in with a confident swagger and as he spots the group playing dice he grins. Drawing over a bit closer he readies his lute as he watches the game. After a moment or two he begins to play the lute, his fingers dance over the strings with expert skill. The song is a jaunty and merry sounding tune, it has a catchy sound floating its way through the room and perhaps even drawing some attention to the bard that plays it.

Talaith grins at Eilla's question she fixes the lady with a look of amusement and delight. "I like your daring my lady. The answer to that one is hard for me to give, so many possibilities. I would say its probably related to the time I woke up naked in the haystack of some christian manor after a threesome." She smirks looking to those present with a playful expression, she does seem as though she is being honest though.

Braelynn nearly chokes on the mouthful of stew she is currently eating, when she hears the question. She continues to cough for some time, a pale hand moving to her chest to pat herself there as though it still hurts. Her cheeks not only turn red, but her ears and chest do as well. She eyes Eilla dubiously and lifts her wine glass and downs the entire thing in one go. She drops the empty glass back to the table and says to Bradwyn, her voice still hoarse from the coughing fit. "You're right. It's good wine."

"…a threesome? What's that?" Lisbeth asks, confusion clouding her features, but the idea of Talaith being naked causes the young woman to blush hotly again. Maybe this was the wrong game for the young woman to have suggested for play. It is usually so innocent with her girlfriends when they're at the manor and have a light wine to play with.

Bradwyn lofts a brow to Talaith, not judgemental simply neutral. Then he looks to Braelynn and chuckles loudly at her response to him. Yep totally the taste is why she downed it. He then settles and looks to Lisbeth and says, "From what I've heard from other men, I doubt the faith of the Christ would like it mentioned, especially to a Lady." when she asks what a threesome is.

Iago blinks at the question and answer, shaking his head a little as he looks to the reactions, unable to hold back a grin.

Lisbeth rolls 1d6 and gets (2) for a total of: 2
Bradwyn rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: 3
Braelynn rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5
Eilla rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1
Talaith rolls 1D6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5
Iago rolls 1d6 and gets (6) for a total of: 6

There's a brief pause as Iago gets time to take a sip from his drink, draining what's left of it, before he rolls the dice. Blinking a bit as he sees the result, he looks thoughtful for a few moments as he considers. "Let's see… Where would you see yourself in three years?"

Lisbeth gives Iago an almost thankful smile as he brings the game back to the chaste side of the line, a little breath given as she takes a small sip of her wine to see how Eilla answers.

Eilla chuckled as the pagans took rule over the game for a brief moment. She dose not tell the other woman what a threesome is, but her eyes turn to Iago and she laughs softly "Making wine for the King mostlikely… and eventually a husband .. and perhaps a child." she says quietly the normally avoident Idmiston shares her acceptance at being a wife.. a rare thing for her.

Bradwyn says, "I'd favor the wife and child first, though doesn't surprise me a bit, and good luck on your goals Eilla." in an oddly loving and serious tone instead of his typical playful and mildly irritating. Brothers…

Lisbeth rolls 1d6 and gets (6) for a total of: 6
Iago rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1
Braelynn rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1
Eilla rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: 1
Bradwyn rolls 1d6 and gets (4) for a total of: 4
Talaith rolls 1D6 and gets (4) for a total of: 4

Bradwyn looks to Lisbeth after Talaith's words and says, "Don't ask. Some things are best left a mystery for one who follows the Christ." in a calm tone, with perhaps a hint of warning. as he takes the die and rolls once more.

As she rolls highest again, Lisbeth considers. "Let's change the rules, so everyone askes a question. I'm going to choose one of the three lowest rollers to answer a question, and then they answer and ask a question of the next person, and noone can ask a question back until everyone has been asked a question, then we'll roll again, okay?" she considers, and considers Eilla. "If you were to have Sir Talfryn arrange a marriage for you, would you convert your faith were your husband to be a member of the faith?"

As Braelynn rolls yet another 1 she calls over to the serving girl and says loudly, "I think I need more wine!"

Eilla tilts her head, she considers the question "The law says I must now dosen't it?" she says though such a thought to her was not something she really liked to admit. Her eyes glance around and she looks to her brother.. "Have you ever peed in the backyard? I always wondered."

"I should get my ledger back and turned in. The Earl doesn't like me working away from my office." Lisbeth admits as she rises to her feet, clutching the book to her chest as he offers a curtsey. She doesn't want to know about Bradwyn peeing anywhere as she scurries out of the tavern to return her book.

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