(515-04-15) The Failed Virgin Ploy
Summary: On Easter Eve, a group of pagans go on a hunt, and find a Lesser Unicorn. Their methods to tame it do not go as planned.
Date: April 15, 515
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<OOC> Yorrick says, "Okay! Tal is 1-2, Brae is 3-4, Darchelle is 5-6."
Yorrick rolls 1d6 and gets (5) for a total of: 5
Darchelle rolls 1d20 and gets (20) for a total of: 20
Darchelle rolls 1d20 and gets (12) for a total of: 12
Prey: Lesser Unicorn

Knowing with the Easter feast coming, Yorrick has been called up on to assemble a small party to hunt for food for the feast. Mounted on his quicker rouncy, the knight is dressed in his hunter gear, the redhead waiting for others that wish to join in to come accompany him.

Talaith arrives riding a lean chestnut colored rouncy. The lady knight is dressed in hunting gear and trots her horse up near Yorrick's with a warm smile. She lifts her hand to him in greeting. "Good morning!" She offers cheerfully and then waits to see who else will show up scanning the area thoughtfully.

Approaching on small cream colored mare, Braelynn approaches the hunting party. She pulls up next to Yorrick, grabbing a small branch from a tree on the way. As she settles in to wait she tosses it at him. "I brought the bandages just in case, considering the last time I hunted with you someone left on a stretcher."

Darchelle comes to the meeting of few hunters leading her black horse by the reins. The redhead is wearing her own hunting clothes, decorated with feathers and leather straps. A bow and arrows are hanging on her back. She approaches the other strangers, "Hey," she greats them, "I heard that the hunt is being arranged today…"

"Merry Met!" Yorrick offers cheerfully before Braelynn rides up and he smirks. "That was the fault of a new groom happen to stumble across yale tracks. I doubt we will have such luck today." he says as he guides his horse over and kisses her affectionately on the cheek. To the others, he gives a bob of his head. "Well met and happy hunt. I am Sir Yorrick de Cholderton, one of the two huntsman assigned to Sarum. I have my dogs ready to start the hunt, and we shall start our search for tracks."

Yorrick checked his hunting of 16, he rolled 14.
Darchelle checked her Hunting of 13, she rolled 5.
Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Avoidance at 25, he rolled 6. Roll is modified by +5 for a skill over 20, resulting in a 11.
Talaith checked her hunting of 10, she rolled 14.
Braelynn checked her hunting of 2, she rolled 16.

The hounds alert on a set of tracks and Yorrick comes over to look. "Think we have a red deer." he says as he grins. "Decent amount of meat, we should be able to catch up to it pretty easy." he says with a slight tug on the reins. "An almost all lady hunting party, if I should always be so fortunate in my hunts." He winks, though if it's one thing Braelynn knows, it's his faithfulness to Enfys.

Braelynn huffs lightly and says, "Brother, if you so much as look at one of these beauties crossly I will tell your wife." There's a teasing tone to her voice and she grins at him. "Are you sure it's a red deer? It could be a dragon, with your luck." She leans down to pat her horse on the neck and then she smiles to Talaith and Darchelle and gives them a happy nod to acknowledge their arrival.

Darchelle gets on her horse and is soon ready to join the party. It is not usual to her to be quiet, but with a group of strangers and on a hunt… It's better to be quiet. She of course wears a huge smile in her features.

Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Avoidance at 25, he rolled 2. Roll is modified by +5 for a skill over 20, resulting in a 7.
Yorrick checked his hunting of 16, he rolled 6.
Braelynn checked her hunting of 2, she rolled 6.
Darchelle checked her Hunting of 13, she rolled 10.

"I have the path.. barely.." Yorrick says as he guides the dogs around. "How weird. It's tracking off." he mutters as the knight tries to figure out which way to go, the hounds moving about as he does so.

Darchelle giggles, "Here. Don't you see? The branches of these bushes are broken just recently. Also, I should correct you, it's obviously a bear."

Yorrick checked his proud of 13, he rolled 2.
Yorrick checked his folklore of 2, he rolled 5.
Darchelle checked her Folklore of 2, she rolled 17.

"Pardon me? I've been hunting for the Earl for several months now. I do know what I'm doing." Nothing like another ginger to know how to bring out a temper in the redheaded knight as he studies the tracks. "I see.. apparently the deer and bear tangled here. That explains the broken branches." he comments as he considers the path. "A bear is a bit more dangerous, but we should be able to handle it." he says as he prepares his spear. "We're close."

"It's likely a bear being attacked by a dragon. We'll probably arrive just as he's properly roasted. We're desert." Braelynn gives her brother a grin as she says this. She is obviously teasing him, and she glances to Darchelle. "Be careful of dragons."

Critical Fail!
Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Avoidance at 25, he rolled 15. Roll is modified by +5 for a skill over 20, resulting in a 20.
Yorrick checked his hunting of 16, he rolled 4.
Critical Fail!
Darchelle checked her Hunting of 13, she rolled 20.
Braelynn checked her hunting of 2, she rolled 13.

Since Darchelle saw the tracks earlier, she turned to follow them hurrying her horse a bit, what brought her forward. She makes no comments on Yorrick's hunting abilities. However, after few moments she stops and looks at her company, bringing a finger to her lips as if saying to be quiet. Then she points with that same finger to speciric direction and whispers, "Gold and white, there. Something shines… It's… It's a dragon. We should go back and not mess up with dragons."

"Dragon?" Yorrick asks in confusion. "Look." the knight points it out. "The shape of the horn, the white of the coat. It's a unicorn. Still a colt from the looks of it. Lots of magic in that horn." he says, considering continuing the hunt. "Unless one of you are a virgin, and want to try to capture it?" There's a thoughtful look.

Darchelle checked her Awareness of 8, she rolled 6.

Braelynn flushes slightly and says, "I have no interest in capturing or injuring a unicorn, brother. They belong in the wild." She then says to her companions, "Watch the horn though. It's probably sharp." Then she settles back in her saddle comfortably.

"Right…" Darchelle's eyes grow wide, "Unicorn…" Her cheeks blush a bit but she puts her bow back on her back, "I agree with you, lady Braelynn. We can't injure or capture such a beautiful animal. Though… to have one as a friend… tame…" Her smile broadens and she grows thoughtful.

Glancing over at Darchelle, and Yorrick frowns. "You want to try to befriend it?" he asks. "Ya still pure of man or woman?" There's a loft of a brow, then he shrugs. He was until he was married. But he's a male, so it wouldn't have counted anyway. "Ya can try singing to it, but you're going to have to dismount and hold still. I'll stay here, just in case something goes wrong."

Darchelle checked her singing of 13, she rolled 12.

Darchelle nods. She dismounts and then moves a bit forward. Just to leave the other group a bit behind. Her cheeks are a bit blushed, since she had to admit being virgin. The girl keeps her eyes on the animals. Her song starts with a quiet humming. Then she starts to sing her song is soft and peaceful. It's about nature and love. Darchelle does have a beautiful voice.

Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Awareness at 18, he rolled 14.

As Yorrick watches, he settles a hand on Braelynn's forearm. "Keep watch, even if she's successful, this could quickly become dangerous." he warns quietly, the young man's fingers tightening on the spear, should he have to come to Darchelle's rescue as she settles on the grass to sing to the unicorn.

The young but majestic creature hears the song on the wind, and his ears twitch before he turns, his dark eyes moving to make contact with Darchelle's green ones, the colt studying the woman curiously.

Darchelle smiles broadly, when the unicorn looks at her. She raises her hand just a bit to wave for the animal an invitation gesture, "Come here, beauty. Come."

The unicorn, compelled by the sweet song and invitation, starts to approach Darchelle. As long as she keeps singing, the colt settles down next to the woman, before to moves to lay it's head upon her lap, that horn so dangerously close to her now. He's close enough to touch and pet, but his eyes lock on Darchelle's own. Pure of body she may be, but is there chaste or lust in her heart, this is for the unicorn to judge now.

Darchelle checked her Chaste of 7, she rolled 17.

Darchelle continues to sing and she reaches with her hand to pet the beautiful animal.

Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Horn at 10, he rolled 16.
Yorrick checked his spear of 15, he rolled 16.

When she reaches to touch it, Darchelle may get a few unicorn hairs, before the creature suddenly recoils and the horn whips around, barely missing the redhead as it lashes out, caught in the amorous spirit he senses in Darchelle's soul and tries to start to trap her so that he may.. do things.. with her.

Yorrick hisses under his breath, "Shite!" and he charges out, lowering his lance as he tries to strike at the creature, but misses, though it distracts the unicorn from Darchelle momentarily. "Run!" he snaps at the woman!

When the unicorn gets crazy, Darchelle crawls backwards away from it. Thanks to Yorrick who shows up right on time. When the man distracts the animal, Darchelle jumps on her feet and runs toward her horse, shouting to Yorrick, "Just do not hurt him!"

Braelynn blinks in surprise at the Unicorn's sudden movement sand she follows Yorrick, grabbing for her bow as she does. She kicks the horse and heads, not toward the unicorn, but toward Darchelle to make sure she isn't injured.

Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Horn at 10, he rolled 15.
Yorrick checked his spear of 15, he rolled 18.

This is the inherent problem with the Virgin Ploy - if it fails, the unicorn becomes single-minded in the pursuit of the maiden to deflower her and fill her with a new unicorn - the birth of which will kill the maiden. At least that's how the pagans tell the story. As Yorrick keeps his rouncy and spear between Darchelle and the creature, horn clashes with spear, neither gaining the upper-hand. "Tell that to him! Will ya mount up and ride already!" he barks. They don't want to kill the creature, but Yorrick is just trying to keep them alive so they can get away.

Darchelle jumps on her horse like a professional rider. What a fear can do! "Shall I leave you two like that? Will everything be alright? Just… Just be careful,"and she encourages her horse to gallop away.

Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Horn at 10, he rolled 4.
Yorrick checked his spear of 15, he rolled 14.
Yorrick rolls 5d6 and gets (2 2 2 1 6) for a total of: 13
(-3 for Armor - Damage to Unicorn: 10 - Total Damage 10)

The unicorn attempts to drive his horn into Yorrick again, this time, the knight manages to avoid the strike and drives his spear deep into the flank of the creature. "I'll hold as long as I can!" he calls to the woman, the hunter sworn to protect the lady and his sister as he tries to keep the unicorn at bay. "Flee, dammit!" Whether or not he's yelling at the unicorn or Darchelle is not immediately known.

Critical Success!
Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Valorous at 15, he rolled 15.

Braelynn lets out a little cry of distress as he brother's spear drives into the unicorn's flank. She says, "Don't kill it Yorrick!" Easier said than done though. She Levels her bow and searches for a spot that wouldn't injure the unicorn and lets loose an arrow, aiming also for the flank.

Braelynn checked her bow of 10, she rolled 6.
Braelynn rolls 3d6 and gets (4 3 5) for a total of: 12
(-3 for Armor - Damage to Unicorn: 9 - Total Damage 19)

Yorrick makes a check for Lesser Unicorn Horn at 10, he rolled 17.
Yorrick checked his spear of 15, he rolled 3.
Yorrick rolls 5d6 and gets (6 5 6 5 2) for a total of: 24
(-3 for Armor - Damage to Unicorn: 21 - Total Damage 40. Ded. X.X)

"I'm tryin', gods dammit!" Yorrick yells, as the arrow strikes the unicorn in the flank, the knight lowers his spear just as the unicorn rears up and suddenly lurches at the knight. The blade of his spear buries itself deep into the unicorn's chest, sending it falling onto it's side. The unicorn's breaths are shallow for a moment.. before the creature expires.

Braelynn checked her forgiving of 10, she rolled 8.

Braelynn jumps quickly off her horse, and rushes toward the unicorn. "Why did you do that?" She wails at her brother, as she kneels next to the unicorn. Her pale green eyes fill with tears and they start to spill as she looks up at him. Of course, she has forgotten and forgiven the unicorns transgressions as soon as it hit the ground. She reaches out to smack Yorrick on the leg. "You didn't have to kill it!"

"Would you it rather killed Lady Darchelle?!" Yorrick snaps as he dismounts, frowning as he looks at the creature, looking around in case the unicorn's mother is anywhere near. His hand reaches to touch Braelynn's shoulder for a moment, but then he's moving away to prepare a small lean to carry the unicorn's corpse back to Sarum for the Easter Feast.

Braelynn continues to sniffle as she pets the poor dead unicorn. She gives her brother a baleful look and says simply, "I don't think I like hunting very much." Then she gets up and wipes at her eyes with the back of her hand, clearing the tears away. "Earl Robert will be impressed."

"This is a good blessing before the birth of your nephews, Braelynn." Yorrick says and grins. "His head will look majestic in the cottage." If Earl Robert doesn't make him surrender it for the castle.

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