(515-04-12) Baverstock Irritation
Summary: Griffin returns to Baverstock, in a manner that provokes a reaction.
Date: April 12th, 515
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Baverstock Manor - Salisbury

The manor itself is a long house, with a hall of medium size, a long table of dark cherry wood with long benches there before an ancient hearth with the coat of arms of the family painted on the center of the mantelpiece - the golden bear of Baverstock on a field of red and black.

The stone floor is covered with a few woollen rugs. The walls are decorated with some ancient weapons of their ancestors - swords, shields - but also with the occasional boar's head and antlers of some impressive deer. A few chambers can be accessed from the hall, but the biggest adjoining room would be the kitchen, with a large kettle hanging over the fireplace, and more pots, frying pans, long spoons and forks hanging from an iron structure attached to the ceiling.

Oooooh, it was a night! Ooooh, what a night it was! The night was alight with stars above and the moon was shining so bright. The nightly breeze was quite refreshing warmth compared to the one of an early spring. It was already late and the city was sleeping when few riders approached the borders. One of those riders was Griffin de Baverstock. Nobody saw him here for a year or so. Though, a lost soul wandering in the street would have easily recognized these tangled blond hair, long braid behind an ear tied with a leather strap, charming smile and playful fires dancing in those dark eyes. So, even if at least one entrance was guarded, the men would open the gates and doors to Griffin and his guest.

The guest was quite a beautiful woman, of course. The pair left horses in the stables and then wandered to the Inn. That is where ooooh, what a night was started! The music was loud in the Inn as the laughs of the people. It even draw some more souls from the street. People got drunk, got into few friendly fights and when the time came, they wandered back to their homes.

The sleeping Baverstock manor could hear some giggles of men and women outside. The whoopings were loud at first, but then they grew much more quiet. But then these cautious whispers and giggles moved into the manor. Some of the people could be awakened by sudden rattles, clatters and crashes, and other strangest sounds of all. Though, it was not that long to draw people out. Just few minutes. That is then things grew silent.

People got few hours of peaceful sleep. Then after those few hours the lighter sleepers could be awakened by loud moans of women, announcing of their ecstasy. Then the sounds would go out again.

It doesn’t matter if people awaked early in the morning, or quite late. Well, those who wakes up in the early morning will find a bigger mess, and those who wakes up late will find a half-cleaned mess, since servants will be in a hurry to bring the manor back to it’s previous state.

The kitchen is just turned upside down. Some of the goblets are rolling on the floor of the main hall. There is a jar of wine on the floor too with the wine spilled on the ground or carpet, if there is one. Some women clothes are lying there and there. Also, leather trousers of a man may be found in the main hall too.

The traces lead to one specific room. The door is not fully closed. A shoe is lying on the doorway, what leaves a tiny gap through which a disgusting smell of alcohol may reach the curious gawker to make him or her run away quickly before peeking through the gap.

Bryce de Baverstock is up early today, clad in a dark tunic and breeches, clothes chosen more for the sake of being comfortable than flashy. If he has heard any strange sounds on this night, remains to be seen, but so far he looks well rested, as he enters the hall, and crosses it. Only to be intercepted by the the cook, a woman in her forties, round-faced and overall well-rounded. Currently she wears a frown, and she points towards the kitchens again and again, whilst speaking to her Lord in a subdued tone. Then she points to where garments are scattered, and shoes and boots provide a nice trail that leads directly to a door.

Dark eyes follow where the cook indicates, and one can tell the good mood Bryce had fancied himself to be in, fades much sooner than expected. He nods to the cook and then leaves her standing, as he approaches the door with determined steps. There is a sound of course, when the door moves in its hinges, as the Lord Knight of Baverstock pushes it slowly open. His features tightening into a frown, that shows the first traces of cold anger welling up in him. He kicks the shoe aside and enters, ready to give someone a lecture.

There is more than one someone to whom the Lord Baverstock will be able to give a lecture. Of course, first of all the continuation of a mess can be noticed: even more clothes lay all over the room, some more goblets and shoes. The second thing which can not be missed are three lovely women curled on the bed. They all are on the blankets so their nudity is not covered up. One is sleeping on the right side of the lower part of the bed. The other is stretched all over the end of the bed, while the third is on the left side of the lower part of the bed. Her arm is hugging legs covered by the blanket. Those legs belong to Griffin de Baverstock, who is sleeping like a baby. Half of his body is covered with the blanket. He is hugging another super handsome (APP 18) figure around the waist. His head is laying on the belly of that figure.

Who is that figure? It's Aidan. A stable boy, young servant to Baverstock manor. He is very well known for his beauty but also he is quite a good worker. He is also the only one awake. The man's eyes grow a bit wider and he just all quiet, still a bit drunk stares at the Lord. His hand is freezed, brushing Griffin's hair.

Two women may be recognized by Bryce, since they are commoners living in his village. The third one is a stranger.

More shoes? What is this, a hundred-legged monster? The frown turns into a scowl, when Bryce de Baverstock kicks the door shut and then moves to lean against it, arms crossed before him. His eyes flash with dark fire, when he studies the heap of human limbs on the bed, with his cousin somewhere caught between.

"Griffin!", Bryce shouts, allowing some time to pass before he adds, at a more measured tone: "Get out of that bed!" When the others begin to stir, his dark eyes are bound to widen when he spots the stable boy among all that mess of tangled limbs. "Sweet Lord above…" The Baverstock's gaze flits towards the door against which he leans, staying there at all costs. "What is this…? Three women…? And a stable boy? What by the Devil are you doing, Griff? Trying to conjure the blasphemous rites of Beltane UNDER MY ROOF?" The tone, calm and cold in the beginning, is raised until it is more of a yell. Loud enough to be heard in the Great Hall. And it is easy to tell, the Head of Baverstock Manor is angry.

When the the Lord Baverstock calls out for his cousin, that mess of tangled limbs just starts squirming irritably and some quiet grumbling may be heard. Griffin just squeezes Aiden in his grasp even more and nuzzles his head against the boy’s belly to get himself more comfortable. However, the Lord Baverstock continues to express his displeasure louder and louder.

This helps for the women to wake up. One of them even gasps and covers herself with the corner of the blanket, staring at the lord Baverstock as if he would be some sort of deviant. That is the women he doesn’t know and who doesn’t know him. Two others from this village raise from the bed and wanders around the room to gather their clothes. Of course, they do not find all of their clothes. Covering herself with what they found, the women approach the door guarded by the strong frame of Bryce. They both offer curtsies, “My lord…” And they wait to be allowed out.

Griffin idly raises one of his hands and covers his ear with it, “I am glad to see you too, cousin. Oh, how I missed this bed…. Though, if you forgot your manners of knocking, you at least could be not so loud…” He rubs the back of his head, licks his lips slowly, nuzzles on Aidan’s abdomen, squirms a bit under the blankets and stays in bed. Eyes still closed.

Bryce kicks one of the garments scattered about the floor to the unknown woman. The other two will receive a glare. "Now, hurry." The lord does manage to look past them, not really indulging in the sight, but the impatient gesture of his hand is directed at them. When the two village beauties are somewhat dressed and approach to be allowed out, his expression softens momentarily. "You should know better, and pick your dalliances more carefully." He comments to them in quiet rebuke, a line appearing between his brows as he steps aside and lets them slip out. And closes the door again, leaning against it.

Dark eyes find Griffin in an irritated glare, but then shift to Aidan. "Out of the bed, stable boy, or you will find yourself on the road sooner than you think." The threat is offered in a cold tone, but after all, Aidan serves at Baverstock Manor, and he owes Bryce his loyalty and respect. It is then that he hears Griffin's words. It is as if the blonde knight had tossed oil into the fire, Bryce so far has tried to keep at bay.

"I wish I could say I was glad to see you, Griff. But I'm not. Not under these circumstances. Don't you DARE talking to me about bad manners, when you… return and don't even bother to pay your respects. When you… choose to scatter clothes in the great hall, cause a mess in the kitchens… And drag a number of lovers into your bed. Griffin! Where is your temperance? I don't care if you're wenching, but if you do, have at least THE DECENCY to keep it outside of MY MANOR." His eyes tighten into a scowl. "You are dragging the name of our family into the mud. And worst of all, YOU DON'T EVEN CARE. Bad manners? I wonder even how you got knighted!"

The Baverstock is displeased, that's for sure. His boiling anger is evident in the fire of his dark eyes. As if things couldn't get worse… there is a knock, and the determined voice of Lysanor, reaching to them through the thick wood of the door. "Bryce? Are you in there…?"

The two women hurry out, of course. Then the third one dresses up since Bryce tosses her some clothes. The stable boy seems to be more willing to stay in bed until he hears Bryce's threat. That is when he gently pushes Griffin away and makes Bryce's cousin to actually get out of the bed too. The stable boy grabs his breeches, ties it up and then moves toward the door together with the unknown women just to be let out. Griffin's gaze follows the pair for a moment before he stands up.

"I am sorry, Bryce," Griffin rubs his hurting head, while his eyes wander around the room looking for breeches, "I am quite a good knight you and the others can rely on. That is how I became a knight. I am just good at it." His eyes shift a bit irritated not finding his own breeches. So, he moves to tie a blanket around his waist. "I was just too excited to come home, dear cousin. I am sure that you just had a bad night. You should rest a bit and we could talk about it another day. Just know that I am really sorry. This won't happen again, I assure you. It was just one time of weakness. Remember, when you were not burdened by the duties of the head of the house! You were not that perfect yourself. Plus, remember what is said about our LORD: ‘For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.’ Forgiveness!" He raises a finger like some sort of philosopher, "The LORD forgives my sins, but tell me cousin, are you above the God not to forgive?" He fixes his kitten like innocent eyes on Bryce before that knock of Lysanor. That is when Griffin looks at the door and he repeats, "This won't happen again. I regret my sins."

The stable boy will receive a slightly sterner stare from Bryce when he approaches. 'We shall talk later', his dark eyes convey to Aidan, and in fact, this little incident may have some consequences, considering he is in Bryce de Baverstock's employ.

"I am here, handling things.", Bryce calls towards the door, in the hope, this will keep Lysanor out of the room. He steps away and opens it just enough to allow Aidan and the unknown woman to slip outside. Dark eyes lock on the blue ones of his wife who stares at him through the gap of the door. He shakes his head ever so slightly, knowing he will have to talk with Lysanor as well, later. His gaze flits down, almost apologetically, and then he draws the door shut again. Turning slowly. And then leaning once again against the door, observing Griffin's attempts at covering himself with a dark flicker in his gaze, while he listens to what his cousin may have to say in his defense.

A moment of silence passes, before Bryce raises his voice for a reply. "A knight knows about the value of honor; he is to be an example of chivalry, not hedonism. As I said… You may wench. But not here, in the manor, where it would be seen as an act of disrespect towards me, the Head of the House." His tone is calmer now, even if slightly lecturing; the dark fire in his gaze remains. His lips twist into a faint smile. "I've never dared to do such a thing as you did, Griff. Never wished to either. But don't lecture me about the Lord above. I can forgive. If you repent, which you do not. At least I see no signs there that you regret your…" he frowns, "sins of last night." His gaze follows that of Griffin's when the blonde Baverstock glances towards the door. The frown deepens. "You aren't leaving me much of a choice, Griff. You've made a mess, and everyone here at the Manor is aware of it. My wife won't tolerate such behaviour beneath our roof, and neither will I." Dark eyes find Griffin's gaze in an intense stare.

"I must ask you to leave.", Bryce states, flatly. Kitten eyes may not be enough, to convince him. "Go. And contemplate what you have done. Repent. Find a priest and make your confession. But most importantly…" Bryce's brows lift just so, "change your ways, Griffin. Then, and only then you may return."

The man’s brow raises slowly, “My mother is here. You can’t kick me out and forbid me from visiting her, even if you are the head of the house. Or will you kick her out too?” He leans his head to the side and sighs, “What do you want me to do? Fall on my knees and beg for forgiveness? I am not so emotional. I regret what I did. I told it to you. I asked to forgive, but you refuse to believe in me, your own cousin.” He shakes his head, “As if you never been drunk before so much that you did not even know what were you doing!” The man sighs again.

The man’s gaze wanders to look through one of the windows, “When the Morning Battle was over, I saw a man carrying another in the bag over his shoulder. That other one was nothing more but a dead meat cut into pieces. I told that the man was going into the wrong direction. He shaked his head and said that he has to go home. He said he promised his mother to bring brother home. You know what I was thinking then? That if needed, I have no one to carry me home. Then I felt a huge need of a family. We all need our family, but here I am. Instead of accepting me for who I am, my family kicks me out.”

Griffin sits down at the bed, “I will leave as soon as possible, just… Don’t kick Aidan out.”

Bryce exhales through his nose. "You mother is a valuable part of the household. OF COURSE, I won't kick her out. What do you think, I am? A cruel and mindless fool? I am not enjoying this, Griff, really I’m not. But I have to do it.", he states, straightening, so that his shoulders leave the door he was leaning against. "I already told you what I want you to do. Go out, and prove yourself. Prove that you are reliable. Why, perform a valorous deed. And most importantly, work on your reputation." A low snort comes, "And the answer to your question is no, I haven't ever been that drunk. I am a knight. I am aware, that such loss of control would befit me ill." An ominous glance Bryce gives Griffin then. "I understand the harsh face of war is not for everyone. Even I…" And here his gaze grows distant for a moment. "Even I have moments I'd rather forget. It is no excuse, however, to act like a rutting stag."

And here Bryce de Baverstock steps away from the door and approaches. "Did you seek out your family last night? No. You preferred to go drinking and wenching.", he says sharply. A sigh then. "I'll speak with Aidan. So far he has been a diligent stable boy."

Griffin grinds his teeth for a moment. His gaze is distant too and his right hand clenched into a tight fist is trembling. Though, once Bryce approaches, the young knight stands up, “Thank you, and if you be so kind to ask one of the servants to bring my breeches from the hall, I would dress up quickly and leave.” He is short like that. After all, Lysanor is waiting behind the door. So, he won’t wander out almost nude to gather clothes.

Bryce nods, and he lowers his gaze at the request. "I'll see to that, of course." The anger has left him apparently, making way for the usual rather stoic cast of his angular features. "I'll get them, myself."

Which he will do, instantly. Leaving through the door and closing it behind him. Griffin might hear a brief exchange between the Baverstock and his wife outside, and even through the closed door the blonde knight will be able to note that her tone is obviously annoyed. Shortly after, the dark-haired Head of House Baverstock will return, opening the door just wide enough to toss the breeches and the shirt at his cousin.

"Get dressed. And begone."

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