(515-04-12) Sisterly Duels, Round Three
Summary: Rose and Enfys face off in the quarterfinals of the Spring Pageant Performance Rounds.
Date: April 12, 515
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Enfys checked her play of 15, she rolled 13.
Rose checked her singing of 8, she rolled 11.

For good or bad Rose once more gets on the stage, but she looks a little pained as it where, her hand on her back, as she takes a deep breath, that breath seems a bad thing as the sound that comes out of her lips, while on pitch, it lacks any emotion and that has been what has gotten her that far. Her eyes are on her husband the whole time, but by the end of the song it's very clear she hasn't feel well, as her hand moves to her very full stomach and she moves carefully off the stage, a wince, here and there.

Enfys does well not to wince at the slight offness that comes when Rose begins to sing. She does turn to murmur to Yorrick, "She seems… a little off?" Unable to see the uncomfortableness that the other seems to be dealing with, she frowns, perhaps a hint of worry upon her face. But when the song is ended and her name is called, she rises from her seat and moves forwards with the help of her husband.

Her lute is carried with her, and she takes a seat upon tall stool there, the lute held.. somewhat akwardly it would seem. And yet, the music she plays is enchanting, and makes a person want to get up and dance. Nimble are her fingers as they move over the strings, her body swaying a little as she plays with a smile upon her lips.

OOC Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9quIlhG4Vg&index

It is clear by the end that Enfys has taken another victory, and Yorrick comes on stage to help her down. When he does so, he smiles, taking his wife's hand after packing up. "She is several months pregnant, it seems. Did you know you were going to be an aunt by her?" he asks curiously as he gives his wife an affectionate kiss on the temple.

Wilhelm frowns, noticing Rose's distress, and as he comes to her side, worriedly tending to her before he glances and gives a little smile. "Hello, Enfys." he greets his sister. "Ser Yorrick. I hope you are taking care of my nephew or niece?" he asks teasingly, coming over to give Enfys a quick hug before moving to tend to his wife.

Bowing her head to the applause, Enfys smiles further when it seems that she's once more taken a win. Proud, just a little, is she of the moment. Helped from the stage, she ohs, shaking her head, "No, I did not know that!" So much she has need to catch up on!

And then she hears her brother's voice, and she cries softly his name, moving towards Wilhelm to give him a tight hug, over her belly, "Twins, Wilhelm.. boys, girls, or perhaps one of both." A wry smile is given then, before a quick kiss is given to his cheek, "Go tend to her.. I remember those days of the beginning. they were not fun at all. You should stop by the house later. Braelynn has been keeping me bound there, and barely let out for the competition.." She hugs him again quickly, then shooes him off to tend his wife before being helped away by her own husband she left holding her lute case!

"I will make sure Rose and I get you a proper gift." Wilhelm offers and returns his sister's kiss, surprise evident for a moment. "Twins? I didn't realize those ran in his family." he says with a chuckle as he moves to leave with Rose.

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