(515-04-12) Court Shopping
Summary: Several People Shop before the Spring Court
Date: April 12, 515
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Court is tomorrow, and with Lisbeth in consideration for a court postion, the young woman is at one of the small booths, looking over the small pieces of jewelry, trying to find something that will match her court dress. And with her already dressed prim and proper with a corset even for her normal dress, one can only imagine what her court dress is going to be like. Taking a couple of pieces, she pulls on one of her braids, seeing if the small beads will thread in nicely.

Talaith is wandering the market almost idly. She looks around with curious eyes that dart from stall to stall. Those eyes pause however when she spots Lisbeth standing near one of the jewlery booths she makes her way over with a gentle spring to her step and a smile on her lips. "It looks like all the pretty things are in one place today! Hello my lady. See anything nice there?" She comes to a stop near Lisbeth peering at the selection and then looking back to the woman with a warm smile.

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As Braelynn enters the market, she is humming quietly to herself. The tune isn't particularly good, nor the accuracy, but she doesn't seem to mind, and it's quiet enough that it doesn't disturb others. She has a large wicker basket over one arm, and it is currently empty. Pale green eyes sweep the marketplace as she makes her way to the first booth.

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Holding up the little gold bands, Lisbeth offers Talaith a smile, her plush lips showing a hint of her teeth. "Sir Talaith. I was starting to wonder if our dares had become too much for you." she says, a light blush touching upon her dark cheeks as the young lady shows the small spiral of gold to the knight. "I was picking a few items for court tomorrow, where I plan to debut my new dress." she comments, a little swish of her pleats in a tease. "So this dress is about to be retired - and I will retire the chemise with it. I can no longer keep it as bright as it once was. "And you? Do you plan to be in court tomorrow? I could use support, I have applied for the Ledgekeeper position." she says, straightening her small stature with a hint of pride.

Though that shock of red hair and pale skin is hard to miss, as she sets down the braid spiral for now and takes Talaith's arm. "Come with me, I have a friend to introduce you to1" she says with a giggle, as she leads the knight to Braelynn. "Lady Braelynn!" she greets, releasing Talaith's arm to grasp the small redhead and kisses her on the cheek. "Lady Braelynn de Cholderton, this is Sir Talaith de Tisbury, a fellow lover of peach ale, dares, secrets, and a knight. Lady Talaith, this is Lady Braelynn, a wonderfully gorgeous young woman, gifted healer, and fellow conniseur of the ale made from pear and peach." She says, looping an arm into the arm of each woman. "We shall shop altogether, aye?"

Talaith returns the smile she gets from Lisbeth and laughs lightly. "Lady Lisbeth the day a dare becomes to daring for me I shall have to retire from everything I do." She listens and her eyes light up as Lisbeth mentions applying for a court position. "I'm just shopping and seeing if anything catches my eyes. I was considering making an appearance in court yes, but now I simply must be there to offer you my support. I hope you get the position Lady Lisbeth." When her arm is grasped the lady knight walks along with a bright smile beside Lisbeth, the introduction is met with a smile and a curtsey from Talaith to Braelynn. "Its a pleasure to meet you Lady Braelynn. I think I've seen you before at Cholderton but we had little chance to speak. I am glad to see that changed." She laughs as Lisbeth takes her arm again and nods eagerly. "That sounds like a fine plan!"

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Upon seeing Lisbeth approaching Braelynn smiles brightly. She turns toward the two women as they approach and gives Talaith a polite dip of the head before meeting Lisbeth's kiss on the cheek with one of her own. "Sir Talaith. I believe we did meet, at the springs at Cholderton, though you are quite right. We didn't get the opportunity to speak. It's a pleasure to finally to do so." As Lisbeth takes her arm, she glances to Lisbeth and then to Talaith as she asks curiously, "So, what are we in the market for today?"

Today Cerys is dressed up as if for celebration. Well, you do not get discounts for various goods each day! So, the market should drag many ladies out for a stroll. Lady Cerys de Tisbury has to maintain her title of the prettiest lady in Salisbury, after all. Well, at least when she is not at work.

Her dress has a rounded neckline that only gives a faint hint of her freckled cleavage, if any at all. The bodice is medium gray with a decorative embroidered pattern on the front using silver-colored thread. Straps go over the tops of the shoulders, but the sleeves themselves start at the top of the biceps and descend a few inches of medium gray fabric. From there the sleeves continue down as sheer gray fabric which descends to her ankles. The damsel is carring a small basket, which handle is decorated with some flowers.

Since the market has many people, tiny redhead basically disappears in the crowd. There is not just one redhead in Salisbury after all, so not even the red curls are helpful to be recognized. So, she quietly moves from stall to stall, unnoticed and curious of what treasures she may find.

The sound of music suddenly begins to float through the stalls of the market. Anwir strolls along his fingers strumming a playful sounding tune on the lute he carries. There is a gentle spring to the young mans step his ebony curls catching the breeze occasionally and his grey eyes wandering over a few of the ladies present. He plays as he walks the song drifting along after him, teasing the ears of those around him.

"Well, I have my dress for Court, I am looking for decoration and a new chemise. I hope you have a new dress as well, Braelynn?" Lisbeth asks with a wink as she turns to Talaith. "This is unfair, there was swimming, and I missed out?" There's a playful lift of her brows and she tugs on both ladies. "You're just going to have to make it up to me!" And with that resolved, but no explanation as to /how/ Lisbeth plans to correct this eggregious error, she tugs the two ladies along, a little skip in her step to the time of the music of the bard.

Erion wanders through the market, the light catching in his golden hair as he strolls along with a peaceful expression and a gentle smile on his face. He is dressed in his normal attire of blue and grey, an engraved wooden bracelet dangling from his left wrist. The most recent news doesn't seem to have reached him yet, instead he is pausing near different cloth vendors trying to sweet talk his way into getting his own discount. The figure of Cerys is noticed and Erion sends a bright smile her way. He goes back to haggling for now though he does keep a discrete eye on Cerys so he can speak with her once he is done.

There,at one of the homes closest to the moat and road that takes one to the castle, does a door open and Enfys step out with her husband, Yorrick. Dressed in a simple gown, it does nothing to hide the fact that she is very much pregnant. Waiting as he locks the door, she takes a moment to listen to the market, her head tilted and blue eyes darting about unseeing. "Sounds like a busy day.." She says offhandedly to Yorrick before the two head off, her husband carrying a leather case that likely holds a lute within. "I wish to get there early, to listen to some of the others perform before I am called up.."

With his very pregnant wife on his arm, Yorrick adds to the population of gingers - however, he is the lone male ginger of the apocalypse. Gods help the fact that the small blonde is carrying his children as he nods, and grins at his wife. "It's a busy day. Court's tomorrow, and people are bustling. I'll keep a close watch out." he says as he lifts his wife's hand to kiss it lightly as he fights the urge to carry his wife as well. Hearing the music of the bard, he smiles. "It seems you are not the only one practicing." he says with a small chuckle as he works to clear the way for Enfys. "Would you like to shop after facing Rose? And.. you are not nealy as nervous about facing another sister." he points out playfully.

Talaith smiles to Braelynn and Lisbeth. "Well I need a dress, chemise, and new shoes…I've been procrastinating getting new ones." She admits with a grin at Lisbeth's comment. "We can always take you swimming with us next time Lady Lisbeth? Sometimes I like to pack some food and just disappear into the wilds for a day…you find a lot of nice swimming spots that way. It might be a nice way to spend a day…and if my company wants to try it with me all the better."

Exiting one of the shops is a young man ducking down out of habit. Once outside it is obvious why this would be a habit as the six foot knight of Idmiston scans the marketplace with a soft sigh, one should keep better track of when women are given discounts on shopping. Doing his best to work his way through the crowd Bradwyn does his best not to knock people down with his large size, it isn't long before Bradwyn nearly does just that. As she moves to yet another stall Bradwyn nearly runs into Cerys, fortunately it liekly isn't too foreign of a situation for her.

Coming to a stop a foot or so from the much smaller woman Bradwyn starts to say, "Forgive me…" Then notices who it is and adds, "I see you got pulled into the temptation of buying something as well Cerys." chuckling softly as he extends an arm, clearly offering her a hug if she will accept it while asking, "Find anything good yet?"

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Braelynn gives Lisbeth a little grin as she says, "I do, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it." She glances at the nearest booth and says, "I should like some ribbons for my hair, I think. Perhaps in Cholderton colors." She says thoughtfully, "I'm starting to wonder if I'd be better off leaving my hair loose. It falls out of anything I put in it anyway." She glances at Talaith and asks her curiously, "What do you think? I don't know that it's proper, but I suppose people could excuse it if it looks neater that way." Then she glances at Lisbeth and reminds her, "You and I have been swimming, remember? We could show our new friend that swimming spot some time, if she would like us to." It is then that she sees a stall with some small combs intended for hair and she pulls the trio in that direction.

Mmmmm, those wonderfully smelling biscuits… Cerys stands there for few moments. Just to enjoy the smell. She clothes her eyes for a second and one of the aromas mght remind her something lovely, judging from a smile, which curls he rlips up. Though, the music starts to play and it awakens the girl from her quiet dreams. She moves forward. Her eyes catches the sight of Erion and she answers to his smile with her own polite one. Her eyes drop to the bracelet for a second, but then she turns toward the stall of jewellery.

Even if Brawyn is quite tall, Cerys does not notice the man. Can it be? Yes! Maybe the jewellry was so attracting her attention, or maybe those memories raised by the smells were still running in her thoughts. Maybe something else. However, his appology is heard. She looks up at the man and offers him a friendly smile too, followed by a brief hug, "I didn't expect to see you here."

Coming to a stop in a central part of the market Anwir's fingers continue to dance over the strings of his lute. The current tune changes slightly the upbeat melody becoming even more lively. His lips part after a moment and he begins to sing along in harmony to his lute's music. His voice is rich and smooth carrying across the market as he sings a merry and amusing ditty about a woman who fell in love with a man but found him unsuitable because he had better taste in clothes than her. Whether or not he draws a crowd doesn't seem to bother him he just plays and sings on.

"That is because I did not grow up with Rose as I did Lydia." Enfys answers Yorrick, as if he would know that! "Rose is by marriage my sister, after all." Still, she might well be nervous, just better at hiding it this time around. "I should also go by the instrument shop at some point. I noticed one of my strings on my harp needs replacing when I was practicing it earlier." As music and song begins, she does pause, pulling Yorrick to stop there to the side to listen, lips curling in a smile, though she soon chuckles as the song progresses. "Who is that? Can you see? It doesn't sound like Aderyn…" Dare there be some hint of teasing upon her lips as she speaks that name? Maaaaybe.

"I know we have been swimming." Lisbeth says with a chuckle. "But the more the merrier when bathing, right?" There's a certain playfulness in the young woman's tone as she gets pulled and pulls Talaith along with her. "What colors favor your house, Sir Talaith?" she asks the knight, before she releases her arm to reach up and lightly tossles Talaith's hair. "Some bright colors would look good in all that dark hair." She winks before catching the arm again to move where Braelynn is leading them.

Yorrick's arm tightens slightly in Enfys. Okay, fair, fair, he's a little possessive of his wife, even her tease causes him to remind her that he loves her so as the huntsman as he shakes his head. "No, it's not him. There's someone new in town." he says as he leans and and gives her ear a little bite. "No falling in love, or I'll start singing again. And you remember how well I sing, don't you?" Bawdy tavern songs in the key of off, anyone?

Talaith considers Braelynn's hair a moment. "I think ribbons would look very nice, your hair is already lovely, but a nice accent to draw the eyes in even more is sometimes a very good thing." She smiles and looks to Lisbeth. "The Tisbury colors are green brown and black. Perhaps something bright green? I was thinking of getting a dress in green and black. Though the exact shade of green has not been decided yet." She follows along with the other two ladies smiling brightly. A delighted laugh leaves her lips at the humorous song being sung by the bard.

Enfys checked her recognize of 5, she rolled 19.

At the tighter squeeze given to her by Yorrick, Enfys cannot help but laugh, the sound as enchanting as the tones of her voice, "A new bard??" She dares to tease him further before turning to kiss his cheek, "I do not need you to sing to me, thank you.." Oh yes, let's not make the city dogs start howling! With the crowd gathered, she doesn't pick up on the fact that his sister is nearby, talking with several others at the moment. Probably a good thing, right?

Bradwyn nods and says, "I had a few things to get myself, you okay Cerys?" in a soft voice. As the tallest of the idmistons remains close to Cerys, making the redhead look like a child by comparison.

Braelynn lifts a pale green ribbon and pulls the braid from behind her neck to let it trail over her left shoulder. She holds th ribbon up to her hair and seems to be considering it carefully. She says idly to the other two. "I've considered getting a black dress. Then perhaps the ink stains would be less noticable. It's that, or I start wearing a child's bib while I do my studies." She grins at them both for a moment before she goes back to considering the ribbon. "What do you think?" She holds her hair, and the ribbon up next to her cheek so her friends can judge the color of the ribbon compared to her hair.

Yorrick checked his singing of 6, he rolled 4.

As Enfys dawdles, Yorrick grins. "Your performance." he reminds as he gives her a gentle tug to lead her to the Cony, and starts to sing - and for all the comments of dogs and cats howling and fleeing the city.. he's not that bad, even if his subject matter is..

"Oh won't you come along with me love
Come along with me!
Come for one night and be my wife
And come along with me

Well it is of the jolly butcher as you might plainly see
As he roved out one morning in search of company
He went into a tavern and a fair girl he did see
Ah come for one night, be my wife, oh come along with me

He called for liquor of the best
And he makes such fortune play
Come have a drink, it will make us think
That it is our wedding day

Well he called for a candle to light their way to bed
And when he had her in the room these words to her he said,
"A sovereign I will give to you, for to embrace your charms
And all that night, that fair young maid, lied in the butchers' arms

Oh, Early the next morning be sure it went his way
He looked unto that fair young maid and unto her did say,
"That sovereign that I gave to you, do not think me strange,
Well that sovereign that I gave to you will you give me back me change!"

Well about a twelve months later he roved out once more
And he went into the tavern where he'd often been before
He wasn't in there very long when his fair maid he did see
And she brought forth a baby three months old and placed it on his knee

When he saw the baby, he began to curse and swear
And he said unto that fair young maid, "Why did you bring him here?!"
"Well he is your own, kind sir", she said, "Do not think me strange,
Well that sovereign that you gave to me, I gives you back your change!!"

Erion is currently speaking with a cloth merchant. The discussion seems to be going in his favor and finally he hands over coin for a fine tunic of crimson red trimmed with black. Then he spots a tunic of blue and green and the next debate over price is about to begin. At least until he spots Eibhlin nearby. "I'll pick that tunic up later yes?" The merchant nods and Erion starts over towards Eibhlin offering a polite bow of greeting. "Lady Eibhlin. What a pleasure to see you again. How are you?" He studies the dress she is admiring and smiles a dazzling smile. "It does look lovely. But then blue and green are my favorite colors so I will admit to being biased." He doesn't seem to be aware of the latest news concerning the two yet at all though.

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Smile in her freckled features grows a bit broader, "Of course, I am alright, Bradwyn!" She rolls her eyes and gives one last peek at the fabrics of a nearby stall. "However… Tisbury is much smaller. We have a huge forest and fresh air. It's hard to breath in this crowd. Discounts are very luring, but this shopping mood is very low, when people are basically stepping on your toes!" She looks up at Brawyn again, "I baught some warm biscuits with fruits. It's still warm!" she touches the things hidden under the cloth in her basket, "Good luck to find what are you looking for, Bradwyn. Sometimes I am jealous of your size!" She giggles, covering her lips with the tips of her fingers to muffle the sound. A brief hug is offered to Bradwyn too, "I feel hungry. I will go find a more quiet spot for myself." She explains and continues through the crowd toward at east one freshly green spot in this city.

Eibhlin moves through the market, she has a soft tune she carries to herself as she passes closely to one of the stalls to pick out a new dress perhaps. She was looking at the colors of cloth on display. Her fingers pass over one dress a dark green color with hints of blue throughout.. she smiles as she admires the work.

Eibhlin checked her singing of 15, she rolled 6.

Enfys nods as he reminds her of the contest, and the performance she has yet to attend. But when he starts to sing, she blinks in surprise at her husband as he manages to actually hit all the right keys! The subject matter, is another thing entirely. Still laughing, she shakes her head as he guides her off to The Cony where she's to once more sing.

As a man near him begins to sing his own song Anwir ceases his singing and begins to play a tune to accompany Yorrick's singing. He chuckles and offers the man and his wife a merry grin as he matches his lute music to the song with a dceent amount of skill. He watches them depart and then the msuic switches once more and he begins to sing another tune. This time the music is a touch slower to start, the melody is one of lazy sounding happiness and the ebony haired bard begins to sing again, this time about springtime and the chance for new beginnings.

Anwir checked his Singing of 15, he rolled 17.

Bradwyn nods and chuckles softly, returning the hug and says, "As always you are free to step on my toes all you wish Cerys. I can accompny you if you wish, if nothign else I can walk ahead of you and push people aside so they can make way for the prettiest Lady in Salisbury." yep he heard about that, and there is a bit of fondness in his tone, perhaps even pride.

Eibhlin smiles shyly to Erion as he speaks to her, her personal song quiets and she looks over to those whom are singing .. she winces slightly as the tunes touch her ears and she chuckles a bit. "Are they really?" she asks before she brings her hand away from admiring the dress. "I was looking for something nice to wear for court.. my father said I may be in consideration for a courtly position soon."

"Perhaps I should go with green as well, then we will all match." Lisbeth apparently assumes this is a grand idea as she takes the ribbon from Braelynn and holds it up next to her own face, and then Talaith's. "Oh, we'd all be beautiful together." She bumps Braelynn's hip as she returns the ribbon to the redhead and gives her a wink. "And maybe we'll take a refreshing swim after the Court is done. And .. a bib." Lisbeth giggles at that, already considering knitting one for the redhead.

Cerys likely did not heard the last words of Bradwyn. All this din of a crowd and everything. She was alredy a few steps away after all. So, the redhead just disappears in the crowd again to find that calmer spot

As the groups talk, a crier comes through the city, announcing the news of Erion and Eibhlin being bethrothed, the news sounding merry and cheerful as he rings his bell and continues on his way.

Bradwyn moves to follow Cerys as best he can, he has the height advantage but being so tiny she could possibly lose him in the crowds.

Erion nods to Eibhlin with a gentle smile. "They are. Much better than black and crimson. I look much too somber in Woodford colors." He chuckles lightly and then smiles as she mentions a court position. "Congradulations then. I hope you can secure a position that you will be happy with." He considers a moment. "Would you care to explore the market together my lady? I would be delighted with your company."

Braelynn grins as she takes the ribbon from Lisbeth and she requests a lenght of ribbon long enough for a few heads. She smiles politely to the shopkeeper as he prepares her package, and she also pushes the two small copper combs toward him and says, "These too, please. I think perhaps they will, at the very least, keep my hair from my eyes while I read." Her eyes turn to Talaith as she says, "So it seems you two know each other well. It's refreshing to see. So many women are much too busy with gossip and babies, and not nearly concerned enough with sisterhood and friendship." She pays the vendor and slides her arms back into Lisbeth's so they can move on to the next vendor.

The town crier's announcement has Erion blinking in shock his blue eyes widening. He looks to Eibhlin in surprise and offers a sunddenly very shy looking smile. "That was…surprising. I had not known anything was being negotiated…were you aware of that partcular arrangement Lady Eibhlin?" He studies her carefully trying to determine her feelings on the matter. He doesn't seem upset about it at all, in fact he almost looks…hopeful.

Braelynn grins as she takes the ribbon from Lisbeth and she requests a lenght of ribbon long enough for a few heads. She smiles politely to the shopkeeper as he prepares her package, and she also pushes the two small copper combs toward him and says, "These too, please. I think perhaps they will, at the very least, keep my hair from my eyes while I read." Her eyes turn to Talaith as she says, "So it seems you two know each other well. It's refreshing to see. So many women are much too busy with gossip and babies, and not nearly concerned enough with sisterhood and friendship." She pays the vendor and slides her arms back into Lisbeth's so they can move on to the next vendor.

The town crier's announcement has Erion blinking in shock his blue eyes widening. He looks to Eibhlin in surprise and offers a sunddenly very shy looking smile. "That was…surprising. I had not known anything was being negotiated…were you aware of that partcular arrangement Lady Eibhlin?" He studies her carefully trying to determine her feelings on the matter. He doesn't seem upset about it at all, in fact he almost looks…hopeful.

Eibhlin flushes deeply as she looks to the town crier and then back to Erion the shock was plain to see - written across her face. She blinks her eyes softly as she stands there for a long quiet moment. Her breath drawn and she paies the vendor for the blueish green dress she had been looking at. For the moment she is looking everywhere except at her future husband, as the flush in her cheeks darken. Her fingers move swiftly over other fabrics as she touches the weight and textures…

Talaith smiles brightly as Lisbeth inspects the ribbons. "That is a lovely idea. And I wouldn't object at all to the chance to go swimming with the two of you after court." She looks to Braelynn and smiles warmly. "Indeed. There will be plenty of time for babies when I can no longer hold a sword properly. As it is I prefer to serve as a knight and enjoy good company. Friendship and sisterhood are something to be treasured after all." She selects two green ribbons and pays for them before rejoining her arm with Lisbeth's.

Erion notes the shocked expression with a look of understanding and empathy. Without speaking he lets Eibhlin pay for the dress and bows his head to give her a moment to collect herself. He looks thoughtful and finally after a moment he speaks gently. "The offer of company still stands Lady Eibhlin but if you wish time to think I will understand and respect that." He smiles softly lifting his head a bit to try and meet her eyes.

A court messenger calls out for Lisbeth, and the young woman arches her brow, "One second please." Turning, she and the messenger to discuss the issue, and she sighs, and then she straightens up, turning to the two women as she prepares herself. "Earl Robert is calling me forth to test for the position." she says as she looks between the two and clasps her hands in front of her. "Any offers of luck?" she asks with a worried smile.

Braelynn smiles brightly and reaches into the packet containing the green ribbon. She places a length of it in Lisbeth's hand and says, "For luck. I will wear another just like it so you can borrow my luck for the remainder of the day." She leans in to give her friend a kiss on the cheek and gives her hand a tender squeeze. "Go and show him how smart you are!"

Eibhlin looks over to Lisbeth and she smiles to her with the announcement.. her eyes flash slightly as the merchant chuckles and tries to sell her a wedding gown. With a wave of her hand she looks then to Erion and she nods her head "well, I suppose that a walk round the stalls would be in order.. yes." she says as she regains her composure and then.. takes her betrothed's arm.

Talaith smiles brightly to Lisbeth and leans in to kiss the other side of the womans cheek. "Good luck. You can do it, I know you can." She offers Lisbeth a bright smile and a look of encouragement waving as the other starts to head off. She glances to Braelynn and smiles to her as well now.

Lisbeth clasps the two women's arms and gives Braelynn and Talaith an affectionate kiss on the cheek in turn before she smiles. "Thank you, I will carry those warm thoughts into my test." she says before she joins Brae and Tala's arms together where she once was. "To new friends and adventures." she offers cheerfully before she makes her way off.

Erion smiles warmly as his arm is taken by his betrothed. He nods to her and offers a gentle smile. "As my Lady wishes. I will start my search for a suitable gift for you now as well I think." he begins to lead her around stopping occasionally and letting them both look at whatever catches thier eyes. He glances to her as they walk and smiles softly. "For what its worth…I will do everything in my power to make sure you are happy. I know it may be a suprise for us both but that doesn't mean its a bad thing yes?"

Eibhlin looks to him and she considers his words, she tilts her head "we.. will be talking details no doubt fairly soon." she says quietly "but no, it dose not need to be bad." she laughs quietly as she lowers her voice to speak to him. She maintains perfect poise and confidence with him. As she walks her eyes linger on a hairpin with a few pretend jewels in it, the sparkles catching her eyes. She can not help but pull Erion to the booth as she steps in that direction.

"Agreed. I'm of the opinion it may be a very good thing myself." Erion offers a dazzling smile and follows along beside Eibhlin with grace, he lets her steer him for the most part and when she spots the hairpin his gaze follows hers and he steps along with her to the booth. The pin is studied thoughtfully. "You like that one then Lady Eibhlin?" He glances to her with a smile and then back to the pretty sparkling pin. He looks to the merchant and then back to his lady with a smile waiting for her response though he is already reaching for his coin pouch.

Braelynn sighs as she watches Lisbeth go. She turns her attention back to Talaith and says, "I do hope she does well." She asks Talaith curiously, "So, you need to purchase a dress for court tomorrow? What are we looking for?" She gives the woman a grin. She's obviously much happier with a project, and Talaith has just become exactly that.

Talaith nods to Braelynn. "I hope so too." A soft laugh and a warm smile is given when she becomes the womans next project she seems quite delighted by the idea. "Something pretty in green and black? I'm open minded as long as its pretty." She admits this with a gentle smile and a little giggle. "Where shall we begin our search then Lady Braelynn? I will trust in your guidance."

Eibhlin watches him a moment and she smiles slightly "I do - the stones are lovely.." she looks to him reaching for his coin pouch "oh no… I can not allow you to buy such an expensive thing for me." she says quietly "I can settle for ribbons." she nods her head a little her heart skipping a little .."maybe in your house colors?" she asks him her cheeks redden.

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