(515-04-12) Shopping and a More Private Talk
Summary: After meeting in the market and overhearing that they are to marry Erion and Eibhlin shop a little and then have a talk.
Date: 515-04-12
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Erion raises a brow and smiles gently before he looks to the merchant. "That hairpin if you please and your finest black and crimson hair ribbons." He gestures to the pin in question and once the merchant is paid Erion gently takes the pin in hand and the small package of ribbons. Offering the package to Eibhlin he smiles and carefully begins to place the pin into a visible spot in her hair with a gentle touch. As he fixes her hair he speaks to her in a low gentle whisper. "And why should I not get you both? I feel as though I ought to spoil you a little today. Won't you humor me?" His tone is gentle and just a bit playful and then he steps back to admire his work. "You look even more lovely…I did not think that was possible." He sounds sincere and he offers her a warm smile. Though his purse is a bit lighter he seems quite pleased with himself.

Eibhlin watches the transactions with wide eyes, no one has ever treated her to so much in her lifetime. This caught her offguard and she blinks her eyes softly "I will see if my handmaids will be able to fasten them both in my hair for court." she says quietly to him as she stands still for her hair to be pinned.

Erion smiles warmly finished with pinning Eibhlin's hair, he seems to have at least a little experience in fixing a ladies hair. He offers her his arm once more and smiles warmly. "I would like to see what they come up with. I'm sure it will look lovely. Shall we shop some more or would you rather go somewhere quiet for now?"

Eibhlin laughs a little and she nods her head looking around at the eyes that follow them. "Yes… I would really like that and it would give us some time to talk if you, were up for that".. she says quietly her eyes look into his softly.

Erion nods. "I am most certainly up for that." Erion replies looking into her eyes with a gentle expression. He smiles softly and takes her hand in his. He gently begins to guide her away from the crowds to try and find a place they can speak in peace and quiet.

Eibhlin nods her head and she looks to Erion and she follows in his guidance. She walks slowly and carefully behind him, certainly aware of all the looks he gets along the way. As they maneuver the crowds they slowly eventually leave the market behind.

Once they leave the market Erion looks to Eibhlin with a smile and guides her to a small grassy area where no one seems to be lingering. He didn't seem to notice the looks he had been getting before at all. Once he is sure they are in private he turns to look at her and draws in a slow breath meeting her gaze steadily with a gentle expression. "Did you have anything you wished to speak of in particular my lady? If there are any concerns you have you are free to share them if you wish, and I will do my best to ensure they are seen to as best as I can."

Eibhlin draws her own breath "how religious are you Ser?" she wonders as she sits near him she moves her fingers fanning over her dress as she looks to him nervously. Though her fingers stay, interlocked with his.. tightly as if scared to release them

Erion considers the question a moment. He is calm his gaze meeting hers steadily. "I consider myself to be religious and faithful up to the point of converting others. I cannot shake my belief that people should be allowed to choose thier own paths and decide what is right for them in terms of belief, I don't hate or distrust others for differences in belief either. But other than that I follow the teachings of the Roman Christian faith as best as I can." He looks down at thier joined fingers almost nervously. "Is that…a problem for you my lady?"

Eibhlin shakes her head at his words, clearly there was something she was trying to figure out. She watches him a while before she nods slowly "No, I do not believe in conversion either." she says quietly, "I have some extended family whom are Pagan.." she indicates.
There is a long moment of silence where her fingers clasp his and she rolls her thumb over his fingers her eyes locked upon the interjoining digits.

Erion smiles gently and lifts his eyes to hers once more. "I am glad for that." He studies her expression a moment before he adds softly. "Lady Eibhlin, you are free to ask me whatever you wish in any manner you wish. Ask bluntly if that will make it easier. I will not be upset, real relationships are based on trust and knowing the other person. I want us to have that trust if possible. Now what is it that you are trying to figure out?"

Eibhlin checked her valorous of 10, she rolled 18.

Eibhlin looks to him, her eyes blink and she tilts her head. Her fingers, they tighten as if perhaps frightened her questions would scare him and the engagement be over before she could know him. "Ser." she nibbles on her lips slightly, and then her courage fails her and she blushes deeply "I am not sure I can."

Erion checked his Orate of 14, he rolled 8.

Erion's gaze is soft and gentle, its filled with concern and he looks at her with an imploring yet understanding gaze. "My lady…there is nothing you can ask me that will upset me. If you need to ask it then its obviously either something that you wish to know or its a concern that we need to address, both are important to me. You don't have to ask just yet if you cannot find the words but I hope that in time I can gain the trust needed for you to do so." He bows his head a bit. "Always feel free to ask me questions or make requests of me. The worst that will happen is that I do not know something or cannot do what you asked and if thats the case I will tell you that and why it is so."

Eibhlin looks as if his words renewed some faith in herself, "Have you, ever been with another Lady?" she asks quietly "would you…want others?" she poses the question with uncertainty in her tone she adds even more quieter, "I know I am not the prettiest of women - nor the most graceful…" she looks back to his fingers unable to keep her eyes on his own. Not wanting to imply anything but he was very good looking!

Erion blinks in surprise a soft blush coloring his cheeks. He answers the question honestly and in a soft tone. "No. I've been interested in other ladies before yes but I've never….I've been completely chaste to this point Lady Eibhlin." He takes in a slow breath and continues, a hand reaches out to gently brush down her cheek and lift her chin a bit. "Never put yourself down in my presence, you are my lady now and I will do my best to love, protect, and care for you. I do not need another, one true and honest love is far better than having a thousand lovers. I am all yours…if you will be mine?"

Eibhlin swoons - how could she not, those words from him bring a smile to her lips and it was as if any doubts she had about such a match working out were diminished. She gives a slow nod of her head .. "I would like a few months in my new position as handmaid before our wedding if that is alright with you, just enough to bring my new house glory." she says quietly looking now, back into his eyes. Her cheeks redden and she chuckles "I will." she answers him.

Erion smiles warmly and nods. "I was hoping to have the chance to get to know you better and court you properly before we wed so a few months would work well for us both I think. And…depending on what is decided at the upcoming court…I may wind up becoming the head of Woodford. I will need your help if that happens. I never expected nor prepared myself for such a position. I always thought I would continue to serve as a knight. You ought to know that…just in case." He smiles softly and then it brightens and he lifts her hand to his lips. A gentle kiss is placed on her knuckles before he lowers there joined hand once more, not wanting to release it. "Thank you for this chance Lady Eibhlin. It makes me happy beyond measure."

Eibhlin nods her head, "I am strong with Stewardship, I will help you." her fingers they loosen in his own and she sighs. Her eyes flicker and she smiles as he kisses her hand "we will manage it.." she says quietly, her head leans in as he kisses her hand, and she carefully places one to his forhead. "I think, this will work out beyond better then I would had ever dreamed, you have already begun to make me happy."

There is a look of relief to Erion's expression as she says she will help. He smiles once more at the press of her lips to his forehead. "I think you are right. Come. I will escort you back to where you are staying. We can speak more later." He begins to guide her away to where she is staying in the city, there is a smile on his lips and when they reach thier destination he offers another gentle kiss to her hand before bowing low and departing.

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